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Three girls, Molly, Gracie and Daisy, are “half-caste” Aboriginal youngsters living together with their family of the Mardu people at Jigalong, Western Australia.

One day a constable, a “Protector” in the sense of the Act, comes to take the three girls with him. They are placed in the Moore River Native Settlement north of Perth, some 1,600 kilometres away. Most children this was done to never saw their parents again. Thousands are still trying to find them.

This story is different. The three girls manage to escape from the torturing and authoritarian rule of the settlement’s head. Guided by the rabbit-proof fence, which, at that time ran from north to south through Western Australia,they walk the long distance back to their family.



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  1. This story is a jaw dropping, nail biting and heart warming adventures. Three girls get taken away from there families over 1500 to a detention centre because they are aboriginal. The three girls don’t like the detention centre so they run away and the government are on to them. This adventure can bring you to tears and warm your heart.


  2. This is such an amazing story about three girls who are able to stand up for themselves and it shows us the amazing journey they went on to fight for their freedom. I loved this book so much and it was by far one of the best books I have ever read. This book is so sad though becuase of all the terrible things they go through. I can’t even begin to imagine how awful it must of been for those three girls to be put through so many terrible things. But it is so good to see throughout the book how they get back up and keep going. It really shows us their true strength and that is one of the reasons I love this book. I didn’t want to put it down. I would definitely recommend this book to others as I am sure this is a book that nearly everyone will love.


  3. Sophie :) said:

    I enjoyed the movie Rabbit-Proof Fence more than I thought I would. I liked it because it gave alternative perspectives of the story and also taught me about a major event in Australian History. My favourite part of the movie was when two of the girls that were taken were reunited with their mother, grandmother and country, because the whole film had been building up to that moment and it was very touching. My favourite character was Molly, because she was so courageous, determined, loving and a good leader. My least favourite part of the movie was when Gracie was found and taken back to the settlement for the second time, because it was obvious that she would never be reunited with her family. If I could change something about the movie, it would be to have a bit more talking and some more explanation in certain parts that were a bit confusing. I would definitely recommend this movie to others because it is moving and informative at the same time, and you immediately fall for the three young girls and want them to find their way back home. Someone who is empathetic and wants to learn more about the Stolen Generation would enjoy this movie.


  4. I really enjoyed watching rabbit proof fence.
    It’s about 3 half-caste children who got taken from their family and go on a journey following the ‘rabbit proof fence’ to get back home.
    My least favourite part was when the kids were separated from their mother and grandmother . My favourite part was when the 2 girls were re-united again with their families
    I would recommend this to anyone, but I do suggest you have some background knowledge about the stolen generation and half caste children before you watch it, because it really helps to understand the whole concept of the movie!


  5. bridget said:

    I had to do an essay on this for English. i really liked it!! It was so engaging and its just so good. It is not only interesting but the storyline is so deep and significant with regard to Australian history so we know what happened for the Aboriginal! My favourite character is Daisy because she is so cute! Molly shows her determination and knowledge to get back to her family. I reccomend this to everyone and rate it 3.7 our of 5


  6. I really, really loved rabbit proof fence. I thought that it was an amazing story. This story gave me knowledge of what happened in this time and how horrible it was for the Aboriginals. In this time half caste children were taken away from their families. The rabbit proof fence is a story about three brave young girls, Molly, Daisy and Gracie. It follows their journeys. They were half caste therefore they got taken away from their families. They eventually escape from the camp and walked a very, very long distance home. My favourite part of this story is when they return home. My least favourite part is when Gracie is taken away. My favourite character would definitely be Molly, because of the courage and determination she shows. I loved Rabbit Proof Fence, and I highly recommend it. I give the rabbit proof fence a 9/10. I loved it 🙂


  7. Renee said:

    Follow the rabbit proof fence is a very sad book and movie, as it is based on a true Australian story from the stolen generation and about the journey home for 3 aboriginal girls. Out of the 3 main character, Daisy, Molly and Gracie, Molly is my favourite. This is because of her attitude and personality. She is strong, courageous, protective and kind. She’s determined, out going and true. Molly is always looking out for her cousin (Gracie), and younger sister (Daisy), and being the leader. The journey along the rabbit proof fence would have been exhausting and painful, yet when her little sister got tired or sore, she would cary her even if she was in extreme amounts of pain. It’s very sad and touching, but it was really good to watch/read and also to learn about the stolen generation and what happened to the aboriginals and their children.


  8. I really enjoyed this book, especially because it involved so much culture and Australian background. My favorite character is Daisy, she is so young when she was cruelly taken away from her family as part of the stollen generation. I think the reason the book was so appealing to me was because it was based on a true story, so all the events which took place in the book were Molly, Daisy and Gracie’s real experiences. Daisy is so innocent and is at a loss for what is actually happening. The Australians thought they were doing the right thing, but when you read about the devastation their families faced, it makes you realise that you have to look at things and events from the other peoples position. The book was also really good as, in the news last year, Kevin Rudd said sorry, and so I now have a little bit of information about who the stollen generation are now because of this fantastically written book. I would suggest anyone with a passion for Australian history to read this book.


