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Canterwood Crest Academy cordially invites you to a costume party–with a special sweetheart surprise.Canterwood is known for its fabulous parties, and Halloween is no exception. Lauren Towers is especially excited for the big day. Not only is it her favorite holiday, it’s also her birthday And this year, she and her friends will celebrate in style–by attending Canterwood’s first-ever masquerade ball. What Lauren doesn’t know is that there’s a special someone behind a mask, just waiting to be revealed. Will this mysterious guest make this masquerade “magnifique,” or will her perfect birthday bash become a bummer?

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Comments on: "Masquerade (Canterwood Crest)" (5)

  1. Georgia-Rose said:

    Canterwood crest is such a great series for teenage girls, and people who love horses. It is so relatable, and the problems that arise in the series, are real life problems some girls face every day. It is such a funny, easy, and interesting read. I really enjoyed reading this book, although I probably prefer the Sasha series, the ones about Lauren are great too. My favourite character is Heather, although she is really mean to Sasha at the start, I think she is such a strong, funny, and really intriguing character, and overrall, really helps Sasha. I rate this book an 8/10, and recommend it for anyone in year 7 or eight.


  2. Canter wood crest is such an addictive book to read you get to it and you are hooked and this series is so good. There is so much romance and drama that goes through so perfect for any girl thats loves horses and romances. The boys are so cute my favourite is Eric he is always trying so hard and I love him. If you start the first one you have to keep reading because the last one is one of the best. Love reading and I reccomened it.


  3. Laura said:

    This book is my favourite by far out of the whole Canterwood Crest series. I am horse crazy so I really enjoyed reading this book. It is filled with heaps of different emotions from start to finish and it was a book i couldn’t put down. My favourite character is Sasha because experiences so many different things that I can relate too like having to face the mean girls and having friendship problems with her best friend. This is an amazing book and if you are horse crazy too, you should definitely give it a go. I would rate this book 10/10 because I really enjoyed it!


  4. Nessy said:

    Canterwood crest is such an amazing book series!!! I started reading them not too long ago and I love it! I highly recommend this book series for all horse crazy people. Sasha Silver is the main character and she faces all sorts of difficulties, Like horrible mean girls (the trio) and boy troubles too… You should definitely give this book a go! I rate it 5 stars and 10 out of 10


  5. Canterwood crest is the most awesomest book ever I am up to number 16 book and I can’t put it down it is amazing . If you love horses or just a book that you won’t be able to put down you will love it. My fav character has to be Khloe and eric, Khoe is crazy she could make sasha feel better any day and eric is the sweetest nicest guy in the world. It is set at a boarding school in america and i wish i could live there. You can buy it at heaps of bookstores or borrow it from the library its awesome


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