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Penny’s bags are packed.

When Noah invites Penny on his European music tour, she can’t wait to spend time with her rock-god-tastic boyfriend. But, between Noah’s jam-packed schedule, less-than-welcoming bandmates and threatening messages from jealous fans, Penny wonders whether she’s really cut out for life on tour. She can’t help but miss her family, her best friend Elliot . . . and her blog, Girl Online.

Can Penny learn to balance life and love on the road, or will she lose everything in pursuit of the perfect summer?



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  1. in my previous post I talked about Girl online 2 and how much I loved it, and after reading Girl Online 3 i though the exact same! Reading that last sentence made me so upset because I knew there was no Girl Online 4 that I could start to read. They are such amazing books and I didn’t want to put any of them down. After the end of the chapter you just want to keep on reading because you HAVE TO know what is going to happen next. I rate this book a 10/10 as well because I absolutely loved every bit of it


  2. Mao’s Last Dancer
    This book is a heart breaking and loving story about a young Chinese boy with nothing but a dream to support his mighty leader and his poor family.
    Li Cunxin was born into a family of 7 boys and ever so poor the family was. He did everything with his mum and loved to cook with her.
    Li attended a school in which he was chosen tot go to Beijing to dance in a special academy for ballet. Li faced many challenges at first but he strived for perfection and thats exactly what he got.
    Li was picked to fly to Houston to dance in an academy, he loved America so much to challenge the Chinese Government to stay with his newly found love Elizabeth but was that his best choice?

    I loved this book and rate it a 9 / 10


  3. Giarna said:

    This book is the sequel to Girl Online. I really enjoyed this book too. This book is about Penny going on tour with her boyfriend Noah. She doesn’t get much time to spend with him as he always has tour commitments. I couldn’t put this book down until I finished. There is a twist in the end that I couldn’t believe. I really liked the characters Penny and Noah and thought they were a cute couple. The youtuber Zoe Sugg wrote this and she did very well. I recommend this book for the ages 12 to 18. I think this book is very suitable for many different types of people and that many people would enjoy it.


  4. brianna said:

    an amazing book and it suits so many girls going through anxiety and what they think of things in life. she is an amazing character in an amazing book written by an amazing video blogger ‘zoella’ the vlogger


  5. Madeline said:

    I really loved reading this book, when I got into the few pages I was hooked. I din’t want to put the book down! I would say this book is for Tweens because it is just starting to get into romance. If you don’t like a book that has relationships maybe have a look at a different book. The language in the book has very little. I read this book in about two days.
    I really enjoyed reading this! I LOVED IT!


  6. I recently finished reading Girl Online 2 and what can I say? It was AMAZING! I loved every bit of it and didn’t want it to finish! I loved the different characters and all of the drama and adventures that happened throughout the book, I would rate this book a 10/10 and recommend it to anyone who loves a bit of drama!


  7. sohaila said:

    I love these books they are some of the best books I’ve read, and she’s one of my the best vloggers I’ve seen. She’s so inspirational caring funny and loving and the book is just amazing.!!!!!!


  8. Girl Online On Tour was a really good book. It was enjoyable and I couldn’t put it down. I loved reading the first one and was excited to read the second. I recommend this book to everyone. It’s a must read! I give this book a 10/10


  9. Grace said:

    I really love this book it is just as good as the first! The same great characters are back and you will meet some new cool characters. This book follows Penny as she joins her boyfriend Noah on his first tour! This book was really good, and you will think you know what a character is like, but then you see another side of them and your perspective changes. So many things happen that you will not be able to put the book down. You will laugh out loud at the marvellous and extremely kind best friend Elliot and be very mad at others. When you read this book so many emotions will arise, happiness, anger, sadness and there will be some ‘they’re so cute moments’, and some ‘how dare he’ moments. The drama and romance, and even the hint of adventure as she travels in this book will keep you reading until the last page, and then you will have read the third book. Zoe really has written another fantastic book, that you must read. I rate this book a 10/10, for its awesome story line and terrific characters. I recommend that anyone aged 11-16 should read this. It was a FABULOUS book!!


  10. Georgia said:

    I had to read this book as soon as I finished the first one! I loved Penny and her story. I also loved Noah and I think they were an amazing couple. I couldn’t put the book down and I loved it even more then the first one! It was better and the storyline developed more. You get to see more of Noah and Penny together and I love them so I fell in love with this book just like I did for the first! Definitely read and I am counting the days until the 3rd one comes out!!


