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Comments on: "Veronica Mars (TV series)" (2)

  1. I absolutely love Veronica Mars and think it deserves much more public interest then it has received. Kristen Bell does an amazing job of playing the sharp tongued and sharp minded Veronica Mars. Veronica is both attending high school and working for her P.I. Dad. Tragedy, betrayal, murder and mysteries always seem to happen in Neptune and Veronica Mars always finds herself solving them. I love the show because it is extremely smart and each series has a main mystery, along with lots of other mini ones. I love how everything links together and was always shocked with the final discoveries. The movie is fantastic and has the same charm the original series has. I am very excited because the new season is coming out very soon and I am ready to plunge back into the world of Veronica Mars. This is one of my all time favourite shows and I would highly recommend it to any lovers of action, crime, EPIC romance (you will understand if you watch season 2) and lots of quick witted comedy.


  2. Veronica Mars, the greatest and scariest show that I have ever seen. Obviously the show is all about Veronica Mars and her life. She is a 16 year old detective and works with her father. If I said anything else I would probably end up giving away the whole television series. However, I can say that the show includes a bit of hilarious sarcasm, terrifying mysteries, and extreme controversy. At the beginning of season 1 there is a huge mystery that has to be solved and at the beginning you have no idea who did what. However, by the end of the season it all adds up together and to be honest I thought to myself “how did I not see that!” In the whole television series there are a total of three seasons however ten years after the show concluded they made a film and it is absolutely AWESOME. Although before watching the movie you should watch the series so that everything makes sense because otherwise man things will be unclear. I rate both the television series and the movie 10/10


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