  9. This book as absolutely beautiful, but also deeply sad. About 3 young girls Molly Gracie and Daisy who are one day Taken away from there family home in Jigalong. They are taken to Moore River settlement, were they are forced to speak english and not allowed to say anything in there language. One day they escape, will they get caught by the black tracker , or escape back to there family. A book that brings a tear to your eye, but at the same time a book that you can not put down. Read it if you havent its awesome.


  10. Rabbit Proof Fence is a great book that sends you mixed emotions of sadness, happiness and worry. The book follows three girls Molly, Gracie and Daisy who are taken from their home in Jigalong, Western Australia and are taken to the Moor River Settlement far away form home as victims of the stolen generation. The book follows the girls as they struggle to journey home to their family who are eagarly waiting. The book is just a bit better than the movie and I would rate it out of 5 stars. I would reccomend this book to anyone over the age of 13


  11. Rabbit Proof Fence…..AMAZING!!! I reas this before we watched the movie in English and OMG it cut me deep.

    Rabbit proof fence is the story of 3 young girls, Molly, Grazie & Daisy. These girls are half caste – this means their fathers were all white men, but their mothers were aboriginal. They are living in 1931, meaning the times of the stolen generation. One quiet happy day, a policemen who was nicknamed a protector came and took them from their mothers and took to them to the Moore River Native Settlement, in western australia. The book tells the story of the three girls and the pressures they face from being stolen from their mothers. Molly, the oldest of the girls, decieded to make a stand. She takes her younger sister and cousin and leads them along the rabbit proof fence, to get the 1600 miles home!

    This story is really sad and thats why i like it so much. I loved this books because it told me what happened to the poor aboriginal kids that were stolen from their mothers. It’s great because it’s very informative, and even though i sometimes feel a bit guilty (due to the fact it was our race that stole them), i feel proud im educating myself and that i know things are better for the aboriginals now.

    I don’t reccomend this book to anyone that doesn’t like being confronted by historic events. It is extremly sad to hear off all the horrible ways the aboriginals were treated.
    If you can handle it and liked books about Anne Frank or any other historic events, this book is for you.

    It’s great because it enlightens you about historic events of our country, while capturing you in and making you feel like you’re actually there!!

    The book and the movie are a bit different s as always read the book first


  12. This is a great book/film for anyone who is into adventure. I loved it for that reason and i think most others will to. My favourite part was when the girls found themselves with their family hugging because they actually made the terrifying journey home. I don’t have a favourite character because evryone in the book and film really play their part well and fit into the theme perfectly. I can’t relate to any of the characters but I’m sure many other people can. Especially the people who were actually part of the the stolen generation. The book and film wouldn’t need to be changed because I believe that they really capture the thought and feeling of the stolen generation and highlight the emotions felt by the people involved. I would recommend this book and movie to others because it is a really moving and emotional story about the aboriginals and the challenges faced everyday by those people. If you havn’t read the book or even watched the film, I would suggest that you start because you will be missing out if you don’t!


  13. this book/movie is based on a true story about three half-caste girls, gracie, molly and daisy. it is all about what the white people did to the aboriginals. each time i watch the movie or read the book you cant help but cry. just thinking that that actually happened to people in australia’s history really strikes a chord for a lot of people today. it really shows us what life would have been like for both white and black people back then. in this book there a a few different characters. on of them, A.O. Neville, you help to hate!!! for the whole book, your heart feels like it is going to beat out of your chest! throughout the girls’ journey the suspense kills you! will they get caught?? you”l just have to read it and see…


  14. this tear jerking, heart warming book follows the story of three girls trying to find their way home. it is based on the story on the stolen generation and i would recommend it to anyone who would like to know more about australian, aboriginal history.


  15. i couldnt even pick up thos book after watching the movie. but if your in yr 7 or 8 it would be okay.


  16. rabit proof fence is a sad but heart warming story about 3 children that were takenaway from their parents but hwitesetlers that thought they were doing the right thing. it is sad because they are taken away and are screaming to get back to them but it is heart warming and almost brings a tear to your eye when they escape and make it bach to theirparents. i would recomend this book to anybody that loves happy endings.


  17. Rabbit-Proof Fence is a beautiful journey, is a true story of Molly, Daisy and Gracie, three young Aboriginal girls who escape from a detention centre 1500 miles away from home. Their only hope of finding the way back is a rabbit-proof fence, stretching the full distance from one side of Australia to the other. This book the year 9’s read in term one it was a sad story but we all loved it.


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