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Comments on: "Ice Age 4: Continental drift (movie)" (9)

  1. Bridie said:

    ice age 4 is a fun adventurous and entertaining movie its great for families and often quotes from the book are used in our daily life. i absolutely love this movie because its so hilarious and weird.
    i would have to say that number three is my favourite but this one is pretty good. my favourite scene n the movie is where granny (sids grandma) falls into the ocean off the iceberg and what like -“this is my first bath in decades” this line still goes around in my family and i laugh ever time i watch it. i highly recommend it for any age and ALL families.


  2. Ice age 4 is such a funny and entertaining movie. It is suitable for all ages and is definitely a must watch movie. This movie is set in the pre-historical times (the ice age). My favourite character would have to be Sid as he is such a silly and funny character.


  3. Lillie said:

    i love this movie it is funny and entertaining movie i have ever watch i love the character sid because he is funny and he silly and reminds me of myself i rate this movie a 10/10 I thinks its a great family movie


  4. Ice age 4 is the best ice age movie out of them all!! It’s very humorous and made me laugh all the way through the movie. The movie has such a great story line that got me hooked onto the movie straight away. I love Ice Age because I love watching them go on their adventures and watching all of their obstacles through the movie. I love this movie also because most of the animals in the film are extinct which makes the movie so interesting and educational. Over all Ice Age is such a good film and would recommend this movie to everyone and I think Ice Age is for all ages.


  5. Lauren said:

    Ice age 4 is a great movie. It is suitable for all ages. It’s about a mammoth called Manny, a sloth called Sid, a saber-toothed tiger called Diego, a girl mammoth called Ellie and her daughter Peaches.The herd encounters some new members along the way. It is a movie about Manny, Diego and Sid and other members trying to get back to land and where they live because it melted and they were stranded on a bit of ice. My favourite character is Granny (Sid’s grandmother) because she just keeps smiling even when things have gone terribly wrong. She is so funny and cracks jokes when she doesn’t even mean it, like when she hops in the water and says “This is my first bath in decades!” and sea creatures rise to the surface dead from the smell. From coming face to face with pirates, sirens and other difficult challenges they seem to get through every thing like nothing ever happened. This movie and the other ones before it are really good and really funny. I recommend these movies to everyone. I rate this movie 10/10 🙂


  6. This movie is a girls movie, its based on who you want to be even if your not good at that thing. This movie is finding about who your really are and staying postive about everything. My favourite part of the movie was when Elle got something right at the end of the movie and that anything is possible. My favourite character was Elle even if she didnt want to go to law school she did to prove that she is smart enough to be their.


  7. Sarah said:

    I Love this movie and same with the other ones, 1,2 and 3!! I love watching their adventures and how they all have ups and downs!! My favourite character would be sid, just beacuse he can always find a good thing in every problem, “There really is a rainbow….” It is so funny i was laughing so hard!! I love all of them and i rate this 10/10!! 🙂


  8. gabrielle s said:

    Ice Age is a great movie because its about animals from a pre-historial time. They go on an adventure and along the way they have ups and downs throughout their adventures. While watching the movie you laugh along with their attics. Excellent ending to the movie. You must watch it movie.


  9. I think that this movie was better than the first three. The producers have gotten smarter with their punchlines.
    My favourite part of this movie was when Manny was talking about how Diego was in love, and he said “I know what you’ve got, The ‘L’ Word.” Then Sid was like “Yeah, Leprosy!” I laughed so hard I got tears in my eyes.
    My favourite character would defiantly have to be Granny (Sid’s elderly Grandma) because she is so funny and in almost every scene she is just sitting there in the background smiling.
    My least favourite part of this movie was the part with the sirens, they are so scary when they start flicking back to their original form.
    I would recommend the Ice age movies to everyone of any age, because my younger siblings and I find them very amusing and so do the adults as they contain a number of jokes that only the adults understand, so sometimes we’re all sitting there and the adults just start laughing and we’re like “what’s so funny?”
    They are great movies and I have watched each one of them more than 10 times and I still don’t find them boring.


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