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Comments on: "Hamilton (Musical)" (2)

  1. Clare said:

    Even though I cannot afford to buy a ticket to see this on Broadway, let alone the plane ticket to get to New York in the first place, I honestly don’t think I have ever loved a piece of art as much as I do with Hamilton. It’s the story of one of the US’s founding fathers, Alexander Hamilton, but instead of being a bunch of boring old white guys in powdered wigs, it is told in rap music infused with some classic showtune vibes, with one of the strongest casts, who are almost all People Of Colour. I have listened to the album literally hundreds of times, know the lyrics back to front, learnt everything I could about the cast and the absolutely incredible composer, Lin Manuel Miranda, and even cheekily watched a few bootlegs online. It is a musical that literally ANYONE can enjoy. It’s modern, funny, poignant, sad, comments on our society, and tells the story of one who has gone unnoticed by history, presented by the people who are silenced in our society today because of racial prejudices. There is nothing not to love about the musical, and I hope that one day I can see it live, but until then, there is the internet!


  2. I recommend the musical, Hamilton. Although, it’s not a movie, or a tv show, the musical is still amazing. You probably won’t be able to buy tickets to the musical either, they are all sold out or they cost more than my wages in a month. However, I recommend reading the biography, listening to the soundtrack, following the cast, discovering the history.

    The musical is set in the end of the 1700s, in America, at the time of the American Revolution, and it follows Alexander Hamilton, a man with an inspiring work ethic, that got him put on the American 10 dollar bill. The musical is amazing, and I suggest to anyone who has the opportunity, go watch it.


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