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Comments on: "The box trolls (movie)" (3)

  1. I was quite surprised when I saw this movie because I didn’t particularly enjoy it. I watched the movie, and as someone who generally raves over the brilliance of animated movies and their possible superiority, I was surprised by my lack of enthusiasm toward this movie. I didn’t particularly have a favourite part of the movie nor a least favourite, I found myself quite impartial to the whole affair. I don’t feel as if I could relate to any of the characters and I don’t think that they were portrayed in a way that to me made it seem even remotely realistic like many other animated movies I have enjoyed. However, I wouldn’t change anything in this movie because although I didn’t like the movie I have friends and family who have raved about it and quite enjoy it the way it is. I would recommend this book to others because I can see the potential for it to be an enjoyable movie, it simply didn’t reach that potential for me.


  2. Boxtrolls I went to watch this movie with my Nan and my siblings. It was definitely not the best move I have ever seen, but it is alright for younger children I guess…. I found it a bit boring and although it had an ok plot, it was very slow moving. My favourite character would have to be fish, the adult box troll who raised eggs. I liked him because he looked very menacing but he was actually a very caring ‘thing’ who never hurt anyone. I could relate to Winnie because although my life is not at all like hers, I have experienced the feeling when someone won’t listen to you and doesn’t care about your ideas or opinions. I would recommend this movie to children under the age of 10, because it is not interesting enough for older children. I give this movie a 5/10.


  3. The box trolls seems like it’s a movie for only small children. But it is a great movie, that all ages would enjoy and find entertaining! It is a very clever animation that’s been created. There is a simple, fun story line. Its about a boy who thinks his a box troll, like all the other box trolls who have brought him up through his child hood. But he dozen’t realise he is a actually a normal boy! The box trolls are faced with the problems of being hated by the people of the town, and caught one by one. Slowly the box trolls start to disappear and gradually there are not many of them left as they get taken by the evil men! This movie has a great ending and the best scenes! I found it personally very entertaining and funny most of the time! I love it, I would recommend it if you love a good animation and an easy fun film to watch. i could watch it over and over again!!


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