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Maddie Ziegler had hoped to become a star—she just didn’t know how soon that day would come. At just eight years old, she was cast on Lifetime’s hit reality show Dance Moms and quickly won the hearts of fans everywhere with her natural talent and determination. Soon, she was catching eyes all over—including those of pop superstar Sia, who handpicked her to star in the incredibly popular music video “Chandelier.” The rest, as they say, was history.

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Comments on: "The Maddie diaries: a memoir – Maddie Ziegler" (10)

  1. Jessica said:

    I loved this book, I have always been a fan of maddie ziegler and I deeply enjoyed her advice and words of wisdom. This book is about how maddie enjoys a healthy easy life and simple tips and tricks of living it easy.She also includes diy’s and recipes. She also shares how she deals with crazy fans and her past experience on dance moms witch I also enjoyed greatly. I hope some of choose to read the maddie diaries because it is a great book. I would recommend it to people over the age of 10 I also rate it a 9/10


  2. Jasmine said:

    Maddie always dreamed to becoming a star! She first appeared on the reality TV show called Dance moms and it went from there. The book tells you about Maddie zieglers journey to becoming who she is. In the book she talks about her advice ideas and what she has been through becoming an actual celebrity. She always wants to be an inspiration to her fans. I did really enjoyed this book, I do recommend the book to year 7 and 8. It’s a great book if you love diaries, stardom and inspiration!!


  3. Charli said:

    The Maddie Diaries is a book for Maddie Ziegler fans. it explains how life was like for her on Dance Moms, when Sia contacted her and being in her music videos and also being involved in her acting carers. And everything in between. The Maddie diaries is filled with real life pictures, you will love her book.


  4. Abbey said:

    This is such an amazing book about all the amazing things Maddie Ziegler has done in her life. Being a dancer myself I love how easy it is for me to relate to this book and I have learnt so much about her.


  5. Charli said:

    A book that you get hooked into and can’t put it down. Maddie Ziegler the famous Dance Moms star shares with you about life on Dance Moms, her acting careers, her younger sister Mackenzie and some funny stories and secrets. You will be surprised with the things she talks about but it will make you just want to keep reading. As I am a huge fan of Maddie Ziegler my thoughts kept buzzing as I wanted to know more. I feel very happy to own this book because it’s one of my favourites.


  6. Sienna said:

    In this book Maddie Ziegler explains how it was like being on a reality tv show at the age of 8, starring in Sia’s music videos and much more.

    Maddie also gives tips on hair, make-up, fashion and boys! It was very funny to get a little behind the scenes of Maddie’s life.

    Overall this book made me smile and it was very moving and inspirational. I would recommend this book to any Maddie Ziegler fan or girls around the age of 11.


  7. Georgia said:

    Maddie Ziegler is such an amazing person accomplishing all of here dreams with national titles, movies, tv shows and auditions thats just the stuff that most people already know about but when you read this book you find out the real Maddie stuff you probably didn’t know about her already. This book is very inspirational, she tells you to be out there follow your dreams be who you really are. In my opinion this a really good book and I would recommend this to people who like Maddie Ziegler or who want an inspirational book. She inspires people to follow your dreams just like she did. In my opinion this was one of the best books that was released in 2017. I give this book 9 and a half out of ten and I would love to read this book again and I would recommend this book for people ages 8+


  8. This book is amazing. It gives you a true look into the life of Maddie. I have followed her journey on dance moms forever and felt like I knew everything about her. When I read this book I realised who Maddie really was and that what you see on her show is different to who she really is. I really loved the inspiring quotes and dance tips. Its defiantly an amazing book that i rate 8/10.


  9. Imogen said:

    I am a huge Dance Moms fan, but a even bigger Maddie fan. I really love her dancing and acting so when I saw that she was writing a book I was excited to get more about her perspective of the events in Dance Moms but also in the amazing experiences she has had because of the show nad her talent


  10. It is the diary of Maddie Ziegler, who first appeared on Dance Moms reality tv series. This book is about Maddie’s life and how she came to be in music videos and movies. Thought the book she answers questions fans have asked her. She also gives tips on hair, makeup and ideas for clothing as well as inspirational quotes and ideas. Overall this book gave me a laugh and was very inspirational. I would give this book an 9 and a half out of 10 and would recommend this book to people who are a Maddie ziegler fan or 8-7+.


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