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Make no mistake. The Bad Beginning begins badly for the three Baudelaire children, and then gets worse. Their misfortunes begin one gray day on Briny Beach when Mr. Poe tells them that their parents perished in a fire that destroyed their whole house. “It is useless for me to describe to you how terrible Violet, Klaus, and even Sunny felt in the time that followed,” laments the personable (occasionally pedantic) narrator, who tells the story as if his readers are gathered around an armchair on pillows. But of course what follows is dreadful. The children thought it was bad when the well-meaning Poes bought them grotesque-colored clothing that itched. But when they are ushered to the dilapidated doorstep of the miserable, thin, unshaven, shiny-eyed, money-grubbing Count Olaf, they know that they–and their family fortune–are in real trouble. Still, they could never have anticipated how much trouble.



Comments on: "The bad beginning (A series of unfortunate events) – Lemony Snicket" (20)

  1. the bad beginning, the book lives up to the title, on many accounts. you can’t help to open your heart up to the misfortunate trio. the movie doesn’t give it any justice, the book is thrilling, heart ponding and none stop flow of tears. there were many times in the book where i just wanted to go in and yell at Count Olaf, tell him the that he is a heart less fool. He is like a wolf on a hunt not stopping for a second, he would do anything to get his greedy hands on the fortune. I just loved Justice Strauss, she is kind lovely and the nicest person you would ever meet. Lemony snicker is an amazing author, his books will live you hanging. this book is just incredible, and if any one says other wise they have their hand on backwards.


  2. I recently bought ‘A Series of Unfortunate Events: The Complete Wreck’ from Amazon after wanting the whole set for a long time. I read the series when I was in primary school, and could vividly remember not being able to put any of the books down. The finished ‘The bad Beginning’ in about an hour and a half, and was reminded of the exquisite vocabulary of Lemony Snicket. I love how this author writes in such a way that is comprehensible for children but equally as enjoyable for adults or people in their late teens. The way Count Olaf was described gave me goosebumps again, for the second time, as a 17 year-old, and I am very pleased with my purchase of these books. Snicket is fantastic at describing the events of the story and the characters (oblivious ones, like Mr. Poe) in a way that is extremely frustrating for readers, which is another reason why even as a person who is 17, I still could not place the book down until I had finished it. An excellent beginning to an excellent series about very unfortunate children. 10/10.


  3. A Series of Unfortunate Events, The Bad Beginning: Lemony Snicket
    The Bad Beginning is the first book of my favourite book series ever. A series of Unfortunate Events. The series is about the Baudelaire children who had just found out that their parents had died in a terrible unpredicted fire. Violet, the eldest is is an inventor and whenever her hair is tied up with her ribbon you can see she’s about to invent something magnificent. Her brother Klaus is one of the smartest boys ever to be written. He has read almost every book there is and could tell you everything about anything. Their youngest sister Sunny loves to bite things. Perhaps these things seem quite unusual but as the Baudelaire children are shipped from family member to family member these things come in handy. the bad beginning starts with the children taken under Count Olaf’s care which was not really care at all as they were told to do chores all day everyday. Towards the end of the book Count Olaf plans to marry Violet in order to steal all of there money however he’s caught in the act and the children are sent to another family member. This book is one of my favourite and I would mostly recommend this book to tweens who are beginning to get into bigger reads. 9/10


  4. Elise said:

    This book is very mysterious and scary in a good way! If you like misfortune, this is the book for you. The three Baudelaire children who lost their parents in a fire are adopted by Count Olaf. He is a horrible man and is planning to steal the fortune that was left to the Baudelaire children. I love how this book is written! The author always tells the reader to close the book because it is very unfortunate. I love how the Baudelaire kids are so smart and intelligent. I would definitely recommend this to a friend. I think the book is also a good size since it isn’t enormous. My favourite part in the book is where The Baudelaires go to their friendly neighbors house and they are treated nicely. I think my favourite character is violet Baudelaire since she is so clear because she makes lots of useful inventions. I would rate this book a 8/10!


  5. What can I say, this book was full of misfortune.The poor unfortunate children. At least they’ve got each other hey!
    The Bad Beginning……
    Well this is only the beginning of the children misfortune.
    The bad beginning has a whole series of books written by Lemony Snicket. They are adopted by their uncle who is pure evil!
    He does everything he possibly can to wreck the siblings lives. They thought they had escaped but then he is back. I love the way when you read this book you feel like you are truly a character in the story. Lemony Snicket really pulls you in with he’s style of writing and I really love this. The good thing about this book along with it’s series it’s great for any ages, from primary school students to adults anyone would love this book! ‘
    It’s truly a great read, but don’t be fooled by the evil count Olaf!


