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CHERUB is the baby version of MI5, a spy agency that uses children instead of adults. Children are “recruited” from children’s homes or from the streets, go through a rigourous (and sometimes downright cruel) training regime, and are eventually sent out on missions. The book follows the fortunes of James Choke and his sister who both end up as CHERUB members.

Cherub Campus

Comments on: "The recruit (Cherub series) – Robert Muchamore" (24)

  1. Bridget said:

    I love the CHERUB series! It gives you everything, tears, laughs, anger, excitement, fear and a weird feeling that means that you don’t know what will happen next. The twists and turns of this series give you an urge for more! I recommend a lot of books but this one (and Ruby Redfort) I have recommended the most!


  2. sophie said:

    I love all the books in the cherub series but by far the recruit is my favourite one. its about a boy who is going through a rough patch and then finds himself in a sercet intelligence agency head masters office to be recruited. 9 – 10 11 and above.


  3. Abbey said:

    The life of living in cherub sounds amazing! The recruit is an adventure, romance and action filled novel leaving you biting your nails as you become inpatient and eager to continuously assure the safety and outcome of James’ journey in particular. It is a book you are left not wanting to put down as you read through the life of James being recruited as a cherub spy once his mother passes. I recommend this book to any and all action book lovers!


  4. Rachel said:

    I really loved this book and the entire series!! The action-packed fighting, adventures, training, hard work yet luxury life of a CHERUB sounds so much fun!! I love books about spies and i think it was really clever to use children as spies…. no one would suspect a thing. I loved reading about the basic Training final and everything they had to do in a painful 100 days to pass the test. I rate this book a 9 1/2 out of 10!!!!!! I really like how James is the typical bad boy and it’s bad when his sister Lauren get’s separated from him to go live with her father Ron. I love Kerry character, it is so curious and smart. She always knows what to do and the tricks behind training. Great book for 12- 15 year olds. Girls and boys.


  5. This book is so great! Loved it so much. I really liked the adventures James and his little sister went through. I couldn’t stop reading it and as soon as I finished I got the follow up book straight away. I really like the idea of Cherub and I wish it was real, so I could go there. I recommend this book to everyone and I rate it a 10 out of 10!!! 🙂


  6. Mattea said:

    This book was my lit circles book and when I got it I was not really looking forward to it but once I started reading I could not stop. I ended up loving this book. This book is full of adventure and it is so unpredictable. It tells the story of a boy called James who has a unusual family and always gets into trouble even when he does not mean it. Things go wrong and he is sent to a orphanage and split up with his sister. This is when Cherub find him. I would recommend this book to any one to just give a try because I did not think I was going to like it but I really enjoyed it! I would rate this 9/10!


  7. Eve M said:

    I absolutely loved The Recruit. I’ve always had a fascination with spies and this book just told me what I wanted to hear. The main character James seems like a bit of a jerk and has a bit of an anger problem but I still find myself liking his character. My favourite part of the book would have to be the start when James first gets recruited and goes through all the different tests. I don’t have much in common with James except the fact that I would also love to be a spy. My favourite character so far would be Amy who is James’ swimming teacher. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone between the ages of 11-16 who loves a bit of adventure.


  8. Sophie said:

    all of the Cherub books by Robert Muchamore are great or at lest the ones I have read. This series is amazing every different book grabs you and you have to keep reading. The kids mother dies and James and his sister (Lauren) are sent to Cherub, an organisation where kids that are orphans are trained to be spys because frankly who would expect a bunch of kids to know how to kill. James goes on different adventures through each of the books and goes on different missions. These books continue to impress me I recommend them to all kids aged 10 and up. I give this book a 8 1/2


  9. Ebony said:

    I love the Cherub books they were basically what i grew up with. I liked how they were swotty and stuckup. They do what normal teenagers do and beyond. it taught me to be observant and things that were happening in our world. James is Hilarious and is a typical ‘bad’ guy.
    I bet that you will love this Series


  10. Lucinda said:

    The Cherub series is seriously the most action packed series i have ever read and I loved it, even though action is not my favourite type of book! It is about a secret campus of teenage girls and boys who are trained spies and work to solve the biggest crimes! It works because no one suspects teenagers to know how to scan documents and crack locks and all that spy stuff! It is action packed with teenage dramas and a bit of romance. It is a great book for any action lover and I would rate it 10/10! It is really the best series ever!


  11. Bridget said:

    The Cherub series is a series of extremely well-written books by author Robert Muchamore. They revolve around James Adams, who is recruited by Cherub (an agency that trains intelligent and physically fit children into super spies!). When reading this book it’s like reliving those childhood dreams – the ones about you becoming a world class spy for MI5 or something like that. But this whole series features many events that make it more adult. The humour in this book is hidden everywhere, and the events really grip you and have you longing for more. Unfortunately the whole series only contains 8 books, but author Robert Henderson has written more for those of you who, like me just want to read more! Although from the cover it may look like a boys book, it is just a much a girls book too, as it recounts events in many characters lives, including James Adams’ sister Lauren, and on and off girlfriend Kerry Chang. I would definitely recommend this book to everyone, whether you like action, adventure, humour or romance.


