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Hey, buster! Normal life is a total yawn. Break out of boredom with Ruby Redfort, the super-awesome new creation from multi-million-copy bestseller Lauren Child…

Want to know more? Of course you do, bozo.

Here’s the low-down on Ruby Redfort: she’s a genius code-cracker, a daring detective, and a gadget-laden special agent who just happens to be a thirteen-year-old girl. She and her slick side-kick butler, Hitch, foil crimes and get into loads of scrapes with evil villains, but they’re always ice-cool in a crisis.



Comments on: "Look into my eyes (Ruby Redfort) – Lauren Child" (23)

  1. Ruby Redfort- look into my eyes would have to be one of my all time favourite books. I’ve read and re read this book countless times, it is action packed and enjoyable without a single dull moment. This book centres around Ruby, a intelligent girl living a fairly normal life until she is recruited for a secret agency and undergoes a range of new experiences and challenges. I loved Lauren Childs style of writing, and even in the most dangerous of circumstances she incorporates humour and comedy into the dialog and Ruby’s thoughts.
    My favourite character would be Ruby, she is an ideal main character- brave, intelligent and with a great sense of humour. This book flows really well, and was detailed without being hard to read. I would recommend this book to ages 10-15.


  2. Grace A said:

    Without a doubt in my mind, Ruby Redfort – Look into My Eyes is one of my favourite books. I always come back to read it when I want a thrilling and gripping read!
    Ruby Redfort – Look into My Eyes is the first book in the Ruby Redfort series. It is about a groovy 13-year-old teenage girl named Ruby Redfort, but she isn’t just a normal groovy teenager, she is super duper smart. She is the only child to Sabrina and Brant Redfort who are wealthy, popular socialites. She has her best friend Clancy who she can tell everything to and her loyal dog Bug. But, when Ruby is asked to join a secret agency to become their ace code-cracker, working undercover to bust some of the baddest guys in the business, can she follow the number one rule: Keep it zipped?
    This book includes action, adventure, mind puzzles, problems that need to be solved, secret agencies, bad guys, sticky situations, and much, much more.
    Lauren Child, the author, tells this story in such an intriguing, hair-raising way. Every chapter is fascinating and never boring. While reading this series I would sometimes have to stop, and just try to comprehend all of the details and mind puzzles that this book, and all of the books in the series, throws at you. I loved trying to crack the codes and predicting what is going to happen next before Ruby did. This book definitely takes you on a compelling, thought-provoking, adrenaline-pumping journey.
    I absolutely love this book, and I definitely recommend this book to anyone you who is 10+ and is a lover of detective and secret agency business, a relatable teenager, mind puzzles, codes and loads of adrenaline and action.
    I rate Ruby Redfort – Look into My Eyes a 10/10!!


  3. This is the first book in the Ruby Redfort series, the book is about a 13 year old girl who is asked to join a secret agency and become their code cracker. This adventurous book takes us through the missions Ruby Redfort is asked to complete. The only rule she needs to follow is keep it zipped. Surely this can’t be hard for Ruby Redfort, can it? These missions that the secret agency Spectrum have set keep you wanting to read more, wanting to find out what is going to happen. I would recommend this book as I liked how the book was adventurous and there was always something happening.


  4. Claire E said:

    I’ve read the whole Ruby Redfort series, and I always find myself coming back to it when I’m stuck for reads. A truly gripping read, this book will get you thinking and will leave you begging for the next one! It’s thrilling, original, and very well written, I recommend it for any girl who want’s to have a favourite series for life. Seriously, you won’t regret reading this book.


  5. Makayla S said:

    The Ruby Redfort series is one of my all time favourites. The books are really great and are full of mystery and comedy. The series about a girl name Ruby who becomes a secret agent. Ruby is my favourite character as she is very relatable and really smart and funny. I really recommend reading the books and going on the journey with Ruby. I rate the series 10/10 and recommend it to girls aged 10 and up.


  6. Ruby Redfort: Look into my eyes, is a thrilling book, full of mystery and humour. I love the main character Ruby, because she never gives up, and has a great sense of humour. I especially enjoyed her sarcasm, because she uses it in a way that most teenage girls would too. I think that Lauren Child has written this book excellently, as any teenage girl can relate to Ruby in a lot of different ways. I love that Lauren Child has added complexity to the life of a normal 13 year old because it makes the book more interesting to the reader as people can imagine what it would be like to live 2 different lives; the life of an undercover spy, and the ordinary life of a teenage girl at high school. Overall, it is a great story that keeps you on the edge of your seat, with many unexpected twists. I would rate it 10/10 and recommend this book to anyone who likes a bit of mystery.


  7. Phoebe M said:

    I absolutely LOVE this book, Lauren Child payed very good attention to detail without going overboard and well this book is just perfect. I loved how Ruby worked as a secret agent solving a crime that even the adults hadn’t yet solved and made new friends along the way. I would recommend this book to people aged 11 and up. If you plan on reading this book I hope you have as much fun reading this as me 🙂


  8. The Ruby Redfort series is one of my favourite book series! It is a mystery series, about a 13 year old girl who works for a secret agency who fights evil. I like it because it proves that even young people are capable of amazing things. I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys a bit of mystery.


  9. A book series that I love and have read more than one in Ruby Redfort. It is a great and easy read with lots of mystery, exiting adventures and clues to solve along the way. The books are about a smart and intelligent young girl named Ruby Redfort who is brilliant at code cracking an always up for an adventure. When Clancie, Ruby’s best friend becomes suspicious about Ruby, why she is skipping classes and why she doesn’t what to hang out any, Ruby brakes the number one rule and tells she best friend what is going on. With Clancie being able to cover for her this makes it much easier for Ruby to skip school to crack codes and go on adventures to save the city.