  6. The bad beginning… what can i say, this book is awesome!!! I bought this book and started to read it home from the shop by the time I got home I was almost half way through, I read this book and couldn’t put it down it just had so much intriguing things happening I bought it one day after school and finished it that night before dinner. I don’t read books like that but I thought I might choose something different, I have heard one of my friends say who loved it so that is also why I chose it. The characters were well thought out and by the the author Lemony Snickets’ writing you could create a full and clear image of what he was saying. His writing was very detailed which is what made the book really good. If I had to pick a favourite character it would have to be the Count… even though he is the bad guy I thought Lemony Snicket had him and his personality well thought out because he was the one character that really stood out to me not just his bad personality. I recommend this book to anyone really but mainly people who like to follow a series because I’ve been told that there are heaps of books in this collection, I rate this book an 8/10 for the excitement it gave.


  7. Darcey said:

    I loved this series i never made it to the end but the books I read were amazing. I recommend these books to people that like a bit of a guessing game. My favourite character is the older sister because she is like the new mother to her younger brothers. My heart sank when their parents died and the whole journey seemed to get even worse for the children but I loved their escape. I would say anyone between 8 and 13 would enjoy these books. I rate it a 9/10.


  8. Olivia W said:

    The Bad Begging:
    I fell in love with Lemony Snicket when i read ‘The Bad Beginning’ I also fell in love with the Baudelaire children and felt oh so sorry when they had to go through what they did with Count Olaf. He makes me cringe i dont think i have ever hated a book character so much as i do. he makes me so angry with what he does however he really makes the book otherwise the books would be quite boring. The baudelaire children are forced to jump from family member o family member as all the ones they are with seem to die and some how count olaf had something to do with it. However the books amaze me and they are my favourite ever. 10/10 i love them!!


  9. Olivia said:

    The Series of Unfortunate Events- The Bad Beginning- was a great book the characters were really good. The 3 Baudelair children, Violet, Klaus and Sunny were sweet young children whose parents perished (died) and the children had to go live with there relative who they had never met before Count Olaf. Count Olaf treated them like slaves, he had plan to take away the Baudelair money. He threatened Klaus and Violet to drop their baby sister sunny out of the window high up down onto the ground if they didn’t follow his orders. Klaus and Violet made a plan to rescue their sister. I did feel very sorry for them through the whole book. This is a great book/ series, I would recommend it to really anybody. It is also a great movie I recommend it as well. I give this book a 8/10


  10. This is my favourite book to read. I have actually read it heaps of times I love it that much. It is such a great book. It is always interesting and keeps you on the edge which is what I love about it the most. You never know what is coming next. It is however a very sad book. It really puts you in the characters shoes and I felt so sorry for the kids. I couldn’t believe some of the things that happens to them. I felt so sorry for them and it made me so glad that towards the end of the book, things were finally starting to get a bit better. I love this book so much and I would definitely recommend it. I have read it over and over again and it never gets old. It is such a great book!


  11. Where do I start?? As soon as I read the first page I was in love, for ages i didn’t even look at another book but that one I love it so much! I fell in love with this book it had mystery, violence and a unwanted feeling about it which is what mad it so special and is the one reason why I like it so much. The book is crazy descriptive and it always has a way of making me feel like I’m there, which is what anyone wants in a book to make them feel the characters pain, sadness or happiness. My favourite characters are pretty much all the main characters I love Klaus, Violet and sweet Sunny. Violet is such an amazing inventor and can make anything she thinks up, Klaus is sooooooo smart he is amazing he reads a lot and that gives him a lot of knowledge and cute little Sunny who bites anything and everything see can reach. The Baudelaire children are so sweet but yet have the worst fate of having to protect their fortune (their parents left behind) from the mean, stealing, mind twisting, thief Count Olaf who is always after their fortune. I would recommend this book for 11+ because there are bits that they won’t understand or find haunting. I would definitely rate this book 10/10 for the mind blowing mysteries hidden within this book.


  12. Makayla said:

    This book, was virtually my childhood. I read the series over and over again until I knew word for word. The reason why I love them so much is because they are constantly ‘on – edge’ and always leave you hanging. There is never a dull moment in these books. My favourite characters are Violet and Klaus, because I love the way they works together, when Violet ties her hair up in a ribbon, lets her imagination run wild, along with the guidance of Klaus’ knowledge on virtually every topic that ever existed, you can see how they seem to wiggle out of tricky situations with Count Olaf. I will never forget these books, and I recommend them to anyone who needs another series addiction, and wants to be seriously entertained, thrilled, constantly on-edge and extremely satisfied. I rate these books 10/10.


