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  1. O M G I didn’t think that this would be my favourite tv show in the wold but it is I LOVE once upon a time. I have all 4 series it makes you feel special and unique . I love how they added the fantasy world into the real world its awesome how they keep you on your toes all the time its amazing all the characters in their roles and even though its not what the real characters look like In the fantasy world but they look so the same and as real to their characters its sometimes hard to believe that they are just acting they are amazing all of the characters. I love it


  2. As a person who LOVES fairy tales and Disney, I find this show so amazing! It accurately displays Disney movies with a realistic and modern twist, whilst incorporating almost every character from every film. This show all starts when Henry, a young child who leaves his town of StoryBrooke to find his biological mother. Once Henry finds her in Boston, Emma Swan [mother] soon learns that she is the ‘saviour’ of this fantastical town, and is responsible for breaking Regina’s [evil witch] curse, so everybody remembers their past lives in the fantasy world. In this show, you come across all sorts of characters whether it’s Snow White, Rumplestiltskin, Ariel, Elsa or even Cruella de Vill. The graphics and storyline of this show is great and is always suspenseful. Recommend to anyone who loves Disney [like me] and rate it 9.5/10!


  3. Once upon a time is one of my favourite television series. I really enjoy it. It is about town that is full of fairytale characters that have been turned into normal people and how this town and everyone in it overcomes certain challenges. My favourite character is Henry because of his innocence and bravery when it comes to saving or helping the fairytale characters. I really like the way this series is different to others in many ways. The way it was produced and created was very smart and interesting. I recommend this Once Upon a Time to people that enjoy fairytales, action and adventure. I rate this television series 9/10! It’s very interesting and fun to watch.


  4. Grace M said:

    This is my favourite TV show of all time. If you love fairy tales, but wondered what life would have been like for cinderella if she had an iphone, and lived in modern america, or what a grown up, human version of pinocchio would look like, wearing leather and riding a motorcycle (really attractive FYI!), than this is the show for you! What would an everyday woman wonder if she stumbled across this town magical town of Storybrooke (clever, huh?), as a non-believer? Well, Emma Swan, the protagonist, gives you a pretty good idea of that answer. The unknowing adult daughter of Snow White and Prince charming, gives you a funny, charming, and capturing insight into how crazy your life can become, when you find out, after being an orphan for 28 years, that your family tree is one straight from a book of fairy tales. When it’s suddenly her job to save them from the evil queen’s curse, we are left with an emotional and intriguing story about finding your roots, accepting your destiny, and of course what can happen when you believe in just a little bit of magic. And that’s just season one!!! ✭✭✭✭✭ (5/5 stars!)


  5. I would recommend the TV show ‘Once Upon a Time’ to anyone that likes fairytales and magic. Once Upon a Time is a modern take on fairytales where modern day life and fairy tales collide. So far there have been two seasons produced. In the first season it is all about the curse the evil queen has cast upon their magical world which takes them to a place with no magic and no one remembers their real identities. In season 2 its about the characters lives after the curse has been broken and has many twists and turns. I have really enjoyed this TV series and always watch it on a Thursday night. My favourite characters in Once Upon a Time are Emma Swan and Henry. Emma Swan is Snow Whites and Prince Charming’s daughter. I really like her Character as their is a lot to her past as she grew up with no family and has a special purpose in her life. Henry is also another favourite character as he is very inspirational and seeks out the good in every person. He is all about goodness and makes Emma believe. Henry is also the son of Emma. I would rate this TV series a 10 out of 10 and recommend everyone to have a go at it as their might be something you enjoy.


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