  12. Emanuella said:

    The first time i have read this book was in a night and i wanted to read it over any over again because it was filled with action, dreams and a little fun from here to there. I have recommened all my friends to read this book and the whole series. My favourite characters are James, Lauren and Kerry! Girl power!



  13. i am reading this book right now and ithink it is sooo good it is funny exciting and makes you want to be a spy!! i am loving it so far and would recommend it for anyone 10+


  14. I can honestly say that the cherub series are actually the best book you will ever read. My sister read the first one and then told me to read it, i thought it look boring and didn’t read it, but when i did read it i couldn’t put it down !
    I have read about 7 other books in the series, and am about to read the 8th book, mad dogs.
    I love all the characters and how exciting the books are.
    It is about a boy called James, who is always getting a new girlfriend, and going on missions.
    It is my favourite book ever, and i recommend it to absolutely everybody. You won’t regret reading it.


  15. i love the cherub series are fantastic. first got into when our year 5 teacher read it to our class and litery the whole class sat there listening with oar. so since then i have read all the books at least 1million times.

    All the characters have a very interesting story behind them which i am not going to tell you, youll have to figure that out on your own.

    my fav character is James. james is a guy that alllllllways gets him self introuble with girls and everyone else.

    Cherub is a spy book wit lost of Danger, Adventure,thrill, and a bit of romance.

    id recommend this book to people that are into spys and stuff and the 1st book to 10 yrs old and above but the rest to people that are 13 and above but i still read it or if you are very mature.

    but over all u will loooooooove reading them i no i have:)


  16. The Recruit is about an 11 yr boy called James Adams who is left with no relatives but a nasty uncle called Ron after his mum dies. James is then sent to a children’s home. While James is at the childrens home a cherub agent, Kyle is at the particular children’s home on a undercover recruitment mission as cherub is looking for more undercover agents. James is taken to the cherub campus where he is put through some challenging test to see if he capable of becoming a cherub agent. James overcomes his fear of swimming and heights by being pushed by a group of black shirt teens. James is then put in the 100 day test of ability also known as basic training to see if he can survive and successfully become a qualified cherub agent.
    Hope you enjoy this book! Best book in the world!


  17. I would recommend the Cherub series.
    Cherub is a secret organization equivalent to M15 secret services, Cherub use children because no one suspects them.
    James is a 11 year old boy who finds his mother dead on there couch at his home.
    James now has no living relatives left except for his crazy uncle Ron.
    James is then taken to the Cherub Head quarters, James has to go through a series of tests so he can get into Cherub because he has no where else to go.
    James overcomes his fear of swimming and heights during the testing.
    When james is excepted into cherub he is soon sent on his first mission in a peace camp in the country side of England. He goes very well on his first mission. I Hope you enjoy this book.


  18. A series to read would have to be the cherub series.
    Cherub is an organization equivalent to M15 British Intelligence, except cherub has an advantage, no one suspects children.
    In the First book “The Recruit” James is Recruited into Cherub, The book is about his training and His first mission.
    “The Recruit” is a worthwhile read and great for Action Lovers.
    Cherub has a series of about twelve books (I think) and the all based around James’ Missions.


  19. The cherub series is such a fun series of books. When I read the first one i couldn’t put it down and when I finished it I went straight onto the next one! Robert Muchamore has captured what dreams of perfectly. The adventure side of the books is amazing and I actuallyimagined myself as one of the team when I was reading it. Then there is also the romantic side which gets you in as well! Reccommend it to all young teens!


  20. I loved all of the Cherub series by Robert Muchamore so far. There are about eight or so and all are intruging and witty. This awesome spy series start off with the Recruit and James being the star character. After his mother dies, James and his sister are sent to Cherub, a secret organisation where kids that mostly come from foster homes or are orphans are trained to be kid spys and uncover badies! They use kids because no adult suspects kids are spying on them!
    James goes on an adventurous ride through various missions and relationships over the series.
    I just finnished the most recent book, The General where James and his friends are sent to a US training excercise where things get horribly out of hand.
    But in the last few books i have read of the Cherub series i have grown to dislike James and his additude towards girls. This has really put me off the series but i still have to read them to know how it ends. The books seem to keep coming and coming!
    I’d recommend this book for all girls and SHC but the end few books to get a bit… weird!


  21. This book is on edge the whole way through. It is so unpredictable. It tells the story of a boy who has a messed up family and always seems to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. He is sent to a place that helps him become a better person and challenges him. He enjoys his life there and is faced with some crazy challenges. This is a book about determination and courage, and is a great read.


  22. I really enjoyed this book. It had a great story line and kept me reading the whole time. I also really liked the way this book was written. It was quick and easy to read without being boring.
    I also think that on some level it isn’t right to use orphaned kids as spies but I guess it makes sense and they have their consent.
    I’d recommend this book to anyone who wants a great, quick, easy read.


  23. cherub follows james a juvenile deliquent who is posted into a child spy agency after the death of his mother where he meets a gang of crazy cool karate friends and eventually goes on bangin’ missions…. cherub is awesome


  24. These books are full of adventure, romance, action and teenage dramas. I loved these so much. If you love adventure read these. (ALL OF THEM)


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