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Comments on: "Neighbours (TV series)" (2)

  1. Georgia said:

    I love Neighbours so much!!! I watched 72 hours of Neighbours because I watched all the episodes from last year! I feel in love with the show and I love every character on the show. I love how it filmed in Melbourne and follows the life and drama of the neighbours that live in Ramsay Street. If you love Home and Away or shows like this you should definitely watch Neighbours. I recommend and you watch it and it is on channel 11 at 6:30pm Monday to Friday!!


  2. Neighbors is a TV show on channel Ten. I do enjoy watching all the drama that happens in a typical street in Australia. My favourite character is Amber because she is really kind and caring for everyone. If I could change anything it would be Josh not falling of the cliff and hurting his shoulder, I would change this because he is a swimmer and he needs good shoulder strength. I would recommend this book to everyone, because it is a good family show. I rate this 9 out of 10. it is still very good!


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