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Fly away, fairies! Push-off, princesses! Go Girls! In this refreshing chapter book series for children, girls encounter real-life fun and real-life problems.  Follow the Go Girls through these stories about school, sports, friendship, family and more.







Comments on: "Go Girl series – Thalia Kalkipsakis" (12)

  1. This book is main memory from my childhood! I definitely recommend this book to all girls in primary school, as there are different books to suit all girls personalities. Go Girl is a very easy and fun book to read, that all girls can relate to. I think girls that would enjoy these books, are the ones that find reading large books difficult and boring.


  2. When I was in primary school I used to absolutely love these books. I read ever single one and my Mum was always buying me the book sets and I was always hoping for new ones-due to the love I had for these books.
    I was able to learn about friendships, school and even boy drama and it made me feel like I was living in the lives of the characters shoes. One that I enjoyed the most was the slumber party one because I could relate to the character I to was nervous about staying at my friends house and this book helped me learn some strategies on how to overcome my worries.
    I loved all these books and I would recommend it to any girls from the age of 7-12!


  3. Annabelle said:

    I used to love these Go Girl books in primary school as they were easy for me to read but super entertaining. These books are great for beginners from ages 5-11 years. Each book is about something different from sport, friendship issues, school and much more. Overall I love these books as each have a unique storyline and there perfect for learning how to read chapter books.


  4. I used to love these books when I was in Primary School. I find that they are really entertaining and each book has a unique twist and a brand new story with each new book. They are so easy to read and they have great morals for the younger readers. This book is great for girls that are 7-10 years old because they find them very entertaining, but for anyone that is looking for a fast read this is perfect for them. I rate the whole series a 10/10 and would recommend them to anyone.


  5. I remember reading the Go Girl book series in primary school and it was one of my favourites by far!! It is a great book series for girls of a primary school age around 8-14. These books are full of small, fun and entertaining stores about girls for girls, even if you are not to into reading I would guarantee that you would probably enjoy the Go Girl book series, for there is a book on almost any hobby or activity and there would be something that you like that you would be able to read about.


  6. Ellie said:

    The Go Girl books are great for primary school readers aged 7 – 11 years old. For kids they are very easy to read and entertaining, and the characters are fun and easy to get attached to. Even if a kid doesn’t enjoy reading, they are sure to like these books. They are about young girls and boys who learn things about friendship, family, school, sport and life. They can teach valuable life lessons to the reader, while still making it fun. I recommend these books to any kid or especially young girls, and rate them a 6/10.


  7. Eleanor said:

    These books are incredibly easy to read and are great for new readers I started reading these books when I was 6 I read them all through out Primary school and I loved them. They are incredibly funny. these are about young girls who face real life problems like parents getting a divorce or evil big sisters, because they are problems that lots of girls face these are incredibly relatable which makes them enjoyable. I give them a 8 out of ten.


  8. I have only read a few of these books yet they are quite good because they teach really good lessons.
    I remember reading The Big Split when I was about 11 which was a while ago now.
    I found these books incredibly easy to read and they didn’t take me long at all.
    I used to enjoy these books when I was younger but I wouldn’t now because I am a bit old for them, they are more aimed for kids.
    The thing about these books is that they teach really important and valuable lessons, for example The Big Split taught you not to ditch school. These books are also really easy to understand and clearly show the meaning in the books so it is easy for kids to see.
    I recommend these books for kids because they are really good to teach them important things and I rate them a 6 and a half out of 10 (Though going back to when I used to read them I probably would have given a higher rating)


  9. gemma said:

    I used to read these books no stop untill like grade 5. They are so easy to read if you struggle a bit but super funny and great. theres heaps of books but are quick reads for people who dont like long books. i recomend these books if you want a fun read and if your interested.


  10. Emily said:

    i actually love all the books. I’m probably to old for it but i love it. I liked how they were simple and relatable to your own life. I also like how there was mini series but it was also the same. You could easily tell which character was from what series and i liked that about it. The words were a bit easy but thats probably because too old for it. Overall i think its great 😀


  11. These books changed my life in a way that no other books could in friendship, sporting and academic wise, it’s for all ages, it’s not like your everyday book where you have to force yourself to understand you automatically click with the author or the situations. If it’s a lazy sunday for you, I recommend you to read it, it shouldn’t matter what age you at whether it’s you, your younger siblings, adults or brothers.


  12. This books are really fun to read! Its a kiddish book but entertaining for 11 – 17 years. Its about a group of girls and boys. They play soccer. They always have competitions and race each other constantly. Its sounds stupid but it really isn’t. They play top teams and constantly have competition between kids in their class let alone people in the soccer team. Its also about who they like and seriously a funny book to read. They are I think in year 7.I and the collection in primary school and recently got it out and had a look and it reminded me how much i loved reading it. Again i don’t like reading but when the occasional great book comes up like this book, i then love reading until its all over. Read this book for a fun read and not a serious one.


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