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Comments on: "Identity thief (movie)" (5)

  1. This comedy is one that you can watch over and over but is not a movie to watch with the whole family. There is a lot of action and humour. Melissa McCarthy pretends steals the identity of the character Sandy Patterson and goes on a major shopping spree. My favourite scene would have to be the one where both characters are in the car singing to the radio. I would rate this movie 8/10!!


  2. Sophie said:

    This movie was hilarious to begin with. You’d think from the title that it would be a something your father would watch. But instead it is a humor filled with barrels of laughs. It does have its dose of action though. The car flying, bomb exploding and gun shooting action that some would hope to see. Overall it was a wild ride from start to finish, a humor/action that I would recommend to any body over 10.


  3. Identity Thief is a comedy movie about a dad Sandy whom finds himself in the unlikely position of having to confront Diana. Diana is a troubled, devious, middle-aged woman whom stole his credit card which puts Sandy’s new job on the line, and all he wants is for Diana to admit to the cause of Sandy’s financial ills. Together they overcome obstacles along the way before reaching their destination. This movie is amazing as it is funny and left me in stitches. MY favourite character is Dianna as she has a hilarious sense of humour and is a little naughty. I recommend it for people whom are old enough to view mature themes. Overall a 10/10 as I would not change anything about it.


  4. Shannon said:

    I watched this movie on the holidays can I can’t say that it’s one of my favorites. I thought I would love it because of the comedy, but there was lots of swearing and blood. My favourite part of the movie would be when Diana turned herself in and the children came to see her in the jail. My favourite character would have been Diana because her story was funny yet she was also very serious. If I could change something in this movie I would change the amount of swearing, the shooting and all of the very loud noises that appeared to happen. I would recommend this movie to ages about 12 above, not younger because of the context.


  5. i defiantly recommend ‘the identity thief’ it is a really funny movie and you will get a laugh out of the movie, me and my friend saw it and we couldn’t stop laughing so hard i ended up loosing breath watching it and the movie is just a classic to watch it is also filled with comedy and some sad parts throughout the movie and its great to watch with the family


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