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9622286In 1894, twelve-year-old Matilda flees the city slums to find her unknown father and his farm. But drought grips the land, and the shearers are on strike. Her father has turned swaggie and he′s wanted by the troopers. In front of his terrified daughter, he makes a stand against them, defiant to the last. ′You′ll never catch me alive, said he…′

Set against a backdrop of bushfire, flood, war and jubilation, this is the story of one girl′s journey towards independence. It is also the story of others who had no vote and very little but their dreams.

Drawing on the well-known poem by A.B. Paterson and from events rooted in actual history, this is the untold story behind Australia′s early years as an emerging nation.

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  1. I absolutely love ‘A Waltz for Matilda’ by Jackie French. It is a very historic and heartwarming novel that reflects the independence of a young girl named Matilda and the background around the poem ‘Waltzing Matilda’ by Banjo Patterson. This book makes you proud of Australia and the history of Australia becoming its own country. It’s set in the backdrop of early Australia and includes history, independence, a little bit of love and determination in the book. I have re-read this book 3 times and have read all of the books in the series. They are all very heartfelt books and all tell their own story of Australia.
    If you love history and a beautiful novel that you never want to put down…this is your book! I would recommend this book to anyone who is a lover of history, especially the history of Australia at the age of 11+. I rate this book 9/10!


  2. I really, really loved reading this book, It shows girls all ages that if you believe in yourself and everything that you do you can do and become anything you want. Matilda was the main character of the book, she lived in the city with her sick mother and had to work at a jam factory to provide food for her and her mother, her good friend Tommy who works with her at the factory sucks by Matilda’s side throughout her life helping her overcome massive life challenges, as well as dealing with his own problems. As at the beginning of the book Tommy is in an incident at the jam factory and has his arm and part of his face severely injured.
    Matilda is a very strong and independent young women, when her beloved mother passes on she has to find a way to survive on her own, she remembers the story her mother used to tell her about her father ( the golden man ) and how he had told her mother that they would live on a farm in a sweet little house. Matilda’s mother hadn’t acknowledged the amount of time it would take and the amount of work needed to fulfil this fantasy, which left her took look after Matilda herself. Matilda goes on a journey to find her father, but then within the short period of time Matilda spends with her dad he unexpected drowns.
    My favourite part of ‘A Waltz For Matilda’ is when she finds the cave of water, and other treasures needed to survive in times of drought, flood and living in the bush in general. In the cave she also finds Auntie Love who has been trapped in the cave for more than enough time.
    Auntie Love was probably my favourite character, she devoted all her time to help Matilda and teach her life lessons that would help her all throughout her life, she doesn’t worry about Matilda’s past and is extremely accepting of her current situation.


  3. I really, really loved reading A Waltz For Matilda, it is a very inspirational book that teaches girls every age that no matter what, believe in yourself and you will succeed. Matilda was the main character of the book, she was a young girl around the age of 12-14 (at the start of the book). She lived with her sick mother in the city, she worked at a jam factory with her good friend Tommy who helps her throughout her journey in life. The story takes continuous twists throughout the book, beginning with Matilda’s mum passing on and Matilda having to survive on her own, eventually Matilda decides to find her long lost dad who her mum would describe as the ‘Golden Man’. Matilda finds some of her dads friends who help her get to her dads farm. Matilda was a very strong-passioned, independent young lady, who’s life was always challenging her. My Favourite part of the book was when Matilda found the cave, in which Aunty Love had been trapped in, it was surprising and very intriguing. One of my least favourite parts of A Waltz For Matilda was when Matilda’s dad drowned in the billabong whilst Matilda helplessly watched on. I could just imagine standing there horrified as the water streaked body floated to the surface of the water. I also disliked when Tommy, Matilda’s good friend was in the jam incident and was burnt badly. This book was very inspiring and one is one of my favourites.


  4. I really like reading a waltz for Matilda it showed that you have to keep strong and believe in yourself it was. This book showed how life was for people and women in 1890’s to the 1910’s in the bush in Australia. This book was intriguing form the first page to the last page. In A waltz for Matilda my favourite character was Matilda she very independent and is a great role model for young and old women. Aunty love was also a favourite character she always there for Matilda and willing to teach her all she knew about surviving in the bush, Aunty love made Matilda feel safe and never lonely when she was around.
    I would definitely recommend this book to people over the age of 12 and just anyone how is looking for a inspirational book to read, A waltz for Matilda has a lot of morals, one being that what ever people say you can alway prove them wrong if you can believe in your self enough you can do anything


  5. I really liked the book A Waltz for Matilda because it was intriguing and you never
    knew what was going to happen. By reading this book you get to experience life in the bush for a woman in 1894.
    My favourite part of this book was when Matilda found her fathers friends and
    they told her they would take her to her fathers place. I liked this part of the book best because I was relieved that Matilda finally had some help and that she wasn’t alone. I was also intrigued to see if they were trustworthy and actually would help her or if they were just men who thought it would be funny to trick a young girl who looked like she didn’t belong. My favourite character was Matilda because she was such a strong female character. She was independent and is a great role model for all females young and old. My least favourite part of this book was when Auntie Love died because it was very sad. Auntie Love was always there for Matilda from the day she moved into her father’s home to the day she died. She put all of her effort into teaching Matilda how to survive in the bush and keeping her company. She was usually Matilda’s only companion and Matilda was never scared or lonely when she was around.
    I would definitely recommend this book to anyone looking for an inspirational


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