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Vacation (movie)

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  1. The movie vacation is by far the funniest movie I have ever watched.
    It is definitely for an audience of 12+ y/o.
    10/10 from me.
    The only improvement I can suggest is that the makers of the movie do a part 2.
    The movie features a family going on a vacation, but the family find themselves in numerous sticky situations throughout their ‘relaxing’ holiday.
    It is impossible not to laugh while watching!
    I admire the familys persistence, mainly the father. Even when everything went wrong, he didnt give up.
    Go check it out…
    You can thank me later.


  2. chloe r said:

    Vaction is one of the best movies ever! It is a hilarious movie that will get you non-stop laughing for the whole entire movie. It’s a movie that shows both the good and bad sides of a family going on a holiday. No matter how much they try the holiday doesn’t seem to work as planned. I would recommend this movie to anyone above the age of 12 and would rate it 9/10!


  3. milly said:

    I thought vacation was so funny it was a great family movie. If your looking for a movie for a laugh this is one that is funny. Vacation is a new version of national lampoons vacation. When Rusty is all grown up and takes his family on a vacation like the one he went on to Wally world. You get to see Audrey older and Her husband. Also Rusty and Audreys parents. some parts of the movie weren’t that good. It had its ups and downs. i give this movie a 8/10


  4. blueberry2001adeline said:

    This is an amazing movie, it is full of laughs and I throughly enjoyed it. It is about the next generation of the griswolds as they go on a long and agonising journey across the country to get the a theme park. They have many problems along their way but they had to overcome it to get the their destination. I personally loved this movie and would give it a 9/10.


  5. Vacation is a great movie about a family that goes on Vacation but everything goes wrong! There are so many moments that are great but there is so many that are DISGUSTING! This movie is just pretty much just laughs. I really enjoyed Vacation because it was just weird and quirky. Some people think that movies like Vacation are stupid and pointless, but there was a good memo to it at the end anyway. My favourite character was the little brother, he was just hilarious how he would beat up his OLDER brother. You could watch this movie a million times and still end up on the floor cracking up laughing. I personally would rate the movie a 8 out of 10 as some parts were just gross. Though overall I think the movie was awesome, but you should be atlas 13 when you watch it.


  6. Vacation is a comedy. It is about a family who go on a holiday to a entertainment park as the dad did when he was a young boy. It is a movie that will make you not stop laughing and it will keep you on the edge of your seat the whole way through. My favourite actor in this movie was the young boy who beats up his older brother. It goes up and down through different parts of the movie and i enjoyed every minute of it. I would defiantly watch this movie again. I rate it a 8/10 and it would be for ages 14+.


  7. Vacation is a movie about a family who goes on a family holiday and throughout the movie you see the ups and downs. I enjoyed the movie but felt that it was a little bit fake and unrealistic at times. I would rate the movie a 6 out of 10 and recommend it for anyone over the age of 13. I liked the ending of the film the most because everything finally went to plan.


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