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Lion (movie)


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  1. I love this movie so much! I didn’t think it would’ve been a movie for me, but after watching the first 5 minutes I was in love. This movie will make you laugh and cry at the same time, it made me think about how people live in poverty and how lucky I am to live in a safe place unlike saroo. I felt like I knew these characters forever as it showed saroo’s life story from him as a child and how he came to grow as a strong man, searching for his mother. I rate this movie 9/10. it was so amazing and i recommend it to anyone who loves a tear jerker


  2. jessicaxo11 said:

    Lion was such a beautiful movie that yelled the story of Saroo, an Indian boy with an incredible story. This story had so many beautiful moments and showed so much courage throughout. Saroo who went to help his older brother when he was very young, became very lost when he wandered from where he should have been waiting. Saroo went on a long and difficult journey and he was very lucky to stay as safe as he did in the busy streets of India. Finally he ended up in a orphan in India, where finally he was adopted by a beautiful Australian couple. This couple adopted Saroo and raised him in Australia. Many years later, when Google Maps was first released, Saroo decided to search for his parents. He found it very difficult and almost gave up. He continued living a successful life and even went to university, where little things started to evoke memories he had of India and helped him in his search. Finally he ended up finding where he lived and going back to see his mother and sister in India. This story was so beautiful and I really think the characters were cast extremely well. The courage, strength and hope in this movie was so inspiring and was extremely emotional. I would absolutely recommend this movie.


  3. Sienna said:

    I thouroughly enjoyed watching the movie Lion. It is such an emotional film about the life story of a boy named Saroo, who finds himself lost. He ends up in an orphanage in another part of India and is eventually adopted by an Australian family. Whilst this film is quiet sad it is a wonderful story. I recommend this movie and rate it a 10/10.


  4. Isabel said:

    I loved watching Lion, I found it so sad, although it was such a good movie. The story line of this movie was great, we got to go on the journey of finding his mother across India. Saroo is the man actor who the story is based around, he was with his older brother one night riding into the city and fall asleep on a bench at the train station, when he woke up his brother was no where to be seen. Saroo travels around India from train to train he ends up running further away from where he began. He ends up in an foster house and then an Australian family adopts him and another boy. 25 years later he wants to find where he came from, he wants to see his mother, he searches all over India. I really love this movie and the small details that are in it for example when he was a young boy in India he sees these hot pepper things but at the time he was too poor to have one but in Australia he sees one and finally gets to try one. I love this movie! 10/10


  5. Both an incredible true story and shameless advert for the powers of Google Earth, that Lion is an emotional, compelling watch is down to some terrific performances. The journey follows a young boy, lost from his family, this then leads him to being a lost boy, in a populated country of 1 billion people. He is then left for adoption and is moved to Australia, Tasmania with a married couple. The story left my heart-broken, this is because I know that this is actually happening to people and it’s really upsetting. The story left me to give my family a big hug and a thank-you for their love for me. I want to appreciate this.


  6. I loved this film! I went to watch this without knowing much about it and I came out feeling as though I had gained a whole new perspective. I love the characters, especially the Saroo. The actor is so cute and very talented. You so easily grow fond of these characters, being so well acted and developed. The filming is spectacular in Lion, the shots are beautiful and allow an insight into India. This film is very emotional but definitely worth a watch. I would rate it a 9/10.


  7. I would recommend the movie Lion because of how in depth the story was. It is about a young boy, Saroo, who lives in India in a poor family. Saroo finds himself lost in a different part of India where they speak a different language so he finds it hard to get help. Saroo goes to live with foster parents in Australia. 25 years later Saroo searches for his family and where they live he sits around at a laptop everyday searching. My favourite part of the movie is when Saroo finally gets to try a hot pepper because he saw them at the market but he was too poor to buy one and before he got lost his brother promised his 1000 hot peppers. My favourite character was Guddu because he kept trying to keep everyone safe. My least favourite part of the movie was when Saroo was first lost because he didn’t know anyone or where he was. The type of person who would like this movie is someone who likes sad movies. I rated this movie 9/10!


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