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  1. Saskia said:

    This game is absolutely extraordinary in every shape and form.
    The Last Of Us is a zombie video game that takes place in post apocalyptic North America in 2033. 20 years before then there was a outbreak of a virus the Cordyceps, when inhaled or passed through the blood system infects its host, causing them to die, but their brain is still able to function to some extent. The bodies continue to decompose but are still able to move and have some instincts, kill and ear. These creatures are know as the ‘infected’.
    The begins to pick off when a 14 year old girl Ellie is discovered to be immune to the virus, that has wiped out majority of the population. The plan is for Marlene, the leader of the Fire flies (a group of rebels who believe the military should not be in charge of the government) to take her to a scientific research base across the country, where they will find out why Ellie is immune, and if they can make a vaccine from her. After Marlene is injured and unable to take Ellie herself, Joel and his friend Tess must take on the responsibility of guiding Ellie to a designated spot where they will pass her on to another group of people. Once they reach the spot, they discover the people waiting to take Ellie have been killed, and in the end the end all that are left I Ellie and Joel. After Ellie convinces Joel that he must continue the mission to take her to the research base, the journey begins.

    One aspect of this game I adore is the relationships that are built and broken between the characters. As this is a long game, you really can see the character development unfold. During the game you are rooting for some characters, or just wanting to kill off others, but the whole time you are absolutely attached to Joel and Ellie. The relationship that developed between them actually left me in tears at the end. This game is visually beautiful, and you get so caught up in the story line that you can’t leave the condoler for hours. I would rate this game 10/10. It is truly one of the best games I have every played.


  2. Ok, so i’m going to do something a little out of the ordinary here and recommend the video game The Last Of Us. I am recommending this because I personally feel that video games are misinterpreted as just violence and gore with little to no story what so ever, when really that is not true at all, and The Last Of Us proves that.
    The Last Of Us takes places in a post apocalyptic North America in 2033, the world has been overrun for 20 years with a virus called the Cordyceps (which is actually a real thing, thankfully only in bugs though) which when breathed in or passed through the blood system in some way infects the brains of the living and turns them into mutant-like creatures. The Government is still trying to maintain control but things are not easy, as there is another group of people called The Fireflies who believe that they should have control over all branches of Government.
    The story centers around Joel, a man who has turned to smuggling illegal things all over the city in return for ration cards to acquire food. One day he is approached by Marlene, the leader of the Fireflies, who tells him that she needs something smuggled across the country to the Fireflies main base, and that ‘something’ turns out to be Ellie, a 14 year old girl who is immune to the virus, and Marlene believes that whatever happened to Ellie holds the key to a cure. And so Joel and Ellie set off to find the Fireflies.
    I remember playing through this game for the very first time and being absolutely amazed by everything, the story, the characters, the graphics, everything was done in such incredible detail that for most of my first play through, I just sat there with my mouth hanging open. What I absolutely LOVED about this game were the bonds that were both built and broken between certain characters, as they seemed so incredibly realistic and really plucked at my heartstrings. Throughout the game I became so attached to Joel and Ellie, the way they acted towards each other and other people they encountered made them seem like real people, not to mention the voice acting and motion capture for the characters was absolutely stunning. This is one of those games that I wish I could forget, just so I could play it and live the experience all over again. So if you can, get the game, or even if you can only watch the trailer on Youtube, do it, because games like The Last Of Us deserve to be recognised. And easy 10/10 from me, if I could rate it more, i would.


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