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  1. I recommend the movie The Conjuring. It is a movie about the experience of two paranormal investigators who come to the house of a family who is being tortured by a supernatural presence from the history of the house. I really liked this movie because it didn’t rely on gore or only jump scares to make it scary but rather built up a sense of dread which made it really interesting to watch. I would recommend it to those who love horror movies but also those who want to get started on the genre as it is not overly terrifying but still very entertaining.


  2. I really enjoyed watching this movie but it was very scary. I would recommend watching this movie to people that enjoy horror and enjoy with scared and surprised. My favourite character is Lorraine because she is really switched on and concentrated on the mystery. I rate this movie 8/10 because some of the movie does not make complete sense. You cannot lose concentration during this movie or else you will not understand what is going on the whole time. The Conjuring is a really good movie that you will want to watch many times.


  3. Brooke said:

    I put off watching this movie for such a long time because of how scary people had told me it would be! I could’t resist the temptation of watching this thrilling horror though. This is probably one of the scariest movies I’ve ever seen and even just thinking about it gives me chills! My favourite part of the movie is when the clairvoyant lady and her husband come to the house because it is very intense and I think it is one of the scariest, yet interesting parts of the whole movie. I would recommend this movie for anyone 12 or over because it is a very horrifying and would confront and scare most children under 12 years old. I give this horror movie an 8/10 as the scenes are very well thought out throughout the movie and the scary parts of the movie are built up so well. This is definitely on my list of movies I would like to watch again because of it’s drama and intensity.


  4. Ingrid said:

    This movie was so scary! I would definitely watch it again though –seeing as I missed half of it because my eyes were closed– because I think that it is one of the best horror movies I have ever seen. The scariest scene I found was when the mother was possessed and trying to murder her own daughter. I had my eyes shut for most of it but these last few scenes were so engaging and put me on the edge of my seat that I had to watch it! My favourite character would probably be the mother, because she does such a good job of acting genuinely terrified and put on an amazing performance of being possessed. Another feature of this movie that I love is the SFX makeup used in this movie because it was astounding and so realistic! I would recommend this a movie for 14 years+


  5. Georgette T said:

    The Conjuring is one of the best horror movies ever!. Idon’t have a favourite character because they were all so cool and weird at the same time. I would definetely recommend this movie to anyone who is interested because i guarantee you will find it very scary and watch it many times 😉 I rate it a 8/10


  6. Daisy said:

    OMG i heard of this movie and I was actually so creeped out! I was starting to watch this movie and I just had this feeling that this would be like the scariest movie ever but in fact it actually wasn’t even that scary, and that is suprising coming from me since i find everything scary. I think that there was so many great things happening in the movie and every scene just got you guessing what was going to happen next. I think that some of the characters were really interesting but I don’t think that you really got to see all the characters that much and they could of showed you more of there personality. Overall I think this is a great movie and would recommend it for people 12 and up because younger kids would find it very scary.


  7. I loved this movie and really enjoyed it, so I’d definitely suggest watching it. However, out of all the horror movies I’ve seen, this is defiantly the scariest, so I’d only suggest to watch it if you enjoy horror movies, and are watching it with friend. I loved the part of the movie when Carolyn was stuck in the basement, and the hands came out of the dark, it made all my friends and I jump, and I love it when a movie makes me jump. My favourite character was Christine, she reminded me a lot of a friend, and I found it fun picking out the similarities between my friend and her in the movie, this also made her character more relatable and interesting to me personally. One thing I didn’t really enjoy about the movie, is that there was so many characters, so you didn’t really get to know their personalities, because of this if I could change the movie, I would make it so that the family one had 2 or 3 children instead of 5. Overall though this is a great movie to watch with some friends if your into horror movies. I’m definitely going to be watching this one again.


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