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Tully has been kept away from water all her life.

When she and her father are kidnapped and taken to a lab,

she discovers that the reasons for this are far more terrifying and remarkable than she could have imagined:

Tully is not entirely human, and now that she has been introduced to water she can never go back to the life she had.

She, and the others in the lab, must find a way to escape the fate of dangerous enslavement, but time is running out.

Comments on: "Water – Geoff Havel" (6)

  1. I would definitely recommend ‘Water’ to those who love books that are a bit different. Personally I didn’t love the book because at first it was confusing and hard to really focus on and get into. Once the book became interesting I loved it. It is a book about determination, courage and family. I would rate this book 7/10.


  2. I really recommend the book ‘Water’ by Geoff Havel. Tully’s life is controlled by her father’s strict rules. Keep away from strangers. Don’t stay at home alone. And never, ever go into the water. All she wants is to be like everyone else. But when a mysterious stranger comes to the door, Tully discovers the horrifying secret her father has been trying to protect her from. The author was clever and never gave away what was going to happen, it made an adventure behind every page corner. I wish there was a sequel to this book. 10/10 would recommend to girls 12+


  3. Georgina said:

    I agree with Alex B its a very strange book but to be honest its good to try something different its not quite the stuff i read but i didnt mind once i showed it to my friends they thought it was a good story very different but they enjoyed that tully was a girl who no matter what bill was doing she was determined to escape and still after her father jack was lying to her and still she was determined to find him and escape still.


  4. Aleks B said:

    Water was probably the strangest book I have ever read. However, I loved it!
    The booked pulled me in by the first chapter as Tully the main character is kidnapped. It left me with many questions so I continued reading. With every chapter more clues were uncovered. Tully finds out the secrets that her father has been keeping from her. She is not entirely human, she made, made to live underwater.
    Yes this book was very strange, but that didn’t take away from the excellent quality of writing, the description was so clear it left a detailed image in my mind.
    My favourite part of the book is Tully’s first experience in the water. The writer describes her initial thoughts of the whole process – that she was going to drown. She then feels calm and comfortable in the water.
    Tully would have to be my favourite character, she is a very determined and compassion person. Although her father lied to her she still cared and loved for him which shows her compassion to forgive him. Tully continues to find a a way to escape from the lab, never worrying about the consequences, just focused on escaping.
    Water is a fantastic, although strange book.
    I would recommend it to people 13+ and who are willing to try a very different book!

    Join Tully and her companions on their quest to escape from their grim future.


  5. I agree with Molly; the start of this book is extremely weird. And normally with this book I’d read more and more and eventually find it interesting, but not this time. It’s very very strange. I’m sorry, I really wouldn’t want to put anyone off reading a book from the library because there is so many good books out there you can get into, but in ‘Water’ I just didn’t like it.
    The main character was interesting though. And the writing was very good of course.
    Try it. You might like it. I just didn’t.


  6. I would like to recommend the book “Water” by Geoff Havel. It was bit weird at first but then it go really interesting. My favourite character was Tully because she was being really cautious of her family but really sneaky. The main thing that you need to know about this book is that Tully dad is hiding a bit secret from her to keep her safe, so Tully’s goal is to determine what her fathers secret is.


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