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Comments on: "Inside Out (movie)" (10)

  1. Sophie said:

    I like this animated Pixar movie because it is funny. Inside Out is a story about a girl called Riley who moves with her Mum and Dad to San Francisco. This film is all about emotions that we have in our brain. My favourite emotion is Joy because she is always making Riley happy. We see Sadness as Riley is upset that she can no longer play with her ice hockey team. Anger, Fear and Disgust are also characters in the movie. The movie has some great messages about dealing with emotions. I rate this movie 10/10!


  2. Inside Out is a fantastic animated Pixar movie that came out last year. The movie is about a young teen girl called Riley and about what is going on in her head and with her mental health as she grows up and moves away to a new place. I think Inside Out is a great movie with an even better message behind it. I recommend to everyone, it’s a good family movie.


  3. Inside Out is definitely one of my favourite animated movies, it follows the story of Riley who moves to San Francisco with her parents. Following her on this journey are her five emotions, Joy, disgust, fear, anger and sadness. Riley’s emotions try to guide her through this event although sometimes it is difficult. I recommend this and give it a 9/10.


  4. Abbey said:

    i actually loved inside out so so much and even hough it is a kids movie and cartoon, it is so relatable and i just really loved going on a journey through riley’s head! i love Sadness but not so much her attitude! it is what it’s like in real life and gives us a life lesson about our emotions! definitely a 10 out of 10 and for 3+ !!!!!


  5. Phoebe M said:

    I love this movie so much. It makes me feel so many emotions when I watch it as it really just pulls you into the storyline. The characters are so unique and quirky and I absolutely loved it. I really enjoyed how there were funny parts and sad parts but all together it made a great family movie. 8/10 as I found it a bit predictable at parts but I would recommend this to absolutely everyone.


  6. Laura said:

    This movie is amazing because it’s a good entertainment for the kids but also explores depression through a young teen named Riley. As she goes through depression the emotions in her mind of Joy, Disgust, Fear, Anger and Sadness try to make things better and fix her problems. It’s a true story of growing up as Riley realises that nothing is perfect and every good experience will come with sadness or anger although being a happy memory. Inside Out is very educational whilst being entertaining for the kids. My favourite character would be Riley of course as she is the main character and you get really attached to her because she is going through such a tough time. The movie ends up to be a happy ending so it isn’t all depressing throughout the movie. I would recommend this as a great family and children movie but it’s also fantastic for all ages. I would rate it a 10/10 for a kids movie.


  7. I just watched this movie last weekend and believe it is a great kids movie!! The movie is very creative, full of drama and action. A must see movie for all kids at any age from 14 and under. This movie however does keep leading on for a while but is worth waiting till the end. It is a great movie for kids to understand the emotions we go through and how they put a positive and nagative affect on our lives. This well created movie is fantastic, 8/10


  8. This movie is one that opens the doors of deep and meaningful conversations. While a children’s movie it puts a whole other perspective on life and the way things work. Inside out is a super cute disney flick that the whole family will enjoy! The coming of age film shows a young teenage girl, Riley, moving to a new area which means a new school and a new house. Everything is unfamiliar to Riley and the emotions in her head (who are represented as physical characters in her head; Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear and Disgust) who try to save her childhood memories and help Riley stay true to herself. The movie highlights how complex the mind and behaviours are and really opens up your eyes to things. I would recommend this movie to all ages, defiantly give it a watch!


  9. Eryn seaton said:

    Inside out is truly one of the best kids movies, it truly teaches some very important life lessons, that are very valuable. The movie is about a young teen named Riley, the movie follows the emotions in her head, when the two most important emotions sadness and joy, get lost in side of riley’s head, the emotion themes, really shows through the movie as it does make you feel, sad, happy, scared, disgusted and angry its a great family movie and i really recomend it if you are looking for a fun, light hearted movie!


  10. Isabelle G said:

    This movie was amazing!!! It has so many great scenes and parts to the movie which just make it incredible!! Riley is a young girl who goes through some tough times in her life and is finding her new lifestyle hard to cope with. Experiencing Riley’s journey with her are five emotions, Joy, Disgust, fear, anger and sadness. These emotions help Riley to be who she is today and without one or two of them Riley becomes a completely different person. My favorite character would be Joy because she is always so happy and she makes sure that riley feels just as a happy. I think this was a really good movie and I would recommend it to all ages!

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