  11. I really enjoyed this book, because it was such an empowering story, as well as a bit of romance. Mt favourite character in this book is Penny, because i feel like i can relate to her, and also she is such an amazing character. My favourite part of the book was when everyone is together and having a great time at the festival, because everyone is happy, Elliot and Penny are back together and everyone is enjoying themselves. My least favourite part is when Penny keeps getting threats to break up with Noah, because we see here that fame is damaging to relationships, even though they may be the perfect couple. I wouldn’t change anything in this novel because each detail is amazing, the book is so good that I read it within one day. I would defiantly recommend for people to read this, it is a great story that everyone should read. I would recommend this book to younger girls, it is a story more for them and to help empower them and the book is a great read.


  12. Abbey said:

    On tour, the sequel to girl online is a great novel by Zoella. it again is so relatable and this time in a completely different way. Penny loves noah and goes on tour with him but his jam packed schedule means no time alone with just noah and penny. it is so engaging and makes you want to keep reading. parts of this book are a tiny bit boring where not much happens but it picks up to an amazing book. i rate this an 8 out of 10 and recommend it for anyone over 10


  13. Phoebe M said:

    I absolutely loved ‘Girl Online’ and I was completely over the moon when the second book came out. In this book Noah asks Penny to go on tour with him and his band. Penny decides to go but has no idea about the drama that would be involved. This book had so many lol’s and I loved it. Zoë also confronted anxiety and panic attacks which I think was really good and showed everyone that suffers from anxiety know that they’re not alone. There are so many cute and adorable moments and it really made me feel as if I was part of the story. Definitely a 10/10 and I would recommend it to anyone that likes love stories.


  14. I really love this book and I have read it about a thousand times because it is that good. This book is really an uplifting story about a girl who writes a blog which is anonymous, she experiences many things that any teenage girl would experience such as boy friends, embarrassing moments and even anxiety. Penny then goes on a holiday with her rockstar boyfriend who is on tour. She starts to come out of the shadows of her computer screen and goes on a wild adventure but along the way there is difficulties faced while on tour with noah and herself but she overcomes these things. Penny is a really inspiring character for girls from 13 – 17. I really loved this book, not only because an amazing you tuber wrote it (Zoella) but also because it really makes you want to read more and has many quotes that you can take with you along the way. I would definitely five this book a 9/10 and I recommend this book to a lot of girls from 13-17 and even the sequel is really good too! The first one is equally as good and people should read that one too.


  15. Paris said:

    This book is one of my favourites I have ever read because it is so full of excitement, sadness and romance….and never fails to make me smile. It is a sequel to Zoe’s first book ‘Girl Online’ which is equally as good, following the neverending experiences of Noah and Penny. I won’t give anything away but I will tell you now that if you enjoyed the first book, you will love this one even more! My favourite character in this book is Penny because she is such a caring girl who is able to deal with problems in the best possible way. My favourite part in this book is when (sorry if I spoil anything) Elliot and Penny meet at the station to go sightseeing together, they have the best friendship ever. I don’t have a least favourite part or character in this book, which is quite unusual for me. I wouldn’t change a thing about this book and would recommend it to anybody that has read the first book, watches Zoe on YouTube, and any teenage girl who enjoys a good romantic novel. I would rate this book a solid 10/10.


  16. This is a really great book and it is the second of the series. It was so interesting that I found myself constantly reading! I enjoy watching Penny’s journey and what she gets up to. She goes on a tour with her rockstar boyfriend and it is interesting the things that happen on this tour. It is filled with romance and adventure, If you like these genres I would definitely recommend this one for you! This book is aimed at teenagers and I rate this book an 8/10.


  17. holly said:

    zoella has managed to make a 2nd book in the girl online series! I have read both of them and theyre amazing! Usually the first books are always the best but this time i just cant say that… the 2nd is just so amazing!
    I couldnt put the book down so i ended up reading it in two goes, which is pretty rare for me.
    This book is about Penny going on tour with her Rock star boyfriend. I recommend you read this book, its so captivating you wont want to put it down!

    I rate this a 9 / 10.


  18. I loved Girl Online so I was very excited when Girl Online: ON TOUR came out. I thoroughly enjoyed Girl Online: ON TOUR because it is romantic and exciting and it is very hard to put down. My favourite part of this book is at the start when Noah first turns up to see Penny at GBK because it is the first time they have seen each other in a long time. My least favourite part of the book is at the end when Noah doesn’t have any time to spend with Penny as he promised he would because it makes you feel bad for penny. If I could change the book I would make the ending a bit happier so it doesn’t feel as abrupt. I would recommend this book to anyone who had read and enjoyed Girl Online or was just looking for a romantic, light read.


  19. I would love to recommend the amazing book girl online: on tour!
    It is the sequel to first book girl online. it is by Zoe Sugg a youtube the wrote a great book about Penny, a girl who loves photography, and loves to blog. After a few embarrassing tragedies , Penny leaves the comfort of her home to go to New York. There she meets Noah, this perfect, funny, gorgeous boy who comes into her life so suddenly. Read this great book to find out what happens to Penny! I definitely recommend this book


  20. Caitlin said:

    After I read ‘Girl Online’ by Zoe Sugg I couldn’t wait to read to sequel! As many subscribers and viewers of her popular youtube channel ‘Zoella’ and readers of her prevoius book, it was exciting to uncover the rest of the story. Penny’s story continues and we see friendships being formed with teachers and a reader of her blog, she is even able to re new the relationship with an old friend. I enjoyed this book alot. I would recomend this book for 11-15 year olds, and give 9/10 stars.


  21. This book is like a sequel to her first book. This is a great book, filled with adventure and romance. In the first book, the main character Penny, meets this rockstar Noah and they start dating. In this book, Noah asks Penny to go on his European Tour. She immediately says yes and before you know it they are together again. As the tour goes on she starts to see him less and less, and starts getting frustrated because they never spend time together. One time she gives up and leaves Paris and goes back to London with her family. In the end they are reunited and everything is back to normal. My favourite part is when her friend Elliot comes and saves her from Paris and they go back to London together. My favourite character is Elliot because he is funny and a great friend for anyone. My least favourite part is when they argue and Penny leaves, it is sad and it wasn’t very fun to read. I recommend this book to those who have read her first one, because you sort of need to know all of that before you can understand this one. People who are 11+ would think this is a great book.


  22. Giarna said:

    I loved the first one and I loved this one. This book is about Penny going on tour with her Rock star boyfriend. They get up to a lot and to know what they get up to read the book!! I rate this book a another 10 out of 10 because this book kept me interested the whole time and I don’t think I ever put it down until I finished. I recommend this book to everyone and anyone.


  23. bridget said:

    I loved this book just as much as the first Girl Online book!! This is absolutely my favourite series of book and I would absolutely recommend if you anyone and everyone. We see how Noah and Penny handle their relationship on tour and see how they handle the pressure from the band, the manager and being on the road. From romance, anxiety struggles and everything in-between Zoe Sugg has really produced an amazing book for the world to enjoy. I would rate this amazing novel a 9.5/10.


  24. Abbey said:

    Zella has somehow topped herself and made Girl Online:On Tour just as amazing as Girl Online. This book follows Penny going on tour with her famous boyfriend Noah. Zella has described this book so well that when you start reading it, it is like you step into Penny’s shoes and experience this wonderful book as her. I would definitely rate this book a 9/10 as it deals with real life issues that many girls can relate to anxiety and depression. Zoella writes about these topics so gracefully it is really appealing to many readers and thats why so many people are fans of this book.


  25. Where do i start, this book, again is amazing. Zoe has done it again. i dont Know weather I can say that i like this book better then her first, but it sure was amazing. Every bit i read, i wanted to read more and more. I definelty reccomend ths book, it was a series of problems, romance and definelty upsetting a times, i really felt like i was actually next to zoe (penny) at all times. I LOVED THIS BOOK< YOU DEFINETLY SHOULD ALL GIVE IT A GO!!!!!


  26. Charlie said:

    This book is amazing!!! I love both of the books in the series.
    If you haven’t read “Girl Online” by Zoe Sugg please read it.
    So basically the story is about a girl named Penny Porter who loves photography and couldn’t live without her camera, she has a few embarrassing moments and anxiety attacks but Noah (her boyfriend) helps her control them. Penny makes the tough deception to go on tour with Noah.
    Will she be able to cope with life on the tour?
    Will she be homesick?
    Can she avoid all embarrassing moments?
    Will it turn out like she hoped?
    Please read this book, it really is amazing, you can’t put it down until you have finished it
    I rate it a 9/10 and recommend it ages 10-18 🙂


  27. Girl Online On Tour is the second book to the Girl Online series and I love this look as much as I love the first. I really enjoyed this book because I literally couldn’t put it down, I started reading and I didn’t stop reading until I finished. There were bits in this book where I was like “no way!” and bits where I was like “that’s so cute” but I loved everything single chapter in this book. It was so captivating like I felt like I was in the book, I felt like I was the main character Penny. The book was full of cute moments with Penny and her boyfriend Noah and some laugh out loud moments with her best friend Elliot. This book has it all from love to laughs. It also confronts issues with anxiety and panic attacks which I think it’s good that Zoe added this in her book because it lets young girls or boys know they’re not alone. My favourite character apart from Penny is Elliot because he is just so funny, everything he says makes me laugh. I would recommend this book to people who like a bit of a love story, it’s such cute love story that made my heart melt. I definitely recommend reading it!


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