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Miranda Kerr has written her first book, Treasure Yourself, which is filled with a beautiful collection of thoughts, memories and lessons. Miranda wrote it hoping to educate young girls about self-confidence, inner beauty and acceptance, and to help them on their way to self-improvement.




Comments on: "Treasure yourself – Miranda Kerr" (5)

  1. I recommend ‘Treasure Yourself’ written by Miranda Kerr. Yes I know she’s a model but she’s not another ditzy diet crazy model she’s smart and sensible and since reading this book Miranda Kerr has become one of my role-models. The book is her life story from being born in Gunnedah to now. She describes many true obstacles she faced and how she overcame them. The book is filled with cute quotes and real stories about her career, life and nutritional facts. I recommend this to girls if all ages, it’s a short read but one that you won’t forget.


  2. Sarah said:

    I loved this autobiography, is like art to me. A beautiful piece of art. When I think of Miranda’s personality, I think of characteristics like: gentle, kind, caring, giving, down to earth and genuine. Those human characteristics are exactly what comes to mind when describing this autobiography. When reading, I was reminded of what is truly important in life. I was reminded of my own beliefs and values. I was reminded of who I want to be in life. Reading this autobiography showed me how important it is to be true to yourself.


  3. This book is the most beautiful book I have ever read. Whenever I read it I always feel relaxed it’s like meditation in a book. The openess she gives to the book gives it a great touch and the fact that she is still so down to earth considering she is a high profile model really gives you the feel the things she puts on the page are genuine. The positive affirmations in the latter half of the book are good but I would more prefer to read more about her than affirmations. So I rate this book a 7/10


  4. I recommend ‘Treasure yourself by Miranda Kerr because it is an inspiring book that teaches you to never give up on your dreams. If you are needing some positivity in your life then I recommend you read this book as it will definitely lift your spirits. Miranda Kerr talks about dealing with obstacles in life embracing challenges, relaxing and keeping things in balance. Miranda gives us tips on staying healthy and quotes that will inspire us to have a more positive attitude.My favourite part of the book was when she talked about her experiences and thoughts as well as the things that have helped her to achieve all the things she has accomplished in her life.It really helps you to see that if you work hard enough you will be able to achieve your goals and reach you dreams in the end. I recommend ‘Treasure yourself’ for girls of all ages. I really enjoyed this book!. I rate this book 10/10.


  5. Felicity said:

    I recommend ‘Treasure Yourself’ written by Miranda Kerr. Miranda Kerr wrote this book to share her inspiration, so that others would treasure and believe in themselves. She encouraged others to accept who they are and have faith in their abilities. She describes many true obstacles about how she faced and overcame them. I recommend this to girls at all ages, and for those who want to follow a positive attitude to life.


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