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The flooded coast of former Los Angeles. Two warring nations of North America—the Republic and the Colonies.

Born into an elite family in one of the Republic’s wealthiest districts, fifteen-year-old June is a prodigy. Obedient, passionate, and committed to her country, she is being groomed for success in the Republic’s highest military circles.

Born into the slums of the Republic’s Lake Sector, fifteen-year-old Day is the country’s most wanted criminal. But his motives may not be as malicious as they seem.

From different worlds, June and Day have no reason to cross paths—until the day June’s brother is murdered. And Day becomes the prime suspect. Now, caught in the ultimate game of cat and mouse, Day is in a race for his family’s survival while June tries desperately to avenge her brother’s death. But in a shocking turn of events, the two uncover the truth of what has really brought them together and the sinister lengths their country will go to in order to keep its secrets.

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Comments on: "Legend – Marie Lu" (21)

  1. After reading the first few pages of legend I was hooked, I found myself reading this book while having breakfast, in the car or late at night when I lost track of time. It was so hard to put it down, it only took a few days to read and I absolutely loved it. My favourite part was when Day met June seeing how two completely different people from different worlds can instantly be connected, I also loved how the book came from June and Day’s point of view this way you know what their different point of views are of a certain situation. When I was reading this book it felt like I was there witnessing the story unfold Marie Lu is a fantastic writer and is very detailed in her description of situations, people and places. I would recommend this book to people who loved the divergent series and the hunger games


  2. Legend is definitely one of my favourite futuristic series! After reading all of the books, I can say that I love this book. It was just amazing. I love how it was told from two different characters perspective in first person (which isn’t really seen much) and switches between them. Day is definitely my favourite character out of both of them. June is a little bit too snobby for my liking, and Day is just an all round cool guy. (I love him) The plot is fast paced, I never felt myself getting bored at any parts, as there is always something attention grabbing going on. The whole mystery of the Republic just sucked me in, though it did remind me of Divergent and Hunger Games.

    A few issues I had with the book was the fact that June and Day had almost the same voice. They were like the male/female version of each other. And in addition to that, they were both perfect characters with not really any identifiable flaws. They were likeable, but not very realistic. Also, their romantic relationship started way too fast, though it was really sweet and I totally ship them together.

    I would recommend this book for everyone who enjoyed Hunger Games and likes dystopia, and would give it a solid 8/10.


  3. Lincoln R said:

    “Legend” by Marie Lu is a fantastic book full of action and adventure. A sixteen year old boy with the street name of Day is desperately trying to find a cure for is younger brother Eden who has a mutated plague. My favourite part in this book would have to be when June and Kaede are up against each other in a skiz fight. I recommend this book to readers who enjoy reading action and adventure and a little bit of romance. I rate this book a 9/10.


  4. Legend is a fantastic book. I read it for Lit Circles this year and was blown away by the constant action and the quality of the writing. Day Wing and June Iparis both live in The Republic but have very different lifestyles. Day a boy from the streets and June a girl from a wealthy sector have no reason to meet but both searching for the same thing these two unique characters mange to cross paths. If you love some juicy romance and an action packed novel then this is the book for you! Marie Lu has always got you on the edge of your seat and there is never a dull moment because right when you think it has all settled something else will pop up. If you are interested in a thrilling, heart racing and gripping story then this is the book for you. This is a perfect combination of the Hunger Games and Divergent and personally I think one of the best trilogy’s I’ve read. I rate this book a 10/10 and recommend it for people 13 or above.


  5. Jasmin M said:

    Legend was an incredible book to read.
    Born into two completely different worlds June is a fifteen year old hunting down Day, the most wanted criminal. Seeking revenge in believing he killed her only brother while he is living in the slums and is on the run from the republic.
    Legend by Marie Lu is a Legend of a book and an amazing book that will force you to turn the page and keep reading.I think it is the best book I have ever read.
    I give it a 1000/1000 stars.


  6. Olivia G said:

    Legend was an incredible book to read. It’s got plot twists at every corner and has an amazing mix of action, suspense and romance. Born into two completely different worlds June is a fifteen year old hunting down Day, the most wanted criminal. Seeking revenge in believing he killed her only brother while he is living in the slums and is on the run from the republic. When you are ten you must take a trial to test your physical, intelligent, and psychological skills. June is the only one in the republic who gets a perfect score of 1500 while Day fails his trial. When they cross paths they together uncover the truth of what lengths the republic would go to keep there secrets about Day, June’s brother and the rest of the world. This book has an amazing storyline and is filled with heart-gripping moments that sends chills up your spine. Day would be my favourite character as he is gentle, funny and caring and in complex situations doesn’t miss a beat. This book is definitely one of my favourites so far. I would recommend this book to anyone who loves intense heart-gripping action filled stories. I give it a 9/10.


