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Comments on: "The Shawshank redemption (movie)" (3)

  1. The ‘Shawshank Redemption’ is an amazing movie that has you in tears, laughter and definitely makes you think a lot. The movie is set in 1949 with the main character- a man called Red who has been sentenced to life for murder. The movie starts in his 20th year at the prison were Andy Dufresne comes in also sentenced to life for murder and it takes you through their journey. There are ups and downs and gives you a great variety of emotions. This movie is extremely clever and thought out that you will not see the end coming! I would definitely recommend as it is a fantastic watch, great acting and a good break from the classic teenage movies. 10/10 !!


  2. I have a list of movies which I have added to over the years as people have raved about movies to me. I’m slowly ticking each one of, and this was one of them. Man. This is one of those films that everyone seems to know and love, but I didn’t think much of it before i watched it. Set in the 40s and 50s, Andy Duphresne (Tim Robbins) is sentenced to two life sentences in an extremely tough prison for the murder of the his wife and the man she was having an affair with, however he knows he didn’t do the crime. Inside prison he meets Red (Morgan Freeman), a prisoner who knows how to get things. They strike up a friendship and the movie follows them, the characters around them and Andy’s plan to right the wrong done to him. This is an engagingly simple, good-hearted film, with just enough darkness around the edges to give contrast and relief to its glowingly benign view of human nature. I thoroughly enjoyed this film and would recommend it to anyone.


  3. I recommend watching ” Shawshank Redempion “. It’s about a man called Andy Dufresne who is sent to prison for life for what he didn’t do. Andy’s life in prison is horrendous, he has been harassed and had a hard time from his first day. But Andy meets a prisoner called Red and became friends. But Red assumes Andy is up to something. Andy has had a plan from the first day he was in prison to get back his justice and freedom.

    I loved this movie because it was always interesting and didn’t seem to drag on.I would recommend this movie to anybody who loves mixed emotions movies. I rate this movie 5/5!


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