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When it comes to netball, Edie Thomas is a natural. She’s only ever played for fun and to hang out with her netball-mad bestie Tess. But when Edie makes the state team, it looks like netball will be taking centre stage.
1. Edie drops out of the team when she scores a lead role in Romeo and Juliet opposite her long-time crush, Freddy. But will the school play be all that Edie dreams it will be? And will Tess ever forgive her for dumping netball?
2. Edie begins to resent netball taking over her entire life. Can a cute distraction, in the shape of footballer hottie Finn, rekindle her passion for sport or will she quit netball for good?

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Comments on: "Play the game (Choose your own ever after) – Nova Weetman" (1)

  1. This book is a choose your own ever after book, so while your reading the book you can choose different paths. This book was about a girl called Edie who either becomes a really good netballer and makes the state team or, Edie drops out of the team and sores a lead role in Romeo and Juliet. In both of these paths there is two boys and she either choses a boy called Finn over netball or, if she joins the school play she we will be with her dream crush, Freddy. I enjoyed this book because it was a choose your own path book and there good because you can make up the story. I also liked it because it had a little to do with sport and it was a love story as well. I would recommend this book to anyone who has never read a choose your own path book or enjoys reading drama and love stories. A great thing about this book is that you can read it more than once because there are different endings and paths you can choose. I rate this book a 8/10.


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