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Melody is not like most people. She cannot walk or talk, but she has a photographic memory; she can remember every detail of everything she has ever experienced. She is smarter than most of the adults who try to diagnose her and smarter than her classmates in her integrated classroom—the very same classmates who dismiss her as mentally challenged, because she cannot tell them otherwise. But Melody refuses to be defined by cerebral palsy. And she’s determined to let everyone know it…somehow.

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Comments on: "Out of my mind – Sharon Draper" (40)

  1. This book was an awesome read. It shed light on what it is REALLY like and how frustrating it can be. It contained enough of drama, humour, anger, self loathing, self-pity and action. I could not put it down and didn’t want to either.


  2. I loved this book! i loved how The author, Sharon Draper, triggered emotion during the novel. The story is about a 12 year old girl who is trying to fit in but struggles due to her down syndrome. She is extremely intelligent and gets annoyed when people don know that. Her mum believes in her and enrols her in school but that just gets worse… I love how you can picture the book in your head. Although he book is quite sad there are joyful moments too. I would fully recommend you to read this 100%!!!! I could not put the book down! you will love to read this awesome book!


  3. i absolutely loved this book and recommend it to ages 10+. it is about a girl named melody who can’t walk or talk. she has a hard time for the first ten years of her life because everything is stuck in her mind. until one day when she gets her medi-talker. this allows her to talk through a machine. she is so brave and goes through many ups and downs in her journey. this is a mustered book! you will love it just like i did!!!


  4. I seriously wish there was a second book of this it’s just so touching! I wish it would just keep going and going forever!
    This book really teaches you not to judge someone by just how they look for example Melody she is really so sweet and intelligent, some people just don’t look at her as that.
    Melody is a real life role model for some kids and I think the author is very smart in his thinking. The book really makes you want to jump right into it and experience everything that is happening. I read this book for lit circles and we made great conversation in all of the drama that went on throughout the book, it was really good to get out your opinions and thoughts on all of the characters and decisions.
    Over all I rate this book a 9/10 and recommend it for ages 10+


  5. Jordyn said:

    This book is so one of my favourites! As soon as I picked it up I couldn’t put it down, it’s just so amazing, but very touching. Out of my mind really does tell and show you not to judge a person until you know there story, and this book has an emotional and touching story.
    This book has amazing expression and is written really well, and to be honest I wish there was a second book about Melody and her Journey, it really is that good! The book did make me feel very sad knowing that some people in the world can’t do the normal life every day things that we can do. And I feel very lucky that I’m normal.
    Over all I rate this book a 9/10 and recommend this to the ages 10+.
    I really loved this book!


  6. Brooke said:

    Out of my mind is one of my favourite books!
    I would highly recommend it to everyone aged 10+. It really touches your heart how she is so strong and smart but others define her by her looks. It makes you think about how you treat the people in your life and around you.
    Every minute of the novel was a roller coaster of emotions and there was never a moment where everything was going right for them but her hope and strength let her push through her confining disability.
    This book is great for those that love an emotional story with twists and turns. I would rate this book a 9/10.


  7. Dominique said:

    When I first saw this book, I didn’t think I would like it, but I started reading it anyway. It turns out Melodies story, was beautiful and tragic, I found it so intriguing, I couldn’t put it down. I found it so sad that Melody was smart, funny and kind, but her disability was holding her back from what she could be, but no matter what Melody was strong, and even though she is a fictional character, I really admired her. All in all I would rate this book 9/10


  8. Charlie said:

    I loved this book!
    Some people read it during Literature circles, and once I finished my book I just had to read it
    I literally couldn’t put it down
    It’s about a girl named Melody who has Cerebral palsy and can’t walk or talk but has an amazing memory, she’s even smarter that most adults.
    It’s a sad story with a lot of hope
    Please read it!!!!
    I rate it a 10/10 and recommend it for ages 12+