  7. Coco B said:

    Legend was an AMAZING book!
    In the Republic, when you turn ten, you must participate in ‘The Trial’ a test to challenge your physical skills, intelligence and psychological skills. June, a blossoming military officer, got a perfect score on her trial, 1500, and is the only person in the Republic to ace her Trial.
    Day, born into the slums of the Lake sector, failed his Trial, and happens to be the country’s most wanted criminal. Born into two very different worlds, you would assume that they would never cross paths. But both have lost so much, and together they uncover what lengths their supposedly glorious Republic would go to, to keep secrets about Day, June’s brother and the rest of the world.
    This book has plenty of action suspense, even a little romance. Marie Lu has written this story to perfection, and the storyline is ingenious. The plot twists in this book are so heart-gripping, and the action gives you butterflies. My favourite character in this book is Day. He is so relatable and gentle, but when a situation calls he doesn’t miss a beat. Day is written to be very funny, caring and a bit flirty.
    All in all, this book is outstanding, the best I’ve read in a long while, and I would recommend this book to any one who loved Divergent, the Hunger Games, or any other dystopian type books.


  8. Quinn M said:

    I’ve just finished reading LEGEND, it’s a fantastic book by Marie Lu.
    I enjoyed the adventures of so called ”Day” trying to save his brothers and Eden of his disease, The Plague.
    The book is about a boy named Day that tries to free his brothers from the Republic. My favourite part was when June found out that Thomas killed her brother.

    I would recommend this book to people that like action and adventure.

    I rate this book a 10/10 because it has a great storyline.


  9. I absolutely love this book, I’m reading it for lit circles and at first I found it confusing and a little bit boring but on the 2nd week I absolutely loved it, its a really interesting and captivating story. It is like Hunger Games and Divergent and I love these kind of stories. Its about a Boy named Day and a girl named June and they come from different sectors, a rich sector and a more poorer sector, and this story is about them meeting and June looking for the truth about Day. I rate this book 8/10. I really did enjoy reading this book.


  10. I read Legend for Lit circles. At first I didn’t enjoy the book but as I kept reading the book just got better and better. When we had to stop at a certain point, I just wanted to keep reading. Legend is a brilliant book. It has a mix of romance, action, adventure and it keeps you on the edge of your seat. When I got to the end of the book, I wanted more. I really liked how Marie Lu put the book in both, Day and June’s perspective. I prefer Day over June because June seems a bit more stiff and Day seems easy going. I really wanted them to end up together and they did and I was over the moon because they are perfect together. In the middle of the book, when Tess wasn’t mentioned, I thought that she wouldn’t appear in the book again but when she did I was glad because I couldn’t help but imagine if she was just left in the alley. I would give this book a 9/10 because I love books like this and I was just amazing. I hope that they make a movie and it follows the book as well as they can.


  11. Chelsea said:

    WOW! This book is fantastic! I had to read as part of literature circls and loved it! It is about a boy named Day, on of the most wanted criminals and a Girl named June, a prodigy. They are sworn enemies from the start. In a surpise turn of events Day kills Junes older brother, Metias. June then tries to track down Day and they are destined to meet. This book is filled with action, mystery, adventure and a little bit of romance. With a plot twist on every page, you won’t be able to put this book down! I recomend Legend for ages 11 + and rate it 9/10.


  12. OMG! I love this book so much and was reading it in literature circles and the went on to by ‘Prodigy’ and ‘Champion’ within the 3 Weeks of finishing lit. circles. It normally prefer movies and i don’t think i have read that many books by my self, when i was little we would read books as a family (like famous five and others) but i just sped through these book and absolutely loved them. I really wish there was a movie to these book because i just love them so much and wish i was the characters in them. My favourite character is june because she reminds me of me (or at least who i would like to be) and sometimes i can just relate to her. I love this style of writing and thing its very clever, i have only read one other book with this style writing and i liked that one to, but not as much as legend. Its the style writing where each chapter is written from a different persons perspective and it works really effectively because they both start off as different stores and somehow mash together at the end and then spend the next to books mostly together. This book is the type i genera i love: (the hunger games, the testing, maze runner, star gate) When we were reading the book in literature circles some of my friends didn’t really enjoy it BUT I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT!!
    I would definitely recommend this book to other people and rate it a 10/10 😀 ps. i don’t even normally rate things that high. 😀 🙂


  13. Jasmine said:

    She is Legend…
    He is a Prodigy…
    Who will be champion?
    Need I say more?
    Legend by Marie Lu follows the two very different stories of June and Day, one is the Republics most treasured soldier, the other the Republic’s most wanted criminal. When their paths cross under very tragic circumstances the reader is taken on a journey they will never forget.
    There are many twist and turns that will leave you wanting more. Its almost impossible to put this book down, its so addicting.
    I have finished this series and I would gladly read it again. They were just so well written and the plot was really interesting.
    It draws you in to the point where you feel like you are there, experiencing all the emotions the characters are feeling.
    It is written in alternating P.O.V’s between Day and June, both characters thoughts and voices are interesting and the character development is amazing.
    If you decide to read this book, which I certainly recommend you do, it might be wise to set aside plenty of time to read it because you will want to finish it in one sitting.
    Marie Lu has written a very engaging dystopian series that I definitely recommend.
    10/10 🙂 😀


  14. This is an amazing book and I have not read many better than this one. From page one you are drawn into the twisted stories of the two main characters. I recommend this book to any reader, even if you don’t like to read because it will have you so drawn in, you wont want to put it down. My favourite character was Day because he was a very detailed character who never gave up. I don’t have a favourite part to this book as I enjoyed every minute of it.


