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Comments on: "Dog days (Diary of a wimpy kid) (movie)" (7)

  1. Dog Days is an amazing book from the Diary Of A Wimpy Kid series. Greg Heffley wants to spend his whole summer holidays playing games inside but that doesn’t exactly work out! They get a dog which forces responsibility like anyone who does get a dog and it is just so relatable and good to see the struggles that other teens may be going through as well. I would recommend this book for kids 8+ and it will make you laugh! This book is good to read if you like to laugh and see what is going on in the Heffley family


  2. alannah said:

    this is a great book!! i recommend this movie to everyone. It is very funny the way Greg and Rowley’s friendship works. My favourite character is Rodrick, he is so clueless and funny. i love love love the camping scene’s, there prank is AMAZING, i have always wanted to do that prank since i watched that movie haha. the country club is great, it looks so fun and peaceful. this film is based on a very loved book. i would rate it a 10/10 honestly. if you havnt seen this great film, watch it!!!


  3. sharni said:

    i defiantly recommend to watch diary of a wimpy kid, it is an amazing sequel and this movie makes me want to wee my self because it is very funny. grey is the main character and when he is seen as a geek he doesn’t like that and needs to change that. i rate this movie a 10/10 it cracks me up every single time i turn it on. i absolutely love watching this movie, when ever i see it on the movie channel i watch it and enjoy it. if you haven’t watch this movie you better start watching it. and make you watch the first two before dog days


  4. the movie diary of a wimpy kid is an awesome movie it is really really funny, engaging and interesting. It is a great movie I would really suggest it to all and is suitable for nearly all ages. i recommend this movie to any one who likes funny and engaging movies. I would give this movie a 9/10. you should definently it


  5. Wow! This movie is great for young kids (Yr 5 & 6) I would definitely recommend you watch this movie with your friends and family! This movie has many great characters but I think everyones favourite is Greg Heffely, who also happens to be the main character. Greg and his best friend Rowley Jefferson have passed primary and are now at middle school, they were a bunch of total losers, they hung out with Chirag Gupta and Fregley, you know the one with the booger and secret freckle. Rowley has a fairly rich family and takes holidays often and even go to country club!! My favourite part of the movie is when Greg and Rowley get chased by older kids and end up getting trapped. Soon after, Greg and Rowley face a lot of troubles with these kids, and it concludes with them having to eat the CHEESE! I rate this movie 8/10!


  6. Paris said:

    This is the best movie ever because it has laughter, comedy and hilarious scenes. My favourite character is Holly Hills( Peyton List) because she has amazing parts and has a great personality for the movie. I would rate this movie a 10/10 because it is funny and amazing. If you haven’t got the dvd and haven’t seen it, then definitely get it!!! YOU WILL LOVE IT:):)


  7. I recommend the movie diary of the wimpy kid 3 ( dog days)
    this story is about a young boy named greg Heffley. Greg has entered high school and is seen as a geek. Greg try’s his best to be cool but with a friend like Rowley he isn’t getting very far. This filmed is based on the super-popular book series ! This film is a hilarious family film and is great for all ages. My favourite character in the movie is manny he is so cute and funny. Greg’s dad threatens to send him to military school if he does not stay out of trouble. Greg finds all new ways to get him self in trouble. LIke when he pretends to work a the country club where Rowley’s parents have a member ship, when really greg is only going to the country club to get time with his crush holly hills. This movie has heaps of funny scenes and is a GREAT movie. I rate this movie a 10/10 it is so funny
    if you havn’t seen this movie yet then get watching !!


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