  10. This book was so much fun to read. The author Lauren Child, does a fantastic job at taking the reader on an adventure with her writing. I really enjoy reading all of her books.
    Ruby, cannot stand a boring life, something exciting has to happen every now and again, right?
    Well with Ruby now working for Spectrum, a secret agency that is sure to happen!
    Hitch, Ruby’s sidekick (butler) is always there to pull her out of the sticky situations Ruby gets herself into.
    Ruby, the master code-cracker, is always helping discover who is behind the latest mystery!

    I recommend this book, for girls aged 10 +


  11. Georgia said:

    I absolutely love this book, it’s amazing. It’s one of those books that once you start reading you can’t put the book down, you get hooked. The whole series is fabulous! I think Lauren Child has done an amazing job. Ruby is such an original character. Born to rich parents, she couldn’t care less about fancy clothes or parties. She prefers the company of he best friend, Clancy Crew, a glass of Banana Milk and a comfy T-shirt with jeans. Not that she has an ordinary life. Living a double life isn’t that easy, nor is being a spy. My favourite character is Ruby, because she is quirky, adventurous and, of course, fearless. The rating I would give the book is 10 out of 10, because it is different from others. Not just the story line, but the way the book is written.


  12. Emily said:

    This book is amazing. It’s action packed and guaranteed to get you holding your breath. Fair warning you will not be able to put the book down once you pick it up. Ruby is the chilled out, care free kind of girl and she is living a double life. Her life isn’t always as calm and casual as she makes out but it sure would be amazing fun. I love every little twist in the plot and at the end of every chapter you just turn on to the next. It’s an easy to follow adventure that everyone could enjoy. I give it a 9/10


  13. Grace said:

    I love the mysteriousness of ruby’s life ! like the suspicious robbery, all the twists and unexpected turns. There is always something thrilling and exciting going on in Ruby’s life, especially when Spectrum is involved. I would recommend this book/series to anyone 8+ that loves adventure and excitement ! An 8/10 from me.


  14. Ruby Redfort is a secret agent that has skills for code breaking and mainly saving the world. she also is only 13.Her best friend Clancy is the only person in the whole world she trusts that won’t open his mouth. crime, unpredictablity and needed humour are Ruby’s main hobbies. But in spectrum she is trusted with saving the world every few weeks or so, but will she crack under the pressure? you’ll have to find out…


  15. This. Book. Is. Awesome. Loved it (as well as all it’s sequels). It a thrilling story with such a cool main character, Ruby is, to be frank, amazebubbles. I absolutely loved cracking all the codes and even learning more about Spectrum and Ruby’s spy life on her website. This book left me craving donuts too. I would recommend it to anyone aged 10-16 and I frequently do! 8.5/10!


  16. Bridget said:

    I loved this book. The first time it was read to me by my primary school teacher and I loved it so much that I went and bought the book myself. It was a very unpredictable book and I never knew what was going to happen. My favourite character was defiantly Ruby because she stayed calm and didn’t freak out until she knew exactly what was going on. I recommend this book from 11- 16


  17. Emily said:

    I loved the book Ruby Redfort. I have read all of them and can’t believe how amazing they are. I love how cool and calm Ruby is even when she’s in danger and she always keeps a cool head. I would recommend it for people of all ages and I give ruby Redfort a 9/10.


  18. I thought Ruby Redfort was a great book, Lauren Child thought up a great story line and thought up lots of quirky things to add in along the way. All up thought it was a great book and I can’t wait to read the next one.


  19. Olivia said:

    Ruby Redfort Look into my eyes: I loved this book it has action in it and codes. I love how she has to help crack the codes. She has a great relationship with her best friend Clancy Crew. They like to do a lot of things with each other, the leave each other notes and investigate things. I like when the toast prints messages on the toast. I recommend this book to girls who like mysteries and action, I give this book a 7.5/10


  20. Eve. L said:

    I loved this book it was full of action and hardly any dull moments. There were some really touching moments and it was a good book about friendship. A lot like Isabella i got this book as a birthday gift for my sister but I loved it. The main plot is about Ruby Redfort a little girl with a big secret, Ruby has just been asked to become a code cracker for a spy agency but Ruby doesn’t want to sit at a desk all day cracking codes, she wants a piece of the action to. Has Ruby bitten off more than she can chew? Find out in Ruby Redfort – Look into my eyes. 9.99 out of 10.


  21. Isabella S said:

    I Really enjoyed reading this book. I bought it for my sister but then decided to read it and actually liked it. Ruby Redfoot is about a girl who lives an extraordinary life. She is a spy/code cracker for a secret agency Spectrom. Ruby Redfoot Look in to my eyes has a mystery that you can follow making the book more interesting. I really enjoyed this book and would reccomend it for others. i would rate it 8/10. 🙂


  22. hayley said:

    it is so good me and my sister read it all the time


  23. Ruby Redfort- Look into my eyes: Wow! i loved this book, i would say it is my favourite book of all time. Lauren Child has described the life of Ruby Redfort (a character featured in a books read in Lauren Childs Clarice Bean series) a secret agent working for the Spectrum agency. There are many twists and turns in Ruby’s life including the mysterious robbery f ruby’s house. Whilst developing great agent skills Ruby created many strong friendships along the way. I would recommend this book to people aged 10-17. I hope you enjoy the story of Ruby Redfort as much as i did.


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