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Glee (movie)

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  1. Lily T said:

    I saw this movie at the cinemas when it first came out and it was really good! I didn’t know that it was a concert and as Caterina said it was a little bit boring with the song after song. I would like to see them make a movie like the t.v. show. But it was interesting to hear people’s stories. I would recommend this movie to all glee fans and I rate it a 4 out of 5.


  2. Caterina said:

    I love this movie so much and thats mostly because of how much i love glee! I think that any glee fan would love this movie. But if they don’t like sitting through a filmed concert than I don’t recommend it. I liked how towards the end of the movie they had little clips of people telling there stories on how much glee has changed there lives. I also liked how the movie was 3D because it made the movie a little more interesting to watch. i rate this movie 9/10 because it got a little bit boring as they sang song after song. My favorite character in Glee is Quinn and I was a little disappointed when she wasn’t in all of the movie. But besides that I loved the movie and would go and see it again any day.


  3. This movie is a good movie for any Glee fan. The TV show is better than the movie but the movie was still good. I think they could have improved on the movie by having some acting because it got a bit annoying when they kept singing song after song. I thought it was good how the had the stories on how Glee has changed peoples lives because it was really interesting. The songs they performed were good but there were some songs that the didn’t sing that I wanted to hear. Overall it is a good movie for all Glee fans. I would rate it an 8/10.


  4. Rosey said:

    I am the BIGGEST glee fan ever !!! i love glee sooo much !!
    i do love this movie but i don’t think it is the best. Yes glee is amazing and i so want to be in it one day but this concert would be way better if you were there, in the crowd, watching them live. The things that i don’t like about the movie is that it has not sue in it 😦 Also will is not in it and i saw on the internet some really funny parts with kurt and blaine (klaine) and there not in the movie. I also think will and emma should have got a song in it. While on songs i also think they should have some acting things in there that they had in there live concerts because i did get sick of listening to a song because when the song ended another one started !!!! it did get annoying!!! Now i do love glee soooooooo much.. its my favourite show in the whole entire world and this movie for me was good but not as good as i thought that it would be:( I am a massive glee fan though and always will be and i still everyone should see this movie because the songs in it are great 😀


  5. I recommend the glee movie to anyone who LOVE’S the TV show Glee. The movie glee is my favourite glee show. The movie is in 3D or just plan of boring 2D.
    My favourite part of the movie is where they new directions sing a song that the composed it is “Loser Like Me”. Also I like the song sung by Miss Holly Holiday “Forget you”.
    In the movie you see the song’s that they sing on the TV show with the wobblers from Dolton Academy. I have seen the Glee movie like 10 times.
    My favourite glee character would be Quinn and Brittany because they are cheerleaders and really good singers.
    I would rate the movie a 10 out of 10 stars. it is that good.
    If you like glee. Glee is on Friday at 7pm.


  6. I love this movie! If you loved the Hannah Montana: The Best Of Both Worlds Concert it’s the movie for you. You don’t need to watch the TV show to understand much of it because it’s just a documentary following around the cast as they are on tour. In my opinion, it is just as good as the TV show, if not better! I recommend this movie for people aged 11-15. If you love musicals or covers of songs this is great! I rate it 3.5 stars out of 5.


  7. Siobhan K said:

    The movie was really good but the show will always be better. I enjoyed the movie very much especially in 3D at one point I had to look around to make sure I wasn’t actually at the concert. It was great to see what happens back stage, and I liked how they were in character the whole time. My favourite part was anything to do with Britney I absolutely love her she is such an amazing dancer and sounds just like Brittney Spears when she sings even a bit better. I was really upset because they didn’t sing some of the songs I had expected them to. I enjoyed hearing about other peoples stories and how glee has changed their lives but it kinds took over the movie a bit because when they were in the middle of preforming a song they would flip over to the peoples stories I was a bit frustrated by it. I really enjoyed the movie but it wasn’t the best, I would recommend it to any glee fan if you haven’t seen it already


  8. I recommend the Glee Movie to any glee fan. It is amazing and watching it in 3D ads a whole new aspect to the movie. It is not only the glee concert but also has the stories of how glee has changed peoples lives. Through out the film all of the glee cast are in character so they are all being the same as in the Tv series. The singing and dancing is amazing and you are kept intrigued through out the whole film. It would be to hard to pick just one favourite character because I love mostly everyone in the cast of glee but Quinn, Santana and Britney would have to be at the top of he list. Throughout the film you are amazed at their dancing and singing abilities and then the stories from people who’s lives have been changed because of glee leave you feeling a mix of happy and sad. I can’t relate to any of the characters in the film but there are so many people involved in the Glee Movie that I am sure that there are many peoples who could relate. You are left wanting more and I think that that is what makes a good movie!!


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