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Comments on: "Ant Man and the Wasp (movie)" (1)

  1. For all Marvel Fans – you will really enjoy this movie. The special effects when the characters shrink, grow and even disappear is great!
    I enjoyed this movie. It followed on really well from the first movie – ANTMAN.
    I really liked the fact that the romance between two of the main characters blossoms and it is done in a good way. Not mushy but full of action! I thought it was well done the way that the relationship between the WASP and ANT MAN develops.
    I thought the new character to be a bit strange. I did not understand her straight away. I did not know why this other person behaved almost like a ghost but you find out why. You need to see this to find out! I do not want to wreck the story line.
    It was sad when I thought the girl ghost like character might die and I kind of understood why they would jeopardize the life of the wife of the scientist Dr Hank Pym.
    I felt sorry for Dr Hank Pym and his daughter – otherwise known as The Wasp as they missed their wife/mum very, very much. I believe I would feel the same way if it had been my mum. I was sad when I thought they may not make it back after all they have gone through.
    A happy ending is always good and this has one. Not only do they save the life of their mum/wife whilst nearly losing the life of Dr Hank Pym but she in turns saves the life of the ghost girl!
    Lots of action in this movie. Car chases, fighting bad guys and of course the good guys won!


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