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Joe, Beth and Frannie have a visit from Connie who just cannot believe in the Faraway Tree and the magical people who live there – Moon-Face, Silky the Fairy and the Saucepan Man. Together the children climb the tree and meet the magical friends, and visit the mysterious Land of Secrets, the Land of Giants, the Land of Tea Parties and the Land of Enchantments.

After a few marvellous adventures, Connie is enthralled by the Faraway Tree and the folk who inhabit it.

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Comments on: "The folk of the Faraway Tree – Enid Blyton" (8)

  1. sophie said:

    This book is my childhood. My mum use to read these to me when i was little and i will never forget them. This book is filled with creativity and imagination and thats one of the reason i love it so much! I always loved moon face and always wanted a pop biscuit that taste like honey on the inside. I always wanted to slide down the slide and meet mr whatzisname, suspanman and of corse moon face. I recently discovered it is going to be turned into a movie and i am very nervous as the story means so much to me but existed to see these places in my head come to life.


  2. Grace said:

    I have loved this book since I was a little kid. My parents used to read it to me until I could read it to myself. This book is a great for a fairytale lover or fantasy lover as well. I would give this book a 10/10 for keeping me entertained and not making me drift off thinking about something else. This book is amazing for all ages and you will not regret reading it!


  3. love This book my mum showed me it and I have loved it since


  4. this book is a great fairytale story for anyone to read. I love this book so much every night i would read it for a long time. i would recommend it 11 and up.


  5. I love Enid blyton.
    she is sooo creative and amazing with lots and lots of imagination.
    I would just love to be able to climb up a tree and be in a another world of pixies, fairies and other creatures like them. I love fairies and if i couldn’t be one of the children i would love to be a fairy, one because they can fly, and they wear such cute out fits. I love Enid’s creative i know if i put all the time in the world to try and make a book that clever i could never do half as good as she did. I love this book and i recommend this to any one who loves fantasy creatures and fantasy lands(


  6. catrina said:

    This book is my favourite book written by Enid Blyton. It describes everything so well and you get so caught up in the magical world. Even thought it’s a book I read when I was young I still love to read it sometimes, It was all I read when I was young. The book is so creative and the worlds seem so amazing and it would be awesome to actually experience all that. I rate this book a 10/10


  7. Mattea said:

    I love this book it is an old classic but i still love it. This wonderful story about magical lands up a tree with many strange and mystical characters. I love Enid Blyton books i dont think that she ever got one wrong. I remember when i got this read to me in year 2 and i have loved it ever since. I think i have read this book atleast 10 times. My favourite bit is all the different lands at the top of the tree and not mentioning the wonderful characters. I would reccomend this book to all ages who can tackle quite a big novel.
    Rate: 10/10


  8. This book is a beautiful adventure about discovering strange but magical little worlds.

    I’ve always loved Enid Blytons books, but this by far is my favourite. Adventure, Mystery, Fantasy this book has it all. It’s a book you can’t put down, you just have to get lost exploring through this books fantasy and see what each adventure leads to…

    I loved reading this book and discovering each chapters mysteries and problems and I strongly recommend others who love adventures to read this too.

    I give this book 10/10!!!!


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