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Comments on: "The Hobbit – the desolation of Smaug (movie)" (5)

  1. Giant dragons? Elves with long flowing hair? A hobbit with a love for home comforts? And a wise of wizard with a great beard? I’m in. The Desolation of Smaug, the second movie in the Hobbit series, is, in my opinion, brilliant and an awesome film. It follows Bilbo Baggins and the party of dwarves, along with Gandalf, continuing on their way to reclaim the mountain and bring back the dwarves glory and wealth from the Fire Drake, Smaug. There are so many scenes with amazing effects and brilliant shots, and we get introduced to so many new characters that make you intrigued and interested in them.
    With thrilling twists and turns, and scenes that leave with no doubt that there will not be a boring moment, you will be on the edge of your seat from the moment the screen lights up to the moments the credits appear. And that cliff hanger at the end just makes you wish he third movie was right after it!
    Smaug’s character was most definitely my favourite. He is so obviously evil, with a deep, grand voice (provided by Benedict Cumberbatch) that sends shivers up your spine. He looks and sounds exactly like how the audience would imagine a dragon, but still feel new and interesting.
    Even if you’re not a huge Hobbit fan, you will enjoy the films, just like I did. There is a brilliant plot, amazing scenes, and loveable characters that keep you entertained and wanting to know more. And even though you may not understand some of the things, as the Hobbit is connected to Lord of the Rings, it is still a great film that I’m sure everyone will love!


  2. Olivia said:

    I really loved this movie especially because I love the lord of the rings and have a crazy obsession about LEGOLAS!!!!!!!! This movie is really great because it has heaps of great fighting scenes that feel you on the end of your seat, this movie is also really great because it has a bit of romance. I think the actors did a fantastic job at playing their characters especially Orlando (Legolas!!) this movie does have a lot of violence in it so i wouldn’t recommend it to people who don’t like that sort of a thing though. I was so annoyed at the ending and I was really happy that their was thrainduil in this movie because you don’t see him in the lord of the rings trilogy. Over all I rate this a 9/10.


  3. Isobel said:

    this is an amazing movie and i would recommend it to anyone who likes adventure movies and someone who believes in magic. the movie is about a hobbit who gets out of his comfort zone and goes of on a adventure to find treasure that is graded by a dragon and he goes with 5 other adventures and 3 other hobbits. incase you did not know what a hobbit is they are a creature that normally lives in a hill. they have big feet and never wear shoes, they are very small the size of a 9 year old and they never leave there town. But these three brave hobbit do leave.This movie has lots of surprises piping up as it goes on. this is a magnificent movie and i would rate it a 7 & a half out of ten.


  4. Stephanie said:

    I LOVED this movie! I watched it on the weekend, when I had nothing else to do. The actors who play the characters are so well dressed, you don’t even recognise them! Kudos to the costume designers and the makeup department!
    I do, however slightly dislike the story. I feel as if it is a little too action packed, they never get a rest. Plus, I get scared really easily so almost every scene frightened me half to death!
    I hate how the movie ended! Huge cliffhanger, can’t wait to go see the next movie!


  5. Even though there is a page on the first Hobbit film, there isn’t one for the second film ‘The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug’. In my opinion, this film is better than the first, and I really enjoyed it. It features all these new characters and characters that weren’t in the first film. They continue on their journey to slay the dragon, and make it all the way to the mountain. The film has thrilling twists and turns and leaves you on the edge of your seat, with never a boring moment. The cliff hanger at the end will leave everyone, including me, wishing that the new film could come quicker. The plot is wonderful, as well as the acting. I especially loved the voice of Smaug, which was deep and scary, just as a dragon’s voice should be. Even though I am a fan of the Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit, I think that everyone should see this film, as well as the first one, as well as the Lord of the Rings series, because they’re all just brilliant. My cousin went to see this film and she loved it even though she isn’t a Hobbit fan, so I think everyone will love it. I rate this film 10/10 and I seriously -seriously- think everyone should see it.


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