  9. Isabelle said:

    ‘Out of my mind’ is officially one of the best books i have ever read! Okay so Melody’s life is tragic. Her disability limits her to so many opportunities and leads people to believe she is dumb…. But oh does she show them! When Melody get’s into a competition with her incredible intelligence, her confidence boosts and the people around begin to see her for the equal, bright young girl that she is. Melody is a huge inspiration to so many readers and Sharon Draper truly captures the essence of this disease and all the terrible affects it has on a patient and their families lives. I would recommend this for students from about the age of 9 and up. I believe adults could also thoroughly enjoy this book just as well as a younger child would. I also think this would be a great book to read over again at an older age because it has such as a strong message of hope and strength that I think could be interpreted so much deeper at a more mature age. You may want to have some tissues nearby with this book as it is SO easy to get lost in Melody’s journey and the incredible mix of emotions that come with it. Melody is such as loveable character that is even at times cheeky. Read this book! I promise you won’t regret it!


  10. Jessica said:

    I have read a book named Out Of My Mind for lit circles. This book is such an amazing book with very inspirational message. In this book there is a girl named Melody who has cerebral palsy and is 12 years old. She has to face all the struggles of this disability. When she starts to be able to express herself anything is possible. This book gives a whole new perspective on life and shows how lucky we are. I loved this book and give it a 5/5. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


  11. I recently read out of my mind for Lit Circles, and oh boy it was one heck of a book! I havn’t read anything like this and when i kept reading on it just got better and better and BETTER! Melody is a young girl with cerebral palsy and is stick in wheelchair for the rest of her time. Melody is starter than anyone gives her credit for, you just need to take the time to realise that. After reading this book I then was thinking about how stupid things are these days and how people judge people by their appearances and don’t actually take the time to get to know them. I think everyone should go read this NOW!


  12. For lit circles, I’m reading Out of My Mind.
    Wow, this book is like nothing I’ve ever read before because you never read a book about someone who has cerebral palsy.I absolutely love the characters in this book. Melody, the main character, is a great person in the book. She has a strong mind and never gives up, even when people stop listening to her. I love it when she gets sassy to Claire. I’m about half way into the book and I can’t wait to see what happens next.


  13. Serefeny M said:

    “Out of my mind” is a very confronting and emotional story. It is fictional but there are many people in the world with similar difficulties. I think Sharon Draper is an amazing author, I think she did a fantastic job of really making you like and dislike different characters. I like all the twists and how you build on Melody. Melody is a really strong person, going back to school after everything that happens to her. I like how all her family is there to support her and are always there when she needs it. It makes you realise how much you have to be grateful for. My favourite part was when she tells her family she loves them for the first time ever. I recommend this book for anyone who wants a book they wont put down. I’d rate it an 8/10.


  14. Out of my mind is a story that gives you a different perspective on life. It is the story of an intelligent young girl called Melanie, who competes in quizzes on behalf of her school. The only problem is that she has Cerebral Palsy. This means she is unable to walk and talk, but her brain isn’t effected. As the book is written from Melanie’s perspective, it kind of makes you feel her frustration. The way that the author tells the story, makes you feel like you are Melanie, and makes you feel the frustration and hurt that she must be feeling. I now have so much more wonder and respect for people who have disabilities, and the book made me feel like I should treat people with disabilities how I treat anyone else. This book makes me feel privileged that I can walk and talk and communicate with everyone else around me. I recommend this book to everyone who is looking for a good book, and I rate it 7/10.


  15. Devon W said:


    I LOVE how the author of this book thinks outside the box. The thing is in most books the main or pretty much every character is able bodied which means they can do everything most disabled kids/adults can’t do well or AT ALL !!! I adore how much Melody sucks in all the facts, memories and even MISTAKES. She could be the next Steven Hawkins!!! Mrs V is the best human being EVER… she helps Melody with pretty much anything, biology, maths, English.. you name it. The end is pretty surprising though so watch out for anger and maybe a few tears. The other disabled kids are just like Melody but different things that bother them. Penny sounds REALLY cute (I’m not going to tell you what character she is though). I admire how much Penny loves Melody. Gathering all of this into a rating I rate “Out of my mind” 9 out of 10, that’s how much awesome there is in the book.
    I recommend Out of My Mind to people who love books and can see the problems the characters face, every single chapter. I hope you love the book as much as I do.