  15. Matilda B said:

    My sister recommended this book to me and I am so happy she did because it was an amazing book to read. My favourite part of the book was when June was figuring out the code that Mathias left for her, because I thought that was a very smart idea to incorporate in the book but my least favourite part of the book was when Commander Jameson killed Day’s mum and arrested Day and Eden because it was really sad. June was my favourite character in the book because she was so smart and brave. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who liked The Hunger Games because this book is quite similar. I would rate this book a 9/10!


  16. Legend is one of my favourite books to read. It never gets boring and you always have to keep on going until you finish it. My favourite character is June because 1. She’s the main girl 2. She shows determination and 3. She understands Day. The book is from two different perspectives Day and June. June is from one of the most wealthiest districts and will soon become a high military soldier. Compared to June, Day has the opposite life. He was born in the slums and he is the most wanted criminal in the country. You would expect them to never cross paths because they’re such opposites, but one day June’s brother is murdered and guess who the number one suspect is……. Day. Now as June tries to avenge her brother’s death, Day tries to keep himself and his family alive. But will the secrets the Republic has kept from everyone finally come out as the truth? And what will happen to June and Day once these secrets are discovered? Find out now!!! This book is amazing and I love it. I recommend this book to 12+ because there are some very confusing parts. I rate this book a 10/10!


  17. Legend is an amazing book. I think it is the best book I have ever read. I love how it is so exciting and you never know what is going to happen on the next chapter. My favourite character is June because she is so determined to find out who killed Metais also she is also she really cared for Metais. My favourite part was the end because it was so exciting and I really wanted to know what happened next. I would rate thins movie a 10/10 because it is so exciting and you never know what is going to happen next. When I started this book I could not stop reading. It is one of the best books I have ever read and I can’t wait to find out what will happen to June and Day at the end of the series.


  18. Niamh said:

    What an amazing book. I have never read anything better. It is captivating from the very first page and keeps you on the tips of your toes the whole way through. The pain, anxiety, excitement, thrill, sadness all emotions you feel your self as you flick through the pages of pure gold. I love this book, I love this book, I love this book, and there is really nothing else to say. The book is a real page turner, and once you pick it up it is impossible to put down!


  19. OMG OMG OMG, Magnificent, Amazing, Spectacular, Exciting, WOW !! Best book i have ever read, I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!! It draws you in, and when your expecting one thing to happen, the complete opposite happens and it twis tand turns and you are never expecting any thing, it just happens !!My favourite character is Day, he is so smart and has a really good eye, Like june, he can pick out the smallest of details that really change every thing ! I couldn’t stop reading this book, i loved it to much. Day was my favourite character because he was kind to his family and when the plague hit and Eden, the little brother had a weird case of it, he did every thing in his power to get him treated, but when the republic took him away, all he thought about was freeing him and did every thing he could. He is brave, Kind-hearted and a sweet heart. June is the republics golden girl and is on Days case after the mysterious death of her brother. They are two different people from two different worlds that meet on one particular day after one particular incident, yet they didn’t know that there lives would be changed forever!!! Im so excited for the second and third book and i would recommend this to people above 11 years old as there are some Violent scenes. I would rate this book a definite 11/10 !!! ❤


  20. I have just finished reading Legend, an amazing book. It is narrated by two people, June and Day. They live in the future, where the United States of America ceases to exist. It is run by two separate governments, the Colonies and the Republic, who are constantly at war with eachother. If you enjoyed Hunger Games or Divergent, you will certainly enjoy this book. June is a rich girl born into a rich family, where as Day is poor boy born into a poor family. Day also happens to be the most wanted criminal. You could say fate brings them together (not the good kind of fate!). It is filled with suspense, hope, romance, action and family. I would definitely recommend this book to people above the age of 12, as there is a little bit of gore in it. Every chapter is engaging and suspenseful, also filled with plot twists and turns that are unexpected.


  21. Legend’ by Marie Lu is a Legend of a book and an amazing book that will force you to turn the page and keep reading. It has a similar story line to the Hunger games so anyone who liked the Hunger games will love this book. I could argue that it is actually better than the Hunger games.
    This book is about a girl called June and a boy named Day. They live in two contrasting worlds but have much in common. Day is a criminal and becomes a favourite character of mine as he changes his views and opinions on different topics depending on the people he is with and he does it so convincingly. Day isn’t much to the eye, he is deceiving, frequently underestimated and uses this trait well in the streets. June is a rich girl cross rebel that is mature mentally for her age and picks up the tiniest details in any situation, no matter the circumstances. But my favourite would have to be John, he is very strong and is a good actor because he keep’s Day’s secret and puts his family first. Marie LU has written a fabulous and engaging book that is joy to read. It is a page turner and I just want to read more and I will definitely be reading her second and third book of this series.


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