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The Bloody Tower is the diary of Tilly Middleton, from 1553-1559 who is the daughter of the physician in the Tower of London.

Tilly’s diary begins just before the death of King Edward VI,

who was the son of Henry VIII. It continues through the brief and tragic reign of young Jane Grey,

then the strong and scary reign of Mary Tudor, right up to when Elizabeth I came to the throne.

Tilly keeps her ears and eyes open and she and her friend Tom,

who works in the royal menagerie, soon find out what’s going on.

She needs to know what’s happening, because she has a secret which she must share with someone – someone very important indeed.


Comments on: "The bloody tower (My story) – Valerie Wilding" (3)

  1. Jasmin said:

    Bloody tower is about a girl named Tilly, who is writing a dairy about her life living under the rule of many kings and queens, including King Edwood VI, Lady Jane Grey, Mary Tudor I and Elizabeth I. One day she finds an envelope in her diary from someone important. Will she find out who’s dairy it belonged to, and will she find out who’s letter is it? I love this book, it is so interesting, especially if you like English history. The reason I picked up this book is because I have read all the other Tudor books in the My Royal Story series. I highly recommend them. This book is perfect for someone who likes reading dairy type books. I would recommend this book to anyone over 11, as it has some old English words. I would rate this book a 10/10 , it is a fantastic book and I am so glad I have read it.


  2. Boodly tower is a great book about when a girl named Tilly and her family how live in the tower of London. Her dad works in the tower as doctor but in those days they called them physician. Her mum works at home looking after her an her brothers and sisters. On day her father gives her a diary. The time in which this diary is basted on is the time when the King Edward was king but he was very ill and was probable going to die so then Lady Jane Grey takes the throne. Then after 10 days of ruling Lady Jane Grey is executed and their is a fight between princess Mary and princess Elizabeth for who will take the throne and will Tilly get the special message to then very special person.

    I liked and would recommend bloody tower because it was very interesting, has history and is very good. My favourite bit in the book is when Tilly got the special message to the very special person because it was happy and Tilly probably felt like she had achieved something. My favourite character is Tilly because she is demeaned, kind and not afraid of anything. I think l am a bit like Tilly because like her l am demeaned and kind. In this book their is nothing that is bad. I would recommend this book to people how like history and a great book.


  3. Heyy.

    I would like to recommend the book Bloody Tower by Valerie Wilding. It is part of the ‘my story’ diary series, which is about young teenagers and their experiences in major historical events. The series is based of historical events, however the characters who write the diary aren’t/weren’t real!

    This book, Bloody Tower, is about a girl living in the tower of london in 1553. The girls name is Tilly and her father is a court physiacian (doctor), so they live in the infamous Tower of London (the place where some of King Henry the Eigth had some of his wives executed). Tilly is twelve and in the diary that her mother gives to her, she writes about her life in the tower and all of the events she witnesses while living there. Tilly writes about Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth fighting for the throne that was left to them when their father King Henry died. As england was Protestant, when Queen Mary was given the throne there was lots of contreversy as she was catholic, and the book talks about how Tilly’s life changed and how these big desicions affected the people of that time. Tilly witnesses some horrific events and also fights for a place in society.

    Bloody tower is such a great book because it mixes major historic events, in with the daily life of a girl our age. It is a very easy read and there is nothing to gruesome involved. It has some funny one-liners and would be a good book to read if you are studying periods like this in school. It is very informative but enjoyable, so it’s not like a boring history lesson. Therefore, i recommend this book to someone who likes books written in diary form, some basic but very interesting history & something that you will want to finish as soon as you start it!!


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