  16. I remember reading this book for lit circles and I couldn’t get enough of it. It is a very sad and happy book at times. I remember even crying at times, this book really helps you see that you are very lucky and you realise just how much you have.
    This is a really sweet book. Its about a girl named Melody and she cant do everything that you would expect that she would be able to do but she will prove you wrong.
    I rate this book an 8/10


  17. Olivia G said:

    “Out of my mind” was an amazing and motivating book for me to read. It really made me appreciate and realize how lucky and fortunate I am to be able to walk, talk and move in general. While I was reading this book I thought about how it would be like to have a disability such as cerebral palsy and how to cope with it. The journey throughout this book was a deeply emotional experience to see what was within Melody’s mind and to truly realize the beauty of expression through words. This book is an intense life changing story and is a real eye opener to the experience of the less fortunate. This book made me realise how hard it is to live in today’s society towards how others are very judgemental and rude to people who are different than them. I would recommend this book to anyone who is capable of learning and experiencing very intense life changing events throughout the mind and journey of Melody. I would give this book an 8 out of 10.


  18. Jasmin M said:

    I just read ‘Out of My Mind’ and I think it an amazing eye opener to me because it shows and not tells and it is like the best book I have read so far. I wouldn’t really read this type of story but I really enjoyed it. It has been amazing journey throughout the story. It has allowed me to know how see can cope without being able to speak, talk or move. It has really motivated me I every way.
    I recommend it to a person that likes intense interesting life changing stories.
    I give it a 8/10.


  19. Jessica W said:

    This book is a real eye opener and tells us about someones life who is less fortunate than us. She can’t ,walk ,talk or do everyday things that we can without help. This book real made me realise how hard it must be for people like her to live in today’s society. The characters in this book can be very supportive and others can be mean and don’t understand her. I give this book a 7/10 and was glad I read this book.


  20. Hannah said:

    This story made me laugh, cry and even punch my chair. It made me feel so emotional. I am so glad a friend recommended this book to me. It’s now one of my favourites. I recommend this to all my friends.


  21. Out of My Mind is a story of determination.
    Melody has cerebral palsy. She also has a photographic memory.
    Everyone thinks that Melody isn’t smart and can’t to much. They are proved wrong when she starts joining regular classes at school an eventually – makes it into the school quiz team.

    She proves everyone wrong and goes above and beyond. In the practise tests, she is the only one to get all the questions right.
    Her parents, dog Butterscotch, sister Penny and Mrs. V are all there to help her along her way.

    Out of My Mind is defiantly a book to read when you want to have a different perspective. Being written from Melody’s perspective you get a real range of emotions. You are there with Melody all the way and feel like you her.

    I love this book and I am glad that I read it as it gave me an insight to other people who are less fortunate than myself.

    I recommend Out of My Mind to anyone.


  22. Victoria Zakelj said:

    Last year I was reading this book in Literature Circles. Mixed emotions rushed through me throughout the whole book. The story was very relatable for me personally as I know and have been around people who have this disability. It allows many different things to be thought and you become a lot closer to Melody (main character) especially when there are some tough times. I would rate this book a 9/10 as it was very creatively written but I felt as though the ending was a little to sudden for my liking. Apart from this, the book was amazing and I would definitely recommend the book to late primary and early secondary school students and ages above. I say this as some of the parts are a little confusing but even though I didn’t get my first option in Lit Circles, this book definitely made me want to come each lesson and I can almost guarantee you that when you start reading this book, you will not want to put it down 😉


  23. Last year I was lucky enough to get the chance to read Out of my mind.
    This story made my laugh,cry and I was very fond of it as it relates to some people in our world these days who have a disability like Melody.
    There were many good characters in this book like Melody’s cute sister Penny
    and also her neighbour, who play a big roll in Melody’s life to help and assist her.
    Although not a lot of people believe in Melody that she can do many things like compete in the Quiz competition for her school, she builds up the courage and proves to them that she can!.
    I definitely did not want this book to end as it was such a inspiring and uplifting story.
    I would recommend it as a 9/10


  24. Tahlia said:

    Out of my mind was a very inspiring book, I read this book for Lit Circles and I remember getting home and reading the chapter that we had to. I don’t really like reading books and I was really happy with myself for reading the whole book.


