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If Chrissie Hayward knew that morning she’d be going back in time to rescue her crazy coworker Kat, she’d have worn better shoes. Doubly so if she’d expected to meet her true love. According to the mysterious gypsy, Chrissie was the “gentle soul who would tame an outlaw’s thirst for revenge” – AKA the real Robin Hood. So how come the guy was such a dud?


No, Robin of Locksley was no Prince Charming. And the part about robbing the rich to feed the poor? He didn’t get the memo. In fact, all the guy seemed to do was mope. (And he and his not-so-merry men thought Chrissie was a boy. Sure, she wasn’t stacked, but still!) Nonetheless, he was loyal and brave and handsome as sin. If Chrissie could just get him with the program, she could right his wagon and get these boyz’n the wood to be heroes of the realm instead of twerps in tights. Only then could this prince of thieves become king of her heart.

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Comments on: "A Hoboken hipster in Sherwood Forest – Mari Mancusi" (1)

  1. I would recommend the book ‘A Hoboken hipster in Sherwood forest’ by Marianne Mancusi.
    This book is the sequel to the as hysterical and entertaining ‘A Connecticut Fashionista in King Arthur’s Court’.
    This story is through the eyes of Chrissie Hayward, a fun and loveable fashion magazine photographer, who is sent back in time to save her co-worker Kat. You’ll fall in love with Chrissie as you continue her journey in the book and find out more information about her past.
    I was unable to put this book down, because of how action-packed and fast-paced it is and same goes for it’s previous book in the series.
    This book is good for those who want a good laugh while on holiday or chilling on the couch on the weekend.


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