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Mabo (movie)


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  1. After watching this film in year 9 for RE and now again for year 12 english it was interesting to watch it with a different perspective, now focusing on the political points rather than moral or ethical points. The story is overall quite inspiring how Eddy stops at nothing to have his land and his home, there is a lot of sacrifice for Eddy but overall quite a reward, he faces much adversity but continues to defy the odds with a lot of support from his wife, family and friends. This film made me take a step backwards to realise the indigenous people of Australia truly were the original owners of this land, and we need to ensure we always respect and upkeep this land we live on. Overall I give this film a 9/10.


  2. Mabo is the story of Eddie Koiki Mabo, a Torres Straight Islander from the island of murray. Mabo moves to the main land to find a job after being sent away from his homeland. Being an Aboriginal or Torres Straight Islander in this day of age came many hardships. Mabo found it difficult to be accepted into jobs because of his nationality. Mabo was a very passionate man which lead to him fighting for many rights and the equality of Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islanders. On the main land Mabo meets his now wife and they start a family together. Mabo tries to take his family back to his land but is rejected because Murray island is not legally his under the Australian law. This leads Mabo to fight for his country in the high court of Australia. This movie is a very heart warming movie which I encourage everyone to see. It is a very important time in history as it began the start of aboriginal people fighting for their country and land rights. this movie is 10/10 and think everyone should watch it.


  3. Mabo is a story of a man and his battle against injustice. Koiki Mabo battles his whole life to try and battle inequality against Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders. He is determined to make Australia a safer and more fair place for all. Through his battle, he encounters many problems that help shape his life and his relationship with his family. Through this, Koiki becomes a changed man in the sense of his life dreams and ambitions. Mabo teaches us the importance of having someone by your side through the tough times to hold your hand and lead you through the darkness.


  4. Rachel Perkins, biopic ‘Mabo’ covering the tumultuous 10 year legal battle of Eddie ‘Koiki’ Mabo explores not only the racism that was entrenched in constitution but the values of society, but also the man behind the legal case and what drove Eddie to make history. This film is informative and can give an insight into what life was like for the indigenous people in terms of how they were discriminated against, teaching viewers about the Australia’s infamous past. However quite possibly Perkin’s biggest triumph, is portraying to viewers the man who changed Australian history in displaying how it was Eddie’s connection to his land and heritage, his family and support systems, ironically coupled with the adversities that he was forced to overcome that allowed him to achieve success in overturning the falsity of Terra Nullius. I would highly recommend this film to anybody to watch but those over the age of 13 or 14 I believe would get the most out of it.


  5. The film Mabo is extremely inspirational as it follows the activism of Koiki Mabo – on his journey to reclaim his land on Murray Island. I loved this film because I found that Koiki’s determination, pride and cultural heritage was extremely admirable. I did however get a bit confused with the Legal side of the film, but nevertheless I would reccommend it to all people, but particularly those who are passionate about history and aboriginal equality.


  6. Karla HERIC said:

    The film ‘Mabo’ is not a movie that I would usually chose to watch, but once I did I was glad I did so! It tells the story of Eddie Koiki Mabo, and his fight against land rights laws in Australia, and the struggles he faces along the way. This movie was monumental and changed Australia. I recommend this movie to anyone 14+, as it deals with some ideas that may be harder to understand for younger people. I give this movie a 8/10!


  7. The Australian film ‘Mabo’ is not only one of great triumph and perseverance but it is also incredibly heartwarming. This film gives viewers an insight into the life of Eddie Mabo and his battle to regain ownership of the land which he believes he is legally entitled to. Mabo is a film which is not only incredibly interesting from a legal perspective, but also in the sense that viewers are able to learn about certain indigenous Australian values. I would recommend this film to people who enjoy learning about Australia and enjoy Australian films. I would also encourage people over about the age of 15 to watch Mabo as having some idea of the context of the film would be of great benefit to fully appreciate the film. This truly is a great film that is not only appropriate for education purposes but for watching for leaguer as well 


  8. “Mabo” is the story of Eddie Koiki Mabo, a Torres Strait Islander who moves to the mainland after being banished from his island community. He is passionate about Indigenous rights, and when he discovers that the land on his home island, Murray Island, is actually not his under the law, he fights for his rights in the High Court of Australia to make sure his voice is heard. It also shows a story of love between Mabo and his wife Bonita, who meet as teenagers and spend the rest of their lives together. It is a heartwarming story, and one which all Australians should watch, as it teaches you so much about our country’s history and the battles which Indigenous Australian’s faced. I would suggest it to people aged 13+, as the movie does assume some prior knowledge of Australia’s history and native title rights of Aboriginal people etc.


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