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One of the biggest stars in tennis, Serena Williams has captured every major title. From growing up in the tough neighborhood of Compton, California, to being trained by her father on courts littered with broken glass and drug paraphernalia, to becoming the top women’s player in the world, Serena has proven to be an inspiration to her legions of fans. Her accomplishments have not been won without struggle. She has been derailed by injury, criticized for her unorthodox approach to tennis, and was devastated by the tragic shooting of her older sister. Yet somehow Serena always manages to prevail, both on and off the court. She’s applied the same strength and determination that helped her to become a champion to her successful pursuits in philanthropy, fashion, television, and film. In this compelling and poignant memoir, Serena takes an empowering look at her extraordinary life and what is still to come.


Comments on: "My life. Queen of the court. Serena Williams – Daniel Paisner" (1)

  1. ‘My Life’ is a biography about Serena Williams, by Daniel Paisner. If you don’t know who Serena Williams is she is one of the great tennis champions (and still is). This book is a true story and I think this book isn’t just good for tennis players,I would suggest anyone who loves sport or someone that wants to strive for something should read this. When I read this it made me want to pursue in my dreams even more. Reading what Serena went through and how she trained was unbelievable, the things she did make up for what she is today. It’s a very big read with a lot of words but it is worth reading it. This book is defiantly an inspirational book and it definitely inspired me. I really enjoyed reading this book and I recommend this book to anyone that can handle a big read or someone that enjoys sport. I rate this book a 9.5/10.


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