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  1. Based upon the untold story of the launch in 1962, coloured women sent John Glenn off into space. This tells a remarkable story of what coloured people had to do just so they could make people believe that they were as good as white people. They never got any credit but these women kept on persisting just to show people that they were as good as everybody else. The movie explains how coloured women used to have use different toilets, lunch areas and different work spaces. The main character Katherine gets put to were the white men and women work as she is the smartest person there. She can calculate any number that you put in front of her. She has to walk a mile to the west wing area of NASA just so she can go to the toilet as there are no coloured toilets were the white people work. Her boss asked her where she goes for 40 minutes and she explains, he does something about it to change how coloured people are treated. Katherine saves the day and yet she gets no credit. This is an engaging story of how coloured people got treated back in the day.


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