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Comments on: "Isn’t it romantic? (movie)" (5)

  1. Amelia said:

    Isn’t it romantic is a funny, easy to watch film. It is great to watch while relaxing or on a lazy afternoon. It is about a girl who believes that Romance and Love is over rated and not realistic. She then finds herself in a strange situation that may challenge how she feels. This movie is funny, has a great cast and is simple and easy to watch. I recommended this to anyone over the age of 11.


  2. ‘Isn’t It Romantic’ is a must-watch. Although some people may not like the filming style and how it is not necessarily realistic, however, I think that that ives the movie charm. Rebel Wilson is in my opinion an incredible actress and does a very good job in this movie as the main character.
    The main character played by Rebel Wilson is an intelligent, friendly, and caring person, however, she can not see that because she is overcome by the emotions of feeling ugly, and her low self-esteem.
    Yes, the movie is a rom-com and it is very funny and the storyline is quite sweet. However, it is also very much a movie with a strong message that you need to love yourself to love others and that people need to stop putting themselves down when in reality they are amazing.
    I would say that this is a must watch.


  3. This was an amazing rom-com!
    Rebel Wilson stars in this Netflix film- A story of a rom-com hating girl who has no self- esteem and is treated poorly by work colleagues and the general public. One night, after getting robbed at a train station, wakes up in a hospital, and finds herself in a “fantasy” version of her bleak neighbourhood. My favourite character is Josh (Adam Devine), Natalie’s best friend, who is caring, compassionate, and plays an important part in Natalie’s life. Until she meets good-looking Blake (Liam Hemsworth), who steals her heart, only to realise what path should she take in life? Funny and romantic, I would recommend this movie to anyone who just feels like sitting back, relaxing and watching a good rom-com!


  4. This movie was by far the worst movie I have ever watched. I think the filming was really bad and it wasn’t realistic at all, but I did find the story line funny. Its about a girl who has always never believed In love as it was just a fairy tail. She was convinced that she was never going to find love, until one days he was knocked out and she woke up in a world were everyone loved everyone as suddenly she was taken seriously and she had a man like her. She was so confused and after awhile she really wanted to go back to her old world as it was too much for her. Its a good movie to watch if your looking for some cheesy romance, but I would rate it a 5 out of 10


  5. This movie starts off as a young girl who was told her whole life that romances were just fairytales and she will never have an epic love, this made her grow up to dislike them until one day. The movie is a romantic comedy filled with funny and face palming moments, if you’re looking for a cute movie to make you laugh and cringe then this is the one for you. It has a modern take on other romance movies and is one of those movies where the characters personalities are so much more realistic than the fantasy of other romances. I really enjoyed this movie and it was fun to watch on a Friday night. I’d rate this movie a 7/10 and I think its suitable for people over the age of 11.


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