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Gattaca (Movie)


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  1. In class we watched and wrote an essay about the science fictional film, Gattaca. It explored the world of gattaca, a utopian world that discriminates and segregates society based on their genetics and DNA. People who have genetic flaws or who have not been scientifically engineered to be a ‘valid’ are segregated and mistreated. It also explored the love story between an invalid who is desperate to be a valid, using a stolen identity and his relationship with a female valid. I would highly recommend to an high school aged student and would rate it a 7/10.


  2. Hayley said:

    I would definitely recommend watching Gattaca especially if you enjoy science and futuristic plot lines. The movie follows the story of Vincent Freeman in his journey to reach his dream of going into space. He faces many adversities however overcomes them through his desire for success and with the help of others. Gattaca was really enjoyable and I first watched it in my Year 11 English class, and most people enjoyed it too. It explore the themes of identity, determination and relationships whilst presenting an enjoyable story simultaneously!


  3. I had to study Gattaca for year 11 english and found it quite interesting whilst many of my class mates found it to be a boring movie. Gattaca is a futuristic, Si-Fi movie based off the events that could possibly occur in our future. Many people look at this movie as a warning from the writer. The movie explores the themes of what would happen if we lived in a world where genetic modification was considered to be the “natural way” of contraception and if we had discrimination down to a science. I really enjoyed this movie as it explored concepts I’d never really thought about before. My favourite character was Vincent as he had the determination to change his fate and fulfil his dreams of fly to planet Titan, despite the fact that he wasn’t considered to be ‘Valid’. I definitely recommend that you watch this movie as it’ll make you think about concepts you’ve never even considered and has a great, tragic and intriguing plot.


  4. Siobhan said:

    Though this wasn’t the best film i’ve ever seen, but it did pose a lot of interesting question about ethics and genetic modification. After over-analysing this in English I definitely lost interest in the movie. My favourite character was definitely Jerrome/Eugene. He was probably the most interesting character of the movie and brought a sense of humour and sarcasm to every situation. I felt that the story was drawn out a little bit and could have been made a little bit shorter. I found that the sets and background were very bland and even sometimes hard to see it gave more attention to the character. The movie was good but not something I would watch again anytime soon.


  5. Although Gattaca was a school movie I really enjoyed it. The underlying themes and story lines are only realised once you watch the movie over and over. It is so clever and highlights the cold and sterile world that genetic engineering could create. The audience is positioned to support Vincent the man character in his journey to defy his genetic odds. My favourite scene is when Eugene (Jerome Morrow) crawls up the stairs in order to meet Anton at the door. I would rate this movie a 9 out of 10. I really enjoyed this movie.


  6. Shannon said:

    Despite being a school movie, it was actually really interesting. The ideas explored and questions posed were an intriguing concept. It forced the audience to really question if this is the world we desire, is perfection worth it, or what is perfection? Does it even exist? The film techniques used by Nicol show the importance of scientific DNA and shows how the future will value everything based off your scientific resume, and passion,drive and determination will count for little to nothing. My favourite part of the film was when the spaceship took off with Vincent inside. This highlighted that dreams can be achieved and that above all the original scientific DNA/ resume limitations can be overcome if one has enough human spirit and courage to do so. My least favourite part of the film was when Jerome killed himself. This part was really sad as it showed how much he had come to love Vincent and how he was only living for Vincent’s dream. If I could change anything I would remove this part of the film as it wasn’t really necessary. I wouldn’t recommend this movie to any one under the age of 15 as the concepts and themes involved require a more mature age in order to be fully understood and questioned. I would rate it a 9/10 and definately recommend.


  7. Gattaca is a very interesting and innovative film. It explores the idea of the evolution of science and the power that science has as it can change a society. It is about the main character, Vincent and his journey as an invalid in this particular century. An invalid was someone who was a God child, someone who was conceived naturally not made through genetic engineering. As the movie proceeded the audience see’s that Vincent literally changes physically as his height, looks even blood and urine using samples from a valid that believes he cannot give anything else to this world. This was a movie that was eyeopening and interesting but I most likely will not watch it again just because it wasn’t one of my favourite movies but I do recommend it to others that have an interest in science especial genetics.


