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Specky comes face to face with a tough, talented player by the name of Derek “Screamer” Johnson. He was responsible for having Specky sent off during a game last season. The two boys become bitter rivals, and when a popular TV show runs a nationwide football contest, Specky is relieved when everyone except Screamer decides to enter. But why is Screamer such a bully on the field? And why is he sucking up to Specky’s teammates?


Comments on: "Specky Magee and the great footy contest – Felice Arena & Garry Lyon" (7)

  1. I love reading these books at school


  2. I read Specky Magee and the Great Footy Contest not long ago and loved every chapter! After I read it I just wanted to keep going on with the next book in the series. My favourite characters would have to be Robbo and Danny because they always joke around and make every situation seem fun, and they always seem to make the book that little bit more interesting. I really enjoy this book because we have all felt like Specky in some way or another! I would recommend this book to not only boys who love footy but girls who love footy as well. But people who enjoy funny and exciting books full of action will definitely love this book!


  3. I Love this book, along with the rest of the Specky Magee series. If you enjoy reading reality books and like AFL footy, well this is THE book for you. I like this book because it is all about a young boy who is very good at footy, he goes through all of the times that a child should go through; Having an enemy, being jealous, and losing your friends for another person (but they end up coming back), this is a real story, and you could almost believe it what true. My favourite part of the book is the excitement that rushes through Specky’s head before the big contest. My favourtite character is Screamer. I have never heard of someone be so rouhg and careless for Specky. He is quite the bully and can stir people up, ever so easily. I wouldn’t change any part of this book, i love it all, I also don’t have a least favourite part because, it is like all good books (for me), it has a HAPPY ending!!! I would recommend this book to both boys and girls between the ages of 8-13. It is a book that almost


  4. The first time I read Specky Magee I loved it. I read the great footy challenge about two years ago and I wanted to read more. Specky would have to be my favourite character in the book. He’s funny, loyal to his friends, smart and he’s a great footy player who knows everything there is to know about footy.

    This book is really inspiring and even if you’re not a die-hard footy supporter I reckon you’d really enjoy it. Specky’s such a cool character and he has good friends who are supportive of Specky.


  5. Specky Magee is such a great book. I couldn’t stop reading it. Specky is soooooo excited because there is a great footy contest and he is in it to win it. But there is one person he will have to get around before he is the champion. Screamer. Screamer is a mean, rough boy who doesn’t care for Specky one bit. But when the day comes to see the winner of the contest, something will rock his world. Join Specky on his adventure to meeet girls, make friends and win the contest (maybe). I recommend this book because it is a page turner to the max and I absolutely loved it.


  6. i recommend Specky Magee and the great footy contest. It’s not to long or hard to read. I really lie footy, but you don’t need to when reading this book. It’s about friendships, family ad of course FOOTY!I really enjoyed this book because it was funny and inspiring. I give this book a 9/10.

    seems real, which makes it even more exciting…


  7. speck magee it is a good read-not only for people who like footy. it is mostly about footy but also relationships with his teammates and friends. its a short easy story and also quite funny. i would recommend it.


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