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Jackie (movie)

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  1. I recommend the film, Jackie. Based upon the life of Jacqueline Kennedy, it follows her struggles in dealing with the death of her husband, John F. Kennedy, who was assassinated in Dallas, Texas. Although the film is a little slow at times, it is still a great insight into her life a few days after her husband was murdered. It really gave me a deeper understanding in how she dealt with her situation as she was right next to Jack (JFK) when he was shot and it would have been traumatic for her which I never quite grasped. I never realised how outspoken and even rude she could be at times – she really made herself look like the perfect person on the outside, when inside, she was finding it really tough. My favourite scene, however very sad, was when she had to tell her children that their daddy wasn’t coming home (I cried a lot in that scene). The film also shows the relationship between Jackie and Jack’s brothers, Bobby (Robert Kennedy) which is very interesting to watch unfold as they are trying to prepare Jack’s funeral to abide by the law and his legacy. I rate this film a 6 out of 10 as it had some real high points however it got a little boring in the middle but picked up during the final scenes in the film.


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