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  1. This movie really left me wondering ‘could this really happen in the future?’ It seemed very realistic, and had a great storyline. I was really impressed, as I didn’t think that the movie would be that good, however I was definitely wrong! I rate this movie a 9/10, and would definitely recommend it to anyone who loves sci-fi / intense movies!


  2. The thinning is a fabulous movie for anyone looking for something exciting and nail biting. If you’re not a fan of thriller or horror movies, don’t worry neither am I!! I still highly recommend it for people, like me, that still struggle to get through Disney’s Alice In Wonderland. The movie keeps you intrigued and wanting more especially when it comes to the end. Don’t even get me started on the ending, there absolutely has to be a following movie or I’ll make one myself!! Besides this movie being totally tremendous movie it is also a fun movie to watch if you’re in search of something similar to the book ‘the testing’. Highly recommend it for everyone and give it a 10/10!! Go watch it right now!


  3. It is an intense sci-fi movie that will leave you on the edge of your seat. It is a Youtube Red movie staring many familiar youtubers including Logan Paul, Peyton List and Lia Marie Johnson. I would recommend it to everyone eager to watch an energetic and intense movie which will make you question the future of education and the world.
    It is about the main character Blake Redding ‘Logan Paul’ and his friends trying to end how the horrific education system works. America is overpopulating and the only way to decrease it is by only have the top 5% of the smartest students attend school. Blake Redding is not the smartest student but his dad is in charge of the education government which can cause problems when Blake fails the test. Everyone who fails the test is taken to the thinning. But once you go into the thinning there is no way of getting out. If you like a good action, sci-fi movie like Divergent, Maze Runner and Hunger games make sure to check out


  4. i absolutely love this movie i always watch this. this movie is very interesting in its ways like how they kill the people who fail the test and let the people live who pass the test. I was really excited when this movie came out and when I first watched it I was really on the end of my seat and I loved the fact that there was some actors that I knew in it that I really liked. when i first saw the trailer i really wanted to watch the movie and i love it. i rate it a 10/10


  5. This movie was really cool I really liked how they made it feel like it could really happen. The idea of the movie is really scary but the characters are all really loveable and care for each other greatly. In the movie the bottom 5% of the population get cut from the world and get “thinned” For the people who pass the test they get to movie on to the next year but if you dont pass you are executed. The movie always had something going on and I recommend it for people over 13 and give it a 8 out of 10.


  6. Alexandra said:

    The Thinning, a YouTube Red original, is and action based movie set in the near future. In the future the worlds land size has decreased, causing over population, so all countries must find a way to decrease their population by 5%. Some countries say goodbye to their elders, some only let parents have one child, in America they only let the smartest children live. The main characters include Blake Redding, played by Logan Paul, and Laina Michaels, Played by Peyton List. Whilst on their journey to complete the life altering 10-241 test, they encounter their own problems, but end up help each other to try solve them. Over all, even though the movie is mostly action based it does involve a bit of romance. I think that this was a great movie, that always kept you intrigued and guessing. I would definitely recommend this movie for all people to watch at least once.


  7. The Thinning is a great modern thriller set in a future where there are too many people on earth, and there are no natural resources left. A system is developed where people who do not pass an academic test are executed to keep population numbers down. This is a movie that will keep you on the edge of your seat and keep you wondering what will happen next. I think that the idea for the movie is great and original, and I think it’s interesting that the boyfriend betrayed his dad for sticking by the system instead of him. One negative about this movie is some parts include some bad quality acting, but that goes unnoticed because it’s still exciting. I rate this movie a 7/10 and recommend it to people aged 13 and over.


  8. The thinning is a movie based in the near future, where the earth’s resources are nearly depleted due to overpopulation, so the UN declares that all nations must cut their population by 5%. While some countries remove their elderly and others enforce a one child-policy, in the United States, the answer is 10-241, or more commonly known as the Thinning, a standardized test taken from first grade to twelfth grade. Those who pass continue to the next grade while those who fail are executed. I was really excited when this movie came out and when I first watched it I was really on the end of my seat and I loved the fact that there was some actors that I knew in it that I really liked. I would rate this movie a definate 8/10!


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