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sophie-s-misfortunesSophie is a naughty little girl, she delights in disobeying her mother and engaging in mischievous pranks. Sophie unintentionally melts her favourite wax doll and gets into trouble when she stands outside in the rain to make her hair curl. Why can’t she be well behaved like her cousin Paul and her two delightfully sensible friends Camille and Madeleine?



Comments on: "Sophie’s misfortunes (The Fleurville Trilogy) – Comtesse de Segur" (2)

  1. Sophie’s Misfortunes is an amusing book filled with short stories of Sophie being naughty. I find all the adventures quite amusing and original. I am impressed that the author managed to write so many different adventures for Sophie, without having any overlap. My favourite adventure is when Sophie accidentally melts her gorgeous wax doll. It’s quite funny to read. I would recommend this book to children and pre-teens. I rate it a 7/10.


  2. This is the first book in the Fleurville Trilogy, the book takes us through the naughty adventures Sophie can get up to and the trouble she causes. However Sophie can be obedient at sometimes but usually it doesn’t last very long. She disobeys her mother and causes pranks to go terribly wrong. Why can’t she be behaved like her friends Camille and Madeleine or perhaps like her cousin Paul, instead she’s a naughty girl who is always up to mischief. I liked the book Sophie’s Misfortunes because Sophie does not listen to what other people say and instead unfortunate events occur. These unfortunate events are things that you thought Sophie would already know what not to do.


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