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Comments on: "Mary Poppins (movie)" (9)

  1. i love Mary Poppins. i don’t know how many times i have watched this movie, but it is a lot. all of my family love this movie. it has been in our family for years. the characters all have a purpose in the movie. Mary Poppins is the when need her but don’t want her. and gone when you want her but don’t need her. i would rate this movie an 8/10


  2. Mary Poppins! I really enjoy this movie so much, this movie has so much singing and dancing which makes the movie energetic. I recommend this movie for any age because everyone would enjoy it I rate this movie a 8/10


  3. Sienna said:

    i love the movie ‘Mary Poppins’. It is my all time favourite movie! I really enjoyed when they jump into the chalk drawings and go in the horse race and Mary wins. I also enjoyed all of the wonderful music. This is a great family film. I recommend this movie to anyone over the age of 5 and i rate it a 9/10.


  4. What a classic movie! I absolutely love Mary Poppins, as it brings light and happiness to my day! I would highly recommend this movie to anyone who loves a great movie, no matter the age! I rate this movie a 10/10!


  5. after I had read the book, then I watched the movie. I watched it with my younger siblings and they loved it. they were hoping that there would be a second one. I found to movie similar to the book, but there were some changes. I also saw the play and I really enjoyed it.
    I would definitely recommend watching Mary Poppins. I would rate it a 8 out of 10


  6. Hannah said:

    one of my all time favourite and would highly recommend it to anyone who is into fansty. i would rate this movie a 9/10


  7. This one of the best disney movies ever.
    It is such a great film and the main character (Mary Poppins) Gets along with everyone and they have so much fun.
    I would love to have Mary Poppins as a nanny, she would be great. She takes the kids paces and everyday they have so much fun on different adventures with different people.
    I like it how it is a mixture of real life characters and cartoon, i think that appeals to the kids and i also love the songs, it has so great songs that are really catchy and you song along to all the time.
    I would recommend this to families.


  8. Kiarne said:

    This is such a classic, although it may be old it’s a great movie! I loved the old sense to it! This is a great family movie and it’s full of adventure. Mary Poppins is simply an inspiring figure and acts as a role model to the other characters in the film. Her sense of maturity and modestly is simply amazing. I really love this movie, I rate it a 8/10 and would recommend it to anyone who interested!


  9. I love this movie you can never predict the future. This movie is really good and it has really good characters and they do it so well. Mary Poppins is an amazing woman and gets everything she wants such as slaves. This movie show me a lot and what slaves are really used for and that it is like having a second you. I recommend this movie to anyone over 7 and I rate this movie a 7 out of 10.


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