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The face on the milk carton looks like an ordinary little girl: hair in tight pigtails, a dress with a narrow white collar, a three-year-old who was kidnapped more than twelve years ago from a shopping mall in New Jersey.

As fifteen-year-old Janie Johnson stares at the milk carton, she feels overcome with shock. She knows that little girl is she. But how could it be true?

Janie can’t believe that her loving parents kidnapped her, until she begins to piece together clues that don’t make sense. Why are there no pictures of Janie before she was four? Her parents have always said they didn’t have a camera. Now that explanation sounds feeble. Something is terribly wrong, and Janie is afraid to find out what happened more than twelve years ago.

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Comments on: "The face on the milk carton (Janie Johnson) – Caroline B. Cooney" (2)

  1. ‘The Face on the Milk Carton’, by Caroline B. Cooney, is an exciting and enjoyable book to read. I recommend this book for people who love a good mystery. It is about a teenage girl called Janie, who one day sees herself on the back of the milk carton as a little girl. The faces on the milk cartons are usually of children who have been kidnapped, so Janie can’t see how it is her. As her parents are very sweet and kind, why does Janie have a feeling that these are not her actual parents. How could they possibly have kidnaped her? I loved this book and I rate it a 9/10.


  2. I would recommend the book ‘The Face on the Milk Carton’ by Caroline B.Cooney. It is a thriller and mystery that is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat throughout the entire read. It is about high-school student Janie, who one day sees a picture of herself much younger on one of the missing child ads on the back of a milk carton. As Janie’s parents are loving and kind she couldn’t possibly see how they would have kidnapped her. This book is a really good read and I would rate it a 8/10 and I think it is best suited age 13+.


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