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Comments on: "Karate kid (movie)" (7)

  1. Kylie said:

    I loved ‘ the karate kid’ it has such a beautiful story line and I love how Dre beats the bullies and proves that good will defeat evil if you just try this move made me cry because of how mean they where to Dre and it just makes me sad that people that are unhappy have to bring down people that are having a difficult time .I can strongly relate to Dre because I moved to a different country and it was hard I didn’t knew the l language and it was really hard to leave my friends and evrythng I knew and loved .


  2. Karate kid is an amazing movie. I recommend to anyone of any age. This movie really shows the struggle Dre goes through as his Mum moves to China for a new job. You get to see Dre’s point of view of the new school and the new kids he meets. Although he struggles to make friends, understand the language and go to school without getting picked on Dre still tries his best in hope that his journey will get better.


  3. I love the new Karate Kid compared to the other one a lot better because it is more understandable due to it being more new. I love the part when Jaden Smith who plays Dre Parker fights Zhenwei Wang who plays Cheng. He works so hard to to fight Cheng and it really shows how if you believe in your dreams and you try you can achieve it. Jaden Smith is so cute when he is little and really suits his character Dre Parker. I love Dre’s Mum Sherry Parker actress Taraji P. Henson. I reccomend this movie to the whole family because it is very adventourist but a little bit sad too. It kept me glued to my seat from the start to the end. I rate the movie a 10/10.


  4. I really enjoyed this movie because it has a great message in it, the message i got was to never give up and to keep on fighting. The movie was happy but also sad. I would recommend this movie to 7 and up! I would rate this movie a 8 out of 10. Girls and boys i would recommend this to because it’s a great movie and also has some great karate tricks!!


  5. Heidi said:

    Karate Kid is an AMAZING movie!!! It has all the action you could ask for. I personally think that this one is better than the original but then again, I am one of those people who like the more modern movies. It has a great sound track and a very good looking young boy 😉 10/10 must see!!


  6. Love all Karate Kid………. i like the origal better but this one is still amazing!!

    LOVE IT:)


  7. I recommend this movie “The Karate Kid” because its a real action /adventure movie. My favourite character is Mr Haun because i think he’s a really great kung fu teacher because his student Drah turns out to be really great at it. I would recommend this movie to people aged 12 and up. My favourite part of this movie is when Drah verses one of the really tough boys that does Kung fu. If you enjoy a great action / adventure movie with lots of broken bones in it! then this movie is for you. I rate this movie 5/5 because i think it has a really good story to it.


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