  25. Out of my Mind is one of my favourite books! I do not like reading books at all but this book drew me in straight away. It’s about a young girl named Melody who has a photographic memory and has a condition called Cerebral Palsy. Melody has trouble holding objects, can’t walk and has been in a wheelchair her whole life. Melody goes to school and has many teachers looking out for her. Melody moves to a new classroom where they have a special aid teacher who helps many other children with problems. Melody and the aid teacher become very close friends and she isn’t like most teachers. She is always helping Melody out to achieve what Melody is trying to achieve and the aid never gives up on Melody no matter how hard things may get. Melody has a younger sister who is hilarious and cute and her parents who are extremely supportive. Their neighbour Mrs V is extremely kind and helps Melody and her family out. Mrs V gets a special laptop designed for her to help her communicate and help her show others what she can’t herself. This book bring tears to my eyes and really made me think of how hard it would be for her. I suggest this book to anyone between the age of 12 and onwards. I rate it a 10/10. 🙂


  26. Rebecca said:

    Out of my mind is one of my favourite books. Melody has a photographic memory and also has a condition called cerebral palsy. She isn’t able to hold things or walk, she has been stuck in a wheelchair her whole life. As Melody moves into her new classroom, they have a special aid teacher who helps with the other kids that also have problem along with the normal classroom teacher. Melody and the special aid teacher become very close because she isn’t like the normal teachers who just give up on her, she believes in her that she can achieve anything just like a normal kid. Mrs V her next-door neighbour is very kind too, she helps melody get a special machine to help her talk and looks after her very much.
    I suggest this book to anyone who likes a good laugh and doesn’t mind a bit of a cry. I think this book is for people 10 and over.


  27. Freya Dess said:

    I definitely recommend Out of My Mind.
    Melody is an amazing eleven year old girl, with a photographic memory, a wheelchair and a diagnosis of cerebral palsy. She can’t talk or walk or hold objects but she is the smartest person in grade 5/6. Stuck in room H5 with a different teacher every year, she finally ends up with a good teacher. Through her story Mrs V, Catherine, Butterscotch, Penny and her parents are always with her. A new friend, a quiz team and something that will change a lot in her life will start with her in grade 5.


  28. laymac said:

    I loved out of my mind, it is a powerful novel about those whom may not look or act intelligent but inside they have features everyone should be jealous of. My favourite part of out of my mind was when melody tried to get her mothers attention when she ran over penny, this is because it shows that she is intelligent and she does have a brain. My favourite character was Mrs. V because she believe in melody 100% and taught her everything she kneed to know, she even mixed her in with the “Normal” kids. I would recommend this book to people aged 10 and onwards, it is an intriguing novel with lots of twists and turns.


  29. Amy Lizmore said:

    I had to read this book for lit circle. When I first got told that I was reading ” Out of my Mind”
    I was think that this book will be “Great”.

    After I started reading the book it was acutely really good.

    My favourite character is Melody. She is so strong and she can pull through anything.

    I wish I could change the way that the other people look at her. So that other people don’t judge her before that they get to know her.

    I would recommend this book to people who like realistic books without magic. it is really down to earth.


  30. Georgia G said:

    Out of my mind is such a great book well unto the part i have read, i am currently reading it and it in Lit circles and it is really really good.
    Out of my mind is about this girl named Melody and she has cerebral palsy which is a disease that make it much much harder for you to move and you can’t really feed yourself walk talk etc.
    My favourite parts of this book so far is when Melody said I love you to her mum and Dad for the first time and also when she gets in to the whiz kids quiz and there team wins the round and then get to go to Washington D.C.
    This book great to read to the family before bed or to just read on your own but altogether I would rate this book so far a 10/10 and would recommend it to all of my friends.


  31. Mackensie said:

    Throughout the whole book I loved it, every minute was full of drama and there was never a moment where everything was going well and if it was something big or small was right around the corner. Melody is a really interesting character, she is really strong and
    independent. This book allowed me to open my eyes and realise that some people aren’t okay and need help whether the problem is big or small. This is a really cute and heart felt story. I liked that it wasn’t a long book, and it was easy to read, I rate it an 8/10.


  32. Claudia said:

    • Out Of My Mind • Sharon Draper •

    When I first started reading ‘Out of my mind’ there wasn’t really a story line and I wasn’t loving the book but eventually as the book went on I started to get into it.

    Melody being the Character that had Cerebral palsy was smart, kind and loving.
    Though out the book I felt sad for Melody because we take everything for granted and want more but other people like Melody want things like a voice or be able to walk but can’t do any of those things.

    Out of my minds ending was not my favorite it was cute to relate back to the start but I thought it would have been different.

    I rate this book a 6/10 because I thought it would be different.


  33. Isobel said:

    This book was great it is about a girl with cerebral palsy and cant walk talk or even feed her self! she over comes her differences and challenges and learns that she is a lucky one!
    i love this book and it made me want to read again!
    i rate it an 8/10! 🙂


  34. Brooke said:

    This book is so touching and really pulls at your heart strings. Melody’s journey throughout the book really makes you feel emotional and lucky that you don’t have a disability and you can do most things without needing help. Melody is a fighter and believes in everyone that they can be successful and happy without being rude or mean to other people. This book is such a great read and I would recommend it to anyone who likes sad/journey books and quite emotional books. I rate this book an 8/10.


  35. I recommend the book Out of my Mind. It is a book about a little girl with cerebral palsy and how she over comes her challenges and how she expresses her knowledge to others. It is by far one of my favourite books and I defiantly got a lot out of it. I really think you should get this book and have a read 🙂


  36. I finished a book called out of my mind the other day and i strongly recommend it to everyone!! it is such a touching and meaningful story that shows you the real world of different people. It has ups and downs but is one of the best books i have ever read. You must read it for a full understanding, it is a great book you should definitely read!


  37. I have read the hole book now. i really enjoyed it.It was really interesting. I found some parts sad and some parts funny! I thought Melody was a very strong person. In some parts of the book i feel sad and felt liking crying. It was a touching story and i really loved it! I recommend, it to everyone because i think it is the book for everyone, i didn’t really read much and like books, but i loved this book.It is one of my favorite books!


  38. Jasmine said:

    The overall book wasn’t really what I would choose to read normally. But in saying that I actually quite enjoyed this book and reading a new type of book. It was really well written in a way that Melody who has cerebral palsy and can’t talk, walk or eat herself can expresses her feelings and makes the reader want to feel what she is feeling. Some parts were slow but others are really interesting and you don’t want to stop reading. You grow a connection with her and her friends and family. Its about Melody’s struggles and progression through life and school as she attempts to fit in and be normal but its a bit hard when you are ‘special’ . People might try to patronize her and put her down but Melody is strong and extremely intelligent and has people supporting her. It depends on what type of books you are into on wether you will enjoy this or not. I would defiantly recommend it but its not for everyone.


  39. Molly said:

    I really enjoyed this book and i think i really connected with this book with Melody having cerebral palsy because one of my friends her best friend has got a sister with cerebral palsy and i think some of the ways they described Melody i got.
    I think i learned a lot from this book and i think i have a lot more respect for the parents that have kids with a disability.
    I really enjoyed this book and i am very happy i talked myself into reading this book .


  40. I am reading a book called out of my mind, I have just started reading it for english and i am all ready in love with it. Its about a 12 year old girl called Melody who has been stuck in a wheelchair her whole life, she has a condition called cerebral palsy, which does not allow the brain to work as well as ours. I can relate to this book a lot as i have a very cute sister with a condition called rett syndrome. I have not finished reading the book but i can not put it down


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