  8. I really enjoyed studying gattaca as a part of year 11 english. Normally I wouldn’t lean toward this genre however I really liked it. The movie is really interesting and very clever in it’s story line. I would definitely recommend watching this movie as it also makes you think about your own morals and has a really good deeper meaning and makes me question what the future in terms of genetics and designer babies has in store, it opens up an interesting conversation and I believe this film catches the many angles associated with the arguement of nature vs science. I rate this film 8/10.


  9. I watched this movie for yr 11 English and surprisingly found myself really enjoying it. It was very cleverly written and I was glad that I had my teacher to explain certain details of the film and how they all came together. My favourite character was Eugene, because as well as being played by Jude Law, he was witty and provided the humour for the movie. His story was also very intriguing and you found yourself wanting to know more about him. Vincent the protagonist can be annoying at times as he is so self centred, because the whole movie you are wanting him to achieve his dream of going into space. This movie focus’ on the importance of human spirit, despite your genetic makeup, and really made me think about what the future will entail. I would rate this movie 8/10


  10. For our year 11 english film text study we watched the movie Gattaca. When we were discussing what it was about it sounded really unusual and I didn’t think I’d like it, but I actually really did. It is a movie made in 1997 and was about what the future was going to look like. And now that we are in 2016 the ‘futuristic’ things from the film are actually happening in todays society. It is sort of a sci-fi movie about genetic modification. It is the story of a boy called Vincent who takes on somebody else identity in order to achieve his dreams of getting into gattaca which is s space station and travel to the moon. From really analysing the film in class, I’ve found much more appreciation for the small things in the film which give a really big effect at the end.


  11. Gabby said:

    Gattaca was surprising because being an English movie I automatically assumed it would be kind of boring, but it wasn’t. Gattaca was really interesting because not only did it give us an insight on genetic modification but you could connect to the story and the characters. My favourite part of the movie was easily when Vincent finally got to live out his dream job but it was not an easy journey. My least favourite part of the movie is easily at the end also but in a different scene. My least favourite part is when Gerone gives up on himself and does something someone should never do. If I could change anything I would 100% go even further into the future at the end of the movie and see what’s changed in genetic modification. I recommended this movie to my Mum who is currently watching it now. I can’t wait to study this film more and find out the insides, past and reasoning behind many scenes. I rate this film 9/10 and recommend it to any future year 10s for sure.


  12. Melina. said:

    I had the pleasure of studying this movie last year for Year 11 English. Whilst I thoroughly enjoyed it, it is definitely a text that not everyone will like. The storyline can be a little bit drawn out at times, and there are many characters that behave in an almost automaton-like nature, however this is part of the world of the film. I personally loved watching the murder mystery unfold, and oftentimes was on the edge of my seat hoping that the main protagonist would not be caught masquerading under another man’s DNA. I would rate this film 8/10, and I hope this film remains part of the Year 11 curriculum, it’s fantastic.


  13. I watched Gattaca as part of Year 11 but I ended up really enjoying the movie. It has really interesting themes around DNA and morals around genetically modifying children to be ‘perfect’. Set in the future the movie centres around a boy, Vincent who is what the movie describes as a ‘child of God’ meaning that he wasn’t designed or genetically modified. Vincent has big dreams of being an astronaut which due to his DNA and genetic make-up is almost never going to happen. The movie is really interesting and very clever in it’s story line. I would definitely recommend watching this movie as it also makes you think about your own morals and has a really good deeper meaning. I give Gattaca a 9/10 and would definitely recommend it to anyone who enjoys a movie with deeper meaning.


  14. I would recommend the movie ‘Gattaca.’ Done in Year 11 English, I love this movie so much. It is so robotic and almost boring at times, but for someone who is interested in DNA and a cleverly written and directed movie, this is for you. I learnt so much about life and hardships watching Gattaca and it helped me with my own development of my identity. I showed my family and we really enjoyed such a deep and meaningful movie. I rate it a 10/10.


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