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  1. ‘The Man from Snowy River’ is high up on the list of my favourite movies! It one of my favourite, classic Australian movies that make you feel proud to be Australian!
    ‘The Man from Snowy River’ is a traditional Australian movie filmed in Victoria’s high country (around Mansfield and Merrijig). It is about the main character Jim Craig who lost his mother and father at a young age. He begins to work for a living for himself by working at the wealthy Harrison’s farm, where he meets Jessica; a very beautiful, charming, persistent and sometimes stubborn girl. One night, Curly, a character who works at the Harrison’s as well and who most people hate, sets the beautiful ‘colt’ that is very expensive and prized, loose where he is free to join the herd of wild horses that wander the high country. All the men from farms around the region gather at the Harrison’s farm and go on a mission to find the wild herd that the colt has joined. They go on a chase to find the herd and the colt and round them up. You have to watch it to see what happens next!!
    It is a traditional story about love, horses, Australia and our high country. I am still surprised and shocked when people say they haven’t seen it. Like, you haven’t seen the most Australian, classic film?
    I definitely recommend watching it! For anyone who wants a slightly romantic, sometimes sad but light-hearted film who is 6-8 years old and older.
    I love this movie so much and rate it a 9.5/10!


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