  13. eve. L said:

    I really loved this book. It was so full of action and the style of writing was really different. All the characters are really different from one another and it’s a very vibrant contrast. The children were clever and inventive, Count Olaf was nasty and cunning, the next door neighbour was kind but slow. It was just so exciting and there were some funny little jokes in the book that really confused me when I was reading the book. over all I give this book a 8 out of 10


  14. Did you like the book/movie? Why? I likes it because it was full of adventure and it was great.
    What was your favourite part of the book/movie? Why? My favourite part was where the Evil Count Olaf followed the siblings and never got them.
    Can you relate to any of the characters in the story? If so, how? No.
    Do you have a least favourite part of the book/movie? Why? Yes because I think the part of it is great and I enjoy it.
    If you could change something in the book/movie, what would it be? No I wouldn’t change a thing.
    Would you recommend this book/movie to others? Why? Yes because its a brilliant book.


  15. The Bad Beginning – By Lemony Snicket

    I would recommend The Bad Beginning to the 10+ age group as it is a very confronting book. It is a great book that despite being unrealistic shows that you’ve got to make the most of what you’ve got and as well as showing love for your siblings.
    My favourite character is Violet as I love her loving and inventive and loving personality. Be the eldest of the Baudelaire children I admired the way she loved and protected younger siblings Klaus and Sunny.
    I would rate this book a 10/10 and think that it’s a book that everyone would enjoy.


  16. Emmerson said:

    I love this book. it brings you to the edge of your seat. Every page is a new suprise. My favorite charecter is Violet, because she is very inventive and creative, and reminds me kind of, of my sister.
    Each charecter has a different stroy or secret. This is why it brings you to the edge of your seat. I love the serise.
    I would recomend this boom to ages 10 and up because some of the words were hard tp understand. Even I didn’t quite get alot of the words. 🙂


  17. Sarah Russell said:

    Series of unfortunate events- the bad beginning
    This is a fantastic book. I have read most of the series and they are all really good, you couldn’t pick the best one. The best thing about it is from the moment you start reading it you feel like your part of the story-it really draws you in. You feel like you’ve known the characters for your whole life.
    My favourite character is Sunny, she is a little baby that loves to bite anything hard. I like her because of her mischievous ways – She always surprises everyone!
    My favourite part in the book is when the orphans plan how they are going to escape the evil Count Olaf’s clutches.
    I like it how every book relates to each other as well, you don’t have to read the first one to read the second one but if you do it sometimes makes more sense when the characters talk about Count Olaf and what he did to get his hands on the Baudelaire Fortune.
    I highly recommend this book to anyone that loves a good read and is in to adventurous and mysterious books.


  18. Series of unfortunate events – The beginning
    This book is a brilliant book, it is definitely something to read if you are a big fan of adventure, mysteries and puzzles. The thing i really love about this book is being able to feel like you are part of the characters life and story, it has lots of amazing things that you will “WOW” to and there are lots of parts that you will never want to stop reading because it is so intense and because every word you read you wonder what the next word is. My favourite part of his book is when they first meet there evil enemy that throughout all the books threatens and does many evil things to get hold of the family’s fortune……….. it is a great book and you will become part of their lives as soon as you start reading. I would recommend this book to 8 and over it is even great for adults!!


  19. Renee said:

    I love this book, and it is one of my favourites of all time. The whole series is very entertaining and full of interesting twists and turns, but the best one of them all in my opinion is ‘The Bad Beginning.’ It is a very gripping book, and when you read the first page you know you won’t be able to put it down. Lemony Snicket, the author of the book, is a fantastic writer as he can paint an image in your head and every word paints another picture in your head. My favourite character is definitely Violet, as she reminds me of me! (a little bit). She is always thinking and inventing, and when she has an idea, she always has to concentrate with no distraction – by tying her hair up in a ribbon. It is a fantastic book and you will always be surprised at the events that follow on the next page. I love this book and I think that anyone that is 10 or older and loves gripping, adventure filled, mysterious books, this is for you!!


  20. Series of unfortunate events – The beginning
    This book is a brilliant book, it is definitely something to read if you are a big fan of adventure, mysteries and puzzles. The thing i really love about this book is being able to feel like you are part of the characters life and story, it has lots of amazing things that you will “WOW” to and there are lots of parts that you will never want to stop reading because it is so intense and because every word you read you wonder what the next word is. My favourite part of his book is when they first meet there evil enemy that throughout all the books threatens and does many evil things to get hold of the family’s fortune……….. it is a MUST READ BOOK and you will become part of their lives as soon as you start reading. I recommend this book to 8+ it is even great for adults!!!!


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