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The Wide Window introduces Josephine Anwhistle, A.K.A. “Aunt Josephine.” It describes the Baudelaires’ stay with their Aunt Josephine, who seems to be afraid of everything except Pretty Penny and cold cucumber soup.. Then, when Olaf shows up disguised as Captain Sham, things take a turn for the worst, and the adventure starts.


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Comments on: "The wide window (A series of unfortunate events) – Lemony Snicket" (10)

  1. An amazing book to compliment an amazing series. This book was thrilling and gripping at the same time, I was almost falling off my seat I was so far over the edge of it. I loved reading about how Klaus, Violet and Sunny would escape the clutches of Count Olaf once again. They are very intelligent children and I am learning so much from these book which is something I really enjoyed. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone and rate this book a 10/10.


  2. The Wide Window for me was one of Snicket’s most frustrating books in the series. Aunt Josephine is a truly annoying characters, that berates their children and Count Olaf (her eventual murderer) for their grammar, and is afraid of anything. The poor Baudelaire children must live in her awfully unsafe home overlooking Lake Lachrymose, they are very good with their manners towards her, and finally when they rescue her from Curdled Cave she asked where the groceries were? I still enjoyed The Wide Window, however the adults get more and more frustrating, ignorant and annoying as the series goes on. Even though Aunt Josephine would’ve suffered a painful death being eaten by Lachrymose leeches, I am glad that I did not have to read about her, her obsession with grammar or her irrational fear of realtors even again. 8/10.


  3. A Series of Unfortunate Events, The Wide Window: Lemony Snicket
    I read these books all throughout primary school and I can confidently say that it is the only book I’ve read in its entirety and not gotten bored or distracted and lost my spot in the book. I love the entire serious and the Wide Window was one of the best books I believe. the Baudelaire children are shipped of to their auntie they never knew about after being at their uncles house who they never knew about in the reptile room. The Baudelaire children were set in a very unstable house at a lake with a very unstable auntie. they are forced to go and find her hiding in a cave after Klaus was able to work out her code. It was a really good read for kids starting to read more mature books. 8/10


  4. This is another book from this series that I really enjoyed. I was really intrigued from the start of the book as there was a lot of mystery and I was really interested to find out what was going to happen to the Baudelaire children. The book was really sad but it was still a great read. Mostly because it is really interesting reading about the journey that the children go on. It is exciting to see the children overcome so many of the terrible things that they go through. I would definitely recommend this book, but mainly to people over the age of 10.This book left me very keen to read the rest of the series and find out what happens to the Baudelaire’s next.


  5. Makayla said:

    Another one of my favourite books! I get really freaked out by Aunt Josephine and her questionable methods of living though. This was one of the books where I just could not stop reading, no matter what, ever break, lunchtime and snacktime I was reading this series of books. Sunny is my favourite character in this book, because even though she is only a baby you can tell by the way the author describes her, that she thinks similar to her brother and sister. Although she doesn’t really contribute to solving the problems that they seem to get into, her thoughts crack me up, and they add a little humor amongst all the drama and thrilling events in the book. Like all the others in this series, I give this book a 10/10.


  6. bridget said:

    I like this book because it’s one of the only books that doesn’t have a happy ending and it’s not sugarcoated. It is so engaging and I would recommend it to mature people. I don’t know why I like it so much it’s just so nice and it’s about a girl called Violet who is intellegent and she knows what do to to get her winnings by the end of the book. READ!!


  7. Sarah said:

    This book is great, I read it last year and I could of read it again and again. My favorite character is Violet, she is a smart and sophisticated girl and as I would imaging, very pretty as well. I love the way she figures things out and always has a way to get around the evil count Olaf. My favorite part is where they beat him and claim victory. I love these books and I would rate them 9/10


  8. Melina Vittorina Bunting said:

    I’ve always loved Lemony Snicket. He writes his books with such seriousness and despair, but you can almost see past that because his books are fictional, and his sad writing is merely an act. I find the Baudelaire children to be very clever and resiliant, another set of people that inspire me and remind me that things could always be worse. This series is a MUST READ for all teenagers.


  9. Makayla said:

    The wide window was the most could-not-put-it-down book I’ve ever read. My favourite character in this book has to be Violet because she invents things without even thinking about them, she always uses Klaus so she know what to do and then thinks of a way to do it. I like this book because it’s very adventurous and whenever you think something is going to happen there is a major twist and all of your predictions go out the window. I think this book is very scary at times, I could not put it down especially when Violet, Klaus and Sunny were caught in Hurricane Herman and the house was basically falling apart, this was scary because pretty much everything that Aunt Josephine was scared of in her house happened to them and they ended up on a high, shaky platform in the middle of the ocean. I recommend this book to people 10+ because of the way that it’s set out and some readers younger then 10 might not understand properly.


  10. I would recommend The Wide Window to the 10+ age group as it doesn’t have a happy ending (very sad). It is a book that shows that shows the lengths some go to in order to be rich.
    My favourite character was Klaus as I loved how he used his knowledge and intelligence to work out what Count Olaf was up to and protect the ones that he loves – his two sisters.
    I would give this book a 8/10 and think that it’s a book that everyone would enjoy.


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