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  1. Taylah said:

    The flash is probably my favourite show I have ever watch and I am already up to season three waiting for all the episodes to come out. Barry Allen is my favourite character he shows love, he cares for all the people he loves and everyone because he is the flash and saves everyone from the meta humans that are causing trouble and saving people from them. Cisco his best friends comes up with random names for the meta humans such as whether wizard. Caitlin Snow is also a pat of them team she is like the nurse and helps Barry and other people in their team needs help she helps the, also she finds out all the chemicals in the meta humans and helps Barry track them down. The flash is AWESOME everyone should watch it if you are into D.C comics or superhero stuff I definitely recommend it.


  2. I love this show the flash my favourite part of the show is when barry fight the bad’s with the team. Barry is a adopted child. He lives with joe. I would recommned this TV show to every one i would rate this show 10/10


  3. WOW!! Anyone who loves a show with action, adventure, romance and drama, than you HAVE to watch THE FLASH!! The story is based around Barry Allen aka the flash!!!! You will fall in love with the characters and there quirky, fun and curious personalities. Warning if you watch the flash you will be addicted because the end of a how always leaves you at a cliff hanger. As you meet more characters and see there personalities unfold you will be amazed and excited at what is going to happen next. I rate this a 10/10 for its amazing plot that hooks you in my the first minute!!!!! I recommend this to everyone!


  4. Paige said:

    The Flash is an amazing television series that is both captivating and suspenseful. It follows a forensic scientist, Barry Allen who uses his speed to fight crime and find others like him. He sets out to protect the city but learns that saving the lives of his beloved city can create many distinct strains in relationships with those close to him. Barry not only fights with others, he fights with his own conscience and own thoughts of what he believes is right and what is wrong. I highly recommend this show, even if you are not a large believer or follower of superheroes or villains, it is a show of action and mystery, one that can make you laugh, cry or scream. It is an amazingly created and produced show that should be watched by all.


  5. Grace said:

    I love super heroes!! And I LOVE the Flash!!! I really don’t think there is a superhero show better than this one!! This is an action packed show with so much adventure and packed full of fun!! Barry (the flash) is such a relatable character!!! There is always something going on in the flash!! If you watch one episode you will watch the next and next!!! It is just that great!!! It is hard to pick a favourite character because they are just all so unique and different in there own loveable way!! If you weren’t a super hero fan this might not be the best show for you, although give it a go cause it is so much more than super heroes!!!! This crime fighting super hero drama is great and you should definitely check it out!!! I give it a 10/10!!!! It really is great!!!


  6. Grace said:

    10/10!!! I love this series!!! Barry who is played by the amazing actor Grant Gustin is the flash a super hero with super speed that has to save the city!! He is a forensic scientist when he isn’t the flash. I really like super heroes so i love this, but if you didn’t it wouldn’t be a very enjoyable for you. What really makes it great is that it mixes with the arrow and supergirl (which are also great shows). I LOVE the action adventure in this show. There is so much going on that there isn’t a second of watching you aren’t hooked. I sit down every episode and watch the adventure unfold!! there is also a hint of mystery in this show. Trust me if you watch even one episode you will making predictions and end up watching the next episode. It is addictive. SUPER ADDICTIVE!!! I have recommended to so many people already!! if you haven’t watched the flash you have to watch it!!!!!


  7. I LOVE the Flash, Its an amazing TV series and i kept talking about it around my friends and made them watch it and now they love it! Barry is an adopted child who grew as a scientist and was struck by lightning and is now the flash, the fastest man alive. It is based on the D.C comics of the flash and has mixtures of other D.C characters and stores in it. I love all D.C super heroes and although i usually like marvel better i still love The Flash. My favourite character is Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) and he is also one of my favourite actors. I don’t have a favourite episode or moment because i just LOVE all of it, but i especially love it when the mix the story lines with The Arrow, because i love that too. I love this TV series because although it it is about superheroes and life threatening events it is still so funny, i would rate the flash definitely 10/10 ❤ and recommend it to everyone


  8. I recommend the TV series, The Flash. It’s about a forensic scientist being stuck by lightning and then develops the power of super speed. Barry, along with his team fight crime in Central City. I love this TV series so it is very hard to pick a favourite part however many characters I do take a liking to. My favourite character is Barry because he is played by a favourite actor of mine, Grant Gustin. However him as a character is very relatable and care free which is what makes me like him the most. I really enjoy the concept as I am a big fan of superheroes and I wouldn’t change anything abut it. I recommend this TV series to people who like anything superhero based and drama. I give it 10/10!


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