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Comments on: "Endless love: Jade and David (movie)" (7)

  1. “Endless love” the greatest movie on earth. Watching this movie made me cry and I have watched in more than 10 times. This movie role plays the love between two people. David and jade are so cute together and they had to overcome many difficulties along the way but it shaped them into such a strong couple. I loved watching David become the man he was and start to see the beauty that he saw in jade. I also loved his dad as he just kept telling him if he loves her, to keep fighting for her. Their where so Many inspiring lines that I loved. My favourite character was easily David because I loved the way he righted for jade. My least favourite character was jade’s dad as he did’nt let jade live her own life, as he thought he could run it. It was clear they both loved each other, and I would recommend everyone to watch it.
    I would rate this movie a 11 out of 10 and think its a great movie to watch with your friends.


  2. This is a beautiful movie for that I recommend to anyone who loves a great romantic movie. It follows a classic love story of two young high school graduates falling in love over the summer time. The transition each character has is amazing. Despite Jade’s Dad hating David and his Dad, their love keeps them going and they stay together through all the difficulties they face. I love how David is protective over Jade and looks after her when her Dad isn’t. This movie is a feel good movie that I recommend for any one aged 14 up that loves a good romance movie. My favourite part would have to be when they go away to the lake house, they have so much fun together, even though Jade’s Dad doesn’t accept. I rate this a 10/10 because the story line is a classic and I loved it!


  3. This mainstream romantic film “endless love” is the cutest movie ever. The 2 main characters; Jade and David really do show “endless love” my favourite storyline I bought from the film would be the people they grow into, they learn and gain new skills and knowledge off each other and throughout the story of there crazy romance, you feel like your there, watching them every step. They never wanted to hurt others, and loved each other so much. My least favourite part of the film is when Jade is trying to Overcome all the issues that her dad was making for her. Another favourite part of the film would of been when they kissed (cheesy!) This film really shows how much people love each other, and I would recommend this for anyone over 13, and would rate this romantic movie a 9/10!


  4. Paris said:

    This is my favourite movie. i love, love stories and this is the cutest and saddest one of them all. Everything about this movie makes me so happy and i watch it almost every week. Its always my go to movie. Its so intense and happy then sad and depressing right when you think everything is okay something bad happens. I would rate this movie 5 out of 5 stars because i believe this movie has everything you would want in a love story


  5. This movie is a beautiful movie and is a classic love story about two kids who fall in love how are from different worlds. They have many issues with the Jade’s dad as he doesn’t like David. Despite this their love is to strong and they fight for their love. I would recommend this to anyone who loves a romantic movie and I would rate it a 9/10.


  6. Laura said:

    The best movie ever! I would truely call this one of my most favourite movies that I have seen because I love a good romance. It follows along a girl named Jade who has just graduated from high school but has missed out on high school experiences because of the death from her brother. She begins talking to David a boy who had graduated from the same school as her and they begin to form a relationship. It’s really nice to follow along this story as it faces drama’s and the cute romance in it. I would recommend this film to a teenage girl or anyone who loves a good romance movie! I woudl rate this movie a 10/10 because it really deserves this being such a great romantic movie.


  7. The romantic film between Jade and David is another classic cliché love story, where two youngsters fall in love from other sides of the track. My favourite thing about this film is how the quite and innocent Jade, manages to come out of her shell from someone completely opposite to her. I loved seeing David transition into the romantic guy, and I loved seeing their relationship grow. It was clear that they both loved each other, but didn’t want to hurt others that they have loved in the process. My favourite scene was when the broke into the zoo, and just as they had got caught, David wanted to save Jade from getting in trouble from the police, in order to save her reputation. My least favourite character was Jade’s Dad because he was extremely unaccepting of David, and believed that due to his past he was a terrible person, however he was the one cheating on his wife while on a family vacation. I think this film is for a young teenage girl, about 15 and above. I would rate this